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Michael Lohan: Dina

Screwed Lindsay Up, Too

10/11/2010 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is lashing out at claims he's the root of Lindsay Lohan's problems -- what with the violence, prison stints and general bad behavior.

Michael tells TMZ ... Dina was violent as Lindsay was growing up, and it left an impression.  Michael claims when Lindsay was 4 years old, Dina was arguing with his mom and Dina allegedly smashed a phone across grandma's face, requiring six stitches.

And Michael says, on another occasion -- when Lindsay was a teenager -- Dina went nuts on Michael, flew over two beds to get to him and accidentally knocked herself out.

Michael adds it was Dina's idea to leave Lindsay in Hollywood at a very young age, even though LiLo had a stalker.

As we reported, some members of Lindsay's family tell us ... Lindsay believes her current predicament is the result of Michael's craziness.

UPDATE: A source close to Dina tells us, "This is absolutely not true. She will not respond to anything Michael Lohan says."


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Once again it's someone elses fault! Poor Lindsay! When is she ever going to take responsibility for her own actions?
Everybody has had some bullcrap from their childhood. And it pisses me off when people use that excuse. No one was there forcing her to do drug, drink and drive a car and act stupid and sh*tcan her career. She made that choice! Don't take me wrong Micheal & Dina the most f**ked up "parents" (I use it lightly) but, that is still no excuse.
Based on the fact that I was from a broken home both parents drank and there was suicide attempts, I'm a stepchild, middlechild, along with a list of other things. I should be on top of a belltower drunk and doped up taking potshots at the local townfolk BUT, I'm not. And I have no record or trips to the local pokey and rehab. IT'S A CHOICE! She had one and she made it. Now she needed to just go away!

1472 days ago


Why does TMZ and other celebrity sites allow this man to continue to attack his daughter and ex-wife so publicly. He needs to go away. Lindsay is a grown woman and he needs to step out of her life and let her deal with her personal issues. He needs to move on from his ex-wife. He has other children, why does he focus on Lindsay only? Doesn't he see that his public display of Lindsay is probably effecting his other daughter and sons? He is shameful. Instead of stepping out of this circus, he keeps putting the garbage out there. If he's so interested in "Family Therapy", why don't he just go ahead and start therapy himself, and allow his daughter and ex-wife to choose to join him. How dare he push himself on his daughter.

1472 days ago


I also just saw Georgia Rule for the first time yesterday and it made me feel real bad for Lindsay to. She played the part of Rachel to damn good sadly

1472 days ago


She is away from both parents right now so why is she still getting in trouble at Betty Ford? Who's to blame for that Betty?

1472 days ago


Everyone has their own opinion of alcoholism. But for those of us who do believe it is a disease know what she is going through. Unless one has had the problem with addiction they don't understand, and never will. With that said, I just want to wish the Lohan family the best. I pray they all get the help they need.

1472 days ago


I have no idea what her mother did or didn't do, but he is a sociopath. I read on another site that he will drop his efforts to get a conservatorship if Dina agrees to family counceling. The dummy doesn't seem to realize that this "deal" is an admission that the girl doesn't actually need a conservatorship. Classic sociopathic behavior--he'll do or say anything to get what he wants.

And how exactly do his comments on this post in any way aid his daughter in her recovery? Even if it is true, he's just attacking Dina (with whom he is obscessed)and airing any old dirty laundry is only stressful for the daughter.

I think family therapy with this guy would be a huge mistake for Lindsey. He would promise to keep it confidential, but anything said would be all over the internet as soon as if was beneficial to him to do so, or he would hold anything private over her to control her. He's a very psychologically abusive person.

1472 days ago


Why does he feel it is necessary to tell the world personal info about his family?

Michael doesnt seem to get that nobody wants to hear it anymore and that he needs to shut up and just go away!!!!

1472 days ago


Both parents are bad, disgusting, dysfunctional, parasitic and all around horrible and need to be kept away from Lezby and the other children, parental rights should be severed all around. Dina is a media whore who simply lives off her daughter and Michael is a grotesque pig who should be put on a desert island where he can only talk to himself.

1472 days ago


This family is living proof that you don't have to own a double wide to be "white Trash"

1472 days ago


You were both awful parents and everyday you make it even worse.

1472 days ago


I agree with comment # 15 it's time to grow up, and take responsebility for your actings!!!!!!

1472 days ago


No one in this family knows how to take responsibility for their actions. He blames her, she blames him, blah, blah, blah. Self-control, wow, what a concept.

1472 days ago


Sorry BUT you BOTH are horrible parents. I'm tired of Dina and Michael both trying to make one look worse than the other. They both screwed her up. NO, I don't think Lindsay would be better off going to Michael's crazy "recovery" center and listening to him yap on about how great he is (and so Godly too!) and how horrible Dina is. Franky, I think that Lindsay needs to get the H away from both of these two lunatics. No good can come from either one of them, neither one looks out for her welfare or seems to give a damm when the cameras aren't rolling.

1472 days ago


If TMZ would stop giving Michael Lohan a platform from which to further use and abuse his daughter's fame to his own benefit, the leach would crawl off and vanish. Why do you keep giving this idiot press? To assist him in destroying his daughter's life? It's doubtful that a judge would grant a restraining order, sadly, as that would infringe upon Michael's rights to drive his daughter to her death. Ugh. Shame on you, TMZ.

1472 days ago


I KNEW THEY WOULD MAKE THIS ABOUT THEMSELVES! lilo needs help not more controversy... get a life micheal and dina!!!

1472 days ago
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