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'Sister Wives' Hubby

Marries Wife #4

10/9/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown officially has 21 mouths to feed ... TMZ has learned the "Sister Wives" polygamist has married his latest fiancée Robyn Sullivan ... increasing his total number of wives to FOUR.

Sister Wives

Sources close to the "Sister Wives" stars tell us the two were married "a few months ago" at a private religious ceremony in Utah.

Robyn isn't entering the family by herself -- she has three kids from a previous marriage who will join Kody's 13 kids and three other wives.

We're told TLC cameras were not allowed to capture the actual ceremony -- but the reception WILL be featured on the reality show. We're told some of the drama leading up to the wedding will be featured on this Sunday's episode.

With 21 total members, Kody can literally split the family in half and hold a regulation football game ... as long as he plays all-time quarterback. 


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Now how many of these wives are receiving welfare? I bet most of the family is on welfare...........betcha. I'm sure there are enough men around for these women to marry. What's so great about this dude anyway? Are men not that important to you?

1439 days ago


This has been everywhere. People mag ran this a few weeks ago. Nice "scoop."

1439 days ago


I find that one wife is about as much as I can handle. But; it real scandal will be when these four "waives" apply for federal assistance.

1439 days ago


Reply to post #9 - I DO have a problem with this. I'm all for "live and let live" but I draw the line at allowing men to have multiple wives. These women are being manipulated and they look like idiots. And I hope they all realize that the only one who has any legal rights as his wife is the first and LEGAL one. The rest of them are just mistresses, no matter what they try and call themsleves. They are NOT his wives.

I don't want to live in a society where men can demand the right to have multiple wives. In societies where this IS allowed, women do not fair well. This is illegal in the U.S. and it should ALWAYS be illegal.

1439 days ago


I don't know if this family is collecting any benefits courtesy of the taxpayers, but it is a very common practice among polygamous families in some fundamentalist mormon sects. They call this fleecing of the taxpayers "bleeding the beast."

1439 days ago


So he has 4 wives... and crowds of children. Who is paying for them? Us taxpayers? His "wives" financial records need to be checked for Welfare and Foodstamps, if they are collecting money from the government to support all their children that is called Welfare Fraud. I don't think we should be made to support their twisted lifestyle, and irresponsible reproduction of many of this man's children that I'm sure he's not paying for. And, I don't see any of the wives working at a job like we do.

1439 days ago


I think this lifestyle should be left to the countries where women are still considered second rate. How can anyone see this as a good thing when women are being treated like trophies to be collected. There has to be something wrong with these women to want to live this lifestyle. I hope they enjoy sharing diseases when their "husband" brings one home.
If they didn't have children I wouldn't care what they did with their own lives. Disturbing that they have a heap of children in that home. If the low self esteem "wives" want to live like this so be it, but take the children out of that home. Imagine the ridicule they'll have to deal with now that they've put them on display for the world to see.

1439 days ago


What happens if something happens to the "husband"? He passes away? Does he have enough life insurance or savings to support these families for the rest of their lives or do they all end up on welfare? No better than Octomom as far as I'm concerned.

1439 days ago


The more important story is that the same church that believes in polygamy (either now or in eternity) believes gays shouldn't have the right to marry the ONE person they love. It's hypocrisy at it's finest.

1439 days ago


Now he has one wife he can fu?k and three others to cook , clean and take care of kids...

1439 days ago


She looks like Tiger Woods porn star

1439 days ago


You know what? I'm a pretty non-judgmental person but not everything in this world is "okay" and this is just one of those things that is not.

1439 days ago


The latest news that I have heard is that law enforcement are looking into this family. There are fact checking on whether he criminally married all of these women and with great clarification has committed bigamy. If their investigation proves to be true as to his lawless behavior I am quite confident charges will be filed against him. I would also imagine social services would get involved in this family dynamic. I mean, really, how could they NOT file charges when it is apparent to the whole nation he is breaking a law right in front of our eyes. And although the state of Utah is notorious for turning a blind eye to all of the numerous families that are committing the same malfeasance at least they are not literally standing up and shouting to the nation that Utah does not enforce this controversial law. Since Mr. Wood's willingly chose to "go public" ie. a reality show, with his "family life" I don't see how even he thinks he would not be arrested So I believe Mr. Wood just might have miscalculated the response he would receive from the general public and more importantly the judicial system.

1439 days ago


TMZ you miss quoted "he married his fourth victim!

1439 days ago


DUH! It shows the reception at the opening of the very first episode. It was obvious then that they were already married "commited" before the first episode even aired.

The church that believes marriage is defined as "one man and one woman" and opposes gay marriage IS NOT the same church that supports polygamy. Stop commenting on the Mormon religion if you seriously don't have a clue. These people aren't Mormon. Polygamy is not practiced by Mormons.

1439 days ago
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