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'Sister Wives' Bigamy Case -- The Stats Don't Lie

10/8/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown better not have any skeletons in his many closets ... because a TMZ review of Utah bigamy cases reveals no one -- at least no one we could find -- has ever been prosecuted for bigamy in recent times ... unless the perp was suspected of a collateral crime such as child endangerment.

Sister Wives
Law enforcement sources tell us there are so many polygamous families in Utah, that officials simply don't have the resources to go after all of them ... unless they're made aware of a more serious crime ... such as a the taking of a child bride, false imprisonment or anything violent.

As we previously reported, the Brown family -- featured on the TLC show "Sister Wives" -- is currently at the center of a bigamy investigation ... and could face up to 5 years in prison if convicted.

The case is currently in the hands of the Utah County Attorney's office -- and the guy in charge, Jeff Buhman, tells us, "In my experience ... there has never been a traditional polygamist family charged with the sole crime of bigamy." 


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Just sick and disgusting. Cannot believe it is on TV.

TLC is banned in my house.

This is gross and bad for women.

DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE LOST BOYS!!!!!!!! Thrown out because their aren't enough women for the elderly pedofiles to have as additional "wives" so they are thrown out to the streets.

Polygamy doesn't work for anyone except the man.

1442 days ago


I tried to watch one or two episodes of this show with an open mind, because really, who am I to tell someone else who they can marry, whether it be a gay couple or a poly-couple. But ugh, I just couldn't do it, this guy gives me the creeps and as much as these women protest that they are indeed happy, they don't act like it. And they're always crying and all he does is just smile and run off to "court" another woman like a horny teenager.

I tried...but I just can't do it. This show grosses me out.

1442 days ago


The women in my family are strong, opinionated, and well-educated. They are often more dedicated to the church and its beliefs than their husbands. Most LDS are good, honest, law-abiding, family oriented people. If you don't believe, then so be it. _******* Personally, I believe that the Mormons is the only segment in the US population with s strong dignity, integrity and a total devotion to this country. They respect authorities, they are law abiding citizens, never cause any problems but work on the solutions. They are also very well-educated, clever, deep, intelligent, respectful of others, just and never push themselves on anybody who chose to be different. They are forgiving considering the hard time the authorities had given them in the past. I think they are the best Americans of all Americans. I myself is a Christian but I have a lot of respect for them based on my personal and direct experience.

As for this family I believe these people should be left alone. They are adults, they all consent to this type of a family. They believe they follow the old Mormon faith even though the official church has abandoned them, they prefer to keep to the old traditions and it's their right.

1442 days ago


That's because Utah is pro incest, and everyone there likes that they can get away with it. EFF Utah.

1442 days ago

Lady A    

There are more important things to be worried about other than a man who is legally married to one woman and has basically 3 mistresses and his wife is ok with it. So many men live 2 or 3 different lives where no one knows about the other. He is just honest about it and they accepted it. Move on. If they are happy with it and it is in their Religion then leave them alone. Isn't this supposed to be a free country. All them women are over 21.

1442 days ago


Puke! So the guy is married to one woman and can go around boinking any chick he wants. Why doesn't she have the same option? Any by the way where does it say in the Bible that God approves of such behavior?
Seems many folks like to twist around Gods words to fit what works best for them. How selfish. Not listening to God but Satan. Sneaky, conniving, devilish Satan.

1442 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

these are nothing but white trash whores who are manipulated by some idiotic man that thinks hes a gift for women...well these woman are as trailer trash as one can get, no morals and no respect for themselves and mormons talk about gay people....these people are what you call the crap at the end of the sewer...what next...their bastard children will be marrying each other!

1442 days ago


Could you find a legal system more corrupt than California? It would take some looking but I think we have a winner...

1442 days ago


Some have asked "why have laws if you aren't going to abide by them?" Go to dumblawsdotcom and click on your state. In Acworth Georgia: All citizens must own a rake. Should we go door to door asking to show a rake? Once upon a time, not too long ago, it was illegal and people were incarcerated for one race marrying another. Yes, there are dumb laws that shouldn't be prosecuted. They are LEGALLY CONSENTING adults. And for those that continue to bring up animals as a comparison, don't since an animal CANNOT consent....ever.

Posted at 7:22 AM on Oct 8, 2010 by Yes


Reality check. They may be consenting adults but there's nothing legal about it. The living arrangement they've all consented too a 3rd degree felony under state law. The only question is whether they will be prosecuted for it or not.

As for all of our country's dumb laws that are no longer being enforced, if times have changed and they're not being enforced then they should be repealed. That the problem with our legal code, we never repeal anything, we just keep adding new laws.

State and federal governments should have a department whose goal it is to research older laws and nominate the ones that are truly no longer relevant or being enforced for repeal.

1442 days ago


While I personally wouldn't be able to handle this type of arrangement, I really don't see anything wrong with it as long as all parties are over 21 (adults), and are going into this arrangement willingly.
I do have a problem with Warren Jeffs and tose people purporting to be Mormons in Utah and British Columbia. I highly doubt that ANY God would want 12 and 13 year old girls marrying their MUCH older relatives. That is disgusting.

1442 days ago


The "mormon's" that practice polygamy are the "Fundamental LDS" sect and not the "LDS" sect that is most common. Just like there are Baptists Catholics, Jewish, and on and on where there are very strict sects and not so strict sects. Polygamy was banned from LDS over 117 years ago. Let go of your misinformation. You cannot put a label for an entire group based on one or two instances, and he admitted he is NOT MORMON. So why bash the Mormon's based on someone who is not affiliated. God asks us to honor our spouses and this is not doing that. He does not have respect for any of these women or his children. You cannot honor someone by stepping out on them.

1442 days ago


Just Nasty how can a man even get it up

1442 days ago


There is a lot of stupidity going on among some of these comments.

First, these people are not Mormon - at least, not what most people think of, when they think of the Mormon Church. They are completely disassociated with the church. It's not like something where the church publicly disavows them, but lets them continue to practice the religion. They have nothing to do with the official LDS Church.

Second, if you think you don't have polygamists in your state, think again. EVERY STATE has residents practicing polygamy. Utah has more than others because of the long-past history of the LDS Church. Texas tried to crack down on it, with the FLDS issue. How'd that work out for them?

1442 days ago


This is a freakshow. Plain and simple. At least the show can educate people on how screwed up this culture is.

God is good. Religion is bad. With organization comes control and corruption. No thanks. The ingnorace and lack of respect for themselves these woman have is astonishing! They don't think they could do better than this loser?

1442 days ago


Twinky: I hope that you are not referring to my post, because if you had read it I said "those people that PURPORT to be Mormons" Look up the big word if you don't know what it means.

1442 days ago
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