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Miley's New Music Video -- To Be Expected

10/8/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After baring her back in Vanity Fair, dancing on a stripper pole at the Teen Choice Awards, grinding on her adult male director, simulating a girl-on-girl kiss on "Britain's Got Talent," and showing up barely dressed to the MuchMusic Video Awards ... 17-year-old Miley Cyrus still managed to shock people with her racy new video, "Who Owns My Heart."

Miley Cyrus New Video.

Why is anyone surprised?


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I loved the song and her.....U haters need to get a life

1441 days ago


SUCKS!!!! Techno-vanilla. Go away already.

1441 days ago


and 8 yr old girls still idolize her and parents let them.

1441 days ago

David Bowen    

Why do they always have to market young female singers as porn stars?

1441 days ago


She needs to work on her posture as the Hunchback look is not the least bit attractive!

1441 days ago


great marketing campaign

The 3S sell and in french you can add one more S
Sex Sports Scandals anything with this contain and you are in business

in french
Sexe Sports Scandale Sang (blood )

just check the news 5 minutes and that all they are taking about

1441 days ago


Her first mistake was trying to make the transition from squeeky clean Disney star to adult star looking for an adult audience in one step and unfortunately, before she was an adult herself. Whoever was directing her career made that mistake or she made that mistake and no one had the sense to tell her it was wrong. The transition should have happened gradually, keep that little group of tweeners that were buying her records and her other merchandise as long as she could but slowly start adding something that a more mature audienac would be able to enjoy. As it has happened, she has totally alienated the mothers of those tweeners who don't want to see their daughters grow up as fast as Miley has. And that translates to dollars, lots of them. And now, that adult audience sees a "sick" young lady looking for attention in all the wrong places.

Can she repair it? Doubt it, she doesn't seem like there is anyone around her to tell her such, they are all yes man or women. They have their own agenda and will her use her as long as they can.

Good luck Miley, your future depends on what you do in the next few months and at this point, it doesn't look good.

1441 days ago


Desperate for attention.

1441 days ago


brittney spears went thru the same crap making a transition from girl pop to pop. this young woman has both feet firmly on the ground, good values, loves her parents. if she would be doing hanna montana now, she'd be critized. she's home at night, not hitting parties, just rolling with what the public wants. give her a break.

1441 days ago


This video is WAY to sexy for younger children.
i am so glad that Disney did note except her new single.
She is way to young, and shouldn't even be aloud to wear underwear and an undershirt like that is a music video.
My opinion, EWW!

1441 days ago


White trash

1441 days ago


This is so sad. Billie is from a very nice family. Tish was nothing but trash......Billie married her after her 4th out-of-wedlock pregnancy....the 2nd with him...Apparently Miley is taking after Tish. Go down to South Point, Ohio and the Flatwoods, Kentucky area and ask around........

1441 days ago


She has neither the VOICE nor the face to pull that off. Especially the voide. She can't sing a note. She's trying wayyyy too hard and it is NOT working. She just looks like a stupid little girl playing dressup.

1441 days ago


Miley, Miley Cyrus, she has grown.
That video was terrible, my one daughter even cried so hard that we had to take her to the doctors to get checked. My one son was a huge fan, and he even thinks that this is WAY too sexy.
Miley is way to young to be able to wear an undershirt, and underwear on camera.
I am so proud, and excited that Disney did not allow her music video.
The wardrobe is way not what a seventeen year old would wear.
And the fact of how hot and sexy she thinks she is, that is way out of my league. My children were screaming at my wife and i that they will nevery watch Hannah Montana AGAIN!

1441 days ago


Best I've ever seen her look. Gave me a Semi!

1441 days ago
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