'Game of Thrones' Star Red Wedding was a 'Beautiful Episode'


There were a lot of reactions to this weekend's episode of "Game of Thrones" ... shocking, violent, traumatizing ... but the chick who plays Queen Cersei tells TMZ the ep was nothing short of "beautiful."

Looking less like a sociopathic power-hungry killer ... and more like an overalls-wearing hipster, Lena Headey hit up The Grove in L.A. yesterday when we talked about Sunday's infamous "red wedding."

Headey didn't seem bothered by the fact the throat-cutting wasn't as realistic as it could've been ... instead she praised the show as a thing of beauty.

Word is ... something HUUUGE is gonna happen in the next episode -- so don't be that person who whines about spoilers the next day ... and get caught up!!!

It's what Cersei would want.

'Game of Thrones' Throat Cut Totally Unrealistic Says O.J. Simpson's Witness


"Game of Thrones" is portraying throat-slashing ALL WRONG ... so says a forensic expert from the O.J. Simpson murder case -- and he outta know.

**SPOILER ALERT -- IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED LAST NIGHT'S EPISODE, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED ... but you should probably watch it asap **

When Catelyn's jugular was sliced at the Red Wedding in last night's episode ... her blood SHOULD NOT have cascaded out of her neck ... it should have sprayed like a hose from 1 or 2 important veins.

At least according to Dr. Michael Baden -- a board-certified forensic pathologist who was a defense witness at O.J.'s trial and also worked on the government investigation into the JFK assassination.

"Just by chance I walked in during the scene when everyone was being killed," Baden tells us ... explaining, "Blood doesn't come out like that."

"If cut deep enough, the right and left carotid artery will spurt a few feet, just like a hose .... not this broad blood-flowing out like a waterfall from the whole neck."

He adds, "There would have been squirting from the right or left carotid artery, carotid arteries spurt.”

Baden also says ... the victims wouldn't have died so quickly ... because death from a throat slashing, "takes much longer than that."

... and now you know.

Matt Damon & Michael Douglas Prince Von Ahole Gushes About Naked Jacuzzi Time


Matt Damon and Michael Douglas getting naked in jacuzzi was a glorious occasion ... at least according to Prince von Ahole who can't stop gushing about the A-listers stripping down while filming "Behind the Candelabra" inside his digs.

As TMZ first reported, Zsa Zsa Gabor's hubby struck a deal with the people behind HBO's Liberace-themed movie to film in his mansion for a few weeks, in exchange for a $70,000 payday.

Now that the movie has aired -- and we've seen what went on behind closed doors -- our photog had to ask ... what was it like to have the celebs running around naked all the time?

It's clear from the video ... Von Ahole was a HUGE fan.

Michael Lohan: Dina Screwed Lindsay Up, Too

Michael Lohan is lashing out at claims he's the root of Lindsay Lohan's problems -- what with the violence, prison stints and general bad behavior.

Michael tells TMZ ... Dina was violent as Lindsay was growing up, and it left an impression. Michael claims when Lindsay was 4 years old, Dina was arguing with his mom and Dina allegedly smashed a phone across grandma's face, requiring six stitches.

And Michael says, on another occasion -- when Lindsay was a teenager -- Dina went nuts on Michael, flew over two beds to get to him and accidentally knocked herself out.

Michael adds it was Dina's idea to leave Lindsay in Hollywood at a very young age, even though LiLo had a stalker.

As we reported, some members of Lindsay's family tell us ... Lindsay believes her current predicament is the result of Michael's craziness.

UPDATE: A source close to Dina tells us, "This is absolutely not true. She will not respond to anything Michael Lohan says."

'Sopranos' Star to Obama: Turn Off Jersey Shore!

"Sopranos" star Steve Schirripa has a serious bone to pick with Barack Obama -- all because the Prez is watching "Jersey Shore!"

After ripping the reality cast for being "a different species of Italian," we asked Steve what he thought about Obama giving the "JS" crew a shout-out during the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner.

Let's just say ... Steve isn't too happy with The Prez -- check out the clip.

Wrestler: WWE Boys Don't Get in Trouble

WWE wrestler Randy Orton didn't believe us when we told him about Chris Jericho and Greg "Hurricane" Helms' arrests -- because, according to him, wrestlers "Don't get in trouble."

Sorry bud, but unlike wrestling, this story ain't fake -- and mug shots don't lie.

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