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Oksana Grigorieva and the Gloria Allred Connection

10/12/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva made a beeline for attorney Gloria Allred after secretly recording Mel Gibson ... sources tell TMZ.

We've learned ... days after recording Mel's crazy rants on February 18, Oksana met separately several times with Gloria and attorney Eric George.  Oksana went back and forth before finally deciding to hire George.

Our sources say Gloria had advised Oksana to go to the cops immediately and file a domestic violence complaint.  Gloria also told Oksana she should hold a news conference where she would play the secret tapes.  It's important to note ... just two months before, Gloria scored a $10 million settlement for Rachel Uchitel and then canceled her news conference just hours before it was supposed to go down.

George engineered a $15 million package for Oksana and Lucia in May.  Sources say during the mediation ... Oksana was back on the phone talking to Gloria.  After signing the mediation docs, Oksana disavowed the deal and began lawyer shopping again.  We do not know if Oksana continued talking to Gloria.

We asked Gloria about the meetings and whether she had anything to do with the possible sale of the tapes.  Gloria said, "No comment.  It is the policy of our law firm never to discuss who does or does not contact us and for those who do contact us we never disclose what is discussed."  



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This has been another episode of the Liars club starring Oksana Grigorieva. Now tune in for who wants to be under Oksana's bed.

1470 days ago


If Gloria is the leaker I would say Konsie under the bus , Gloria under the bed.

1470 days ago


What a talented Gal! Inbetween her visit to the dentist and the pediatrician she found time to go see Gloria Alread.

Come to think of it I'll bet it was Gloria who covered Ox's face with saliva not Mel. :-)

1470 days ago


everyone has a weakness or weaknesses. Mel's short fuse and foul mouth are his. Oksana's weakness is that as a narcissist she has fooledd herself a long time ago into believing that she is a concert pianist and a successful musician/model.
She has never accepted that her true calling in life is that of a golddigger and a whore.
She has thus sent mixed messages in this extortion plot because she really seems to be uncomfortable dealing with the fact that her actions make her a golddigger whore extortionist. She'd like to committ the crime but not deal with the consequences. She'd like to extort those 200 million dollars and still have people's respect. She'd like to bite Mel in the balls and still be invited in hollywood as a respectable contributing member.
She would have been more successful at this nasty game if she had acted like Rachel Uchitel who (correct me if I'm wrong) seems pretty comfortable in the pics that I've seen to be known as the whore/mistress who stole/extorted ten million from Tiger Woods. I'm not complimenting Rachel here but all I'm saying is that Oksana has sent mixed signals only because she has this fundamental contradiction in her. That's the case that I would make in the court if I were a lawyer in this case: those mixed signals however in no way distracts from the fact taht this is an extortion case, a failed one only because she wants it all.

1470 days ago

little aussie reader    

If Gloria is the leaker I would say Konsie under the bus , Gloria under the bed.

Posted at 3:43 AM on Oct 12, 2010 by hellnurse

Heheh very good :o)

1470 days ago


Frankly I'm getting tired of arguing with a pathological liar.


I hope she chokes on her millions.

1470 days ago


Ox siad in her people interview that the only people who had the tapes were her, her sister and the I know Team mell has the list of her lawyers so that means 20 some odd people had the tapes.....she attempted to throw GA under the bus this TMZ article is GA fighting back!!!!!! The rest of her "lowers" should be following suit PBQ

1470 days ago

little aussie reader    

Hey , there's no trolls... just a room full of like-minded people. How refreshing!

1470 days ago


I am not surprised by the GA attachment. And personally, I wouldn't be surprised if GA is the one who sold or leaked the tapes. It's her kind of move. And "No Comment" is a standard line if you have something you can't admit or deny.



1470 days ago


sorry for the typos....Jeez.....I love how GA just covered her azzzzzzz......I told her to go to the police, not me who leaked the tapes I wanted her to be straight up from the git go

1470 days ago


The Rats are racing now .... none of them will go down with that tramp.....

1470 days ago


Is that John Gosseling in the pic behind her??
They would make a cute couple, no?!
She needs a total pushover like that!

1470 days ago



Get your own lawyer ASAP. You are the only one in the
family that has kept a low profile and not given interviews
over the years.

You know what your sister is all about and what she is
capable of. Protect yourself. Tell the truth even if it
means severing your relationship with your narcissistic
sister and your mother, who obviously favors Oksana.

Make your own career the honest way. We'll stand behind you.

1470 days ago


So, if we are to believe this, even Whoria Allred told Ox to got to the police.... and yet, she didn't. It's all about the money - money - money. I just wonder what happened to make her decide against GA. Oh, I know - she probably couldn't pay her in BJs.

1470 days ago


The article states:

"George engineered a $15 million package for Oksana and Lucia in May. Sources say during the mediation ... Oksana was back on the phone talking to Gloria. After signing the mediation docs, Oksana disavowed the deal and began lawyer shopping again. We do not know if Oksana continued talking to Gloria."

This strikes me as odd. Is it customary, or even ethical, to continue speaking with an attorney during mediation when a different lawyer is your attorney of record? Would an attorney (GA) continue talking with Miss Grigorieva while she is engaged in mediation? Were there other lawyers she was also speaking with during the mediation?

This sounds quite odd to my ears.

1470 days ago
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