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Joe Jackson -- Back Away from the Oprah!

10/13/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey's personal space was violated during her visit to the Jackson house last week -- and TMZ has learned the culprit was none other than Papa Joe himself. 

Sources close to the Big O tell TMZ Joe was all over the talk show queen when she came over to conduct a sit-down interview with the family at their Encino home.

We're told Joe was tailing Oprah all over the house -- almost like a second shadow -- so Oprah's assistant stepped in and asked the guy to back off. 

Joe obliged, we're told -- and kept a polite distance for the rest of the visit.

Personal space -- it's not a joke.


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I wish that I were a fly on the wall during this conversation cuz it looks like Joe is telling Orca something deep and she either isn't buying it or doesn't like it.

I really wish one member of this family had the balls to tell her what a two-faced, know-it-all witch she is...and call her on the carpet to explain the comments she has made about Michael over the years. I would pay good money to see that.

As for this interview? Hell no! There is no way in hell that I'm going to give Orca the second biggest rating boost of her over-extended career. Y'all can tell me about it after the fact.

1379 days ago


I think it's the estate's house and Michael always paid for it. But Joe visits when people like Oprah show up.

1379 days ago


Anything you see in that house and the whole house Michael Joe Jackson paid for it. No doubt in my mind. Probably even the clothes on Katherine and Joe's back too.

1379 days ago


LOL - Joe Jackson, come on, put your hands everywhere on her - she has deserved your L.O.V.E. LOL

1379 days ago

Claude A    

I don't blame Joe. Last time Oprah was at my house, some stuff came up missing.

1379 days ago


#7 hit it right on target. Screw Oprah. She was the visitor more than he was. How dare she come to someone else's home and tell anybody to move away from her. She may be OMG to millions but she shouldn't mean crap to anybody in their own home.

I would have tossed EVERYBODY OUT!! Katherine is too soft.

1379 days ago


If she was having personal space issues she should have addressed the issue herself, not have a minion do it for her. Diva.

1379 days ago

mj is the sexiest man ever    

i hate you oprah. you are ugly.what do you think joe is attracted to you hahhaha.joe finds you disgusting you lisbian.

love you mj
keep the faith

1379 days ago


Wake up people, CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING? Fans have been raving about what a HUGE mistake this interview is and lashing out to Oprah and Jacksons! So Oprah's team is doing damage control! They are shifting focus totally on Jacksons! This is a sneak preview of how little respect Oprah has to Michael and Jacksons! FANS KNEW IT, WE WARNED JACKSONS! Did they listen? NO! They continously go to people that disrespected Michael in life to promote some (s)hit! With the ongoing investigations, one would hope that they would mourn in seclusion! WHY MOURN WHEN YOU CAN EXPLOIT MICHAEL'S DEATH? I do NOT blame Oprah at all, althouh I despise her. It was Jacksons fault. Serves them right. This is nothing, wait for the edited interview! Oprah will sweep the floor with the a(ss)es of Jacksons!

And all Michael's expense! Jacksons are f(ucking) up Michael's memory, dishonoring him & his children and embarrassing fans!

1379 days ago


Oh now she tells people where they can stand in their own home..Really? I don't think so.

1379 days ago


Oh people, STFU lashing on Oprah!

1- it is NOT Joe or KJ's home, the home is paid for compliment sof MICHAEL JACKSON! Oprah has no business being in Michael's home, Jacksons invited her there!

2- Just because someone is in your home does NOT mean you can be all up on their face! PICTURES SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! Look! Jacksons are star-struct, honored to be in Oprah's presence! What a disgrace!

3- NO, I DON'T LIKE OPRAH AT ALL but this is NOT Oprah's fault, she didn't hold Jacksons at gunpoint! They invited her there!

4- This story was privided by Oprah team for damage control and stultify Jacksons and it works! JAcksons look like JACKA(SSES)! Greedy Jacka(sses).

From now on, it is no longer Jackson when referring to anyone except Michael and his children. It is JACKA(SS) FAMILY!

1379 days ago


Michael Jackson is probably rolling in his grave knowing all this is going down. He tried the kids whole life when they were little to be out of the public eye and he is dead a year and they are on OPRAH and Joe the man he hated the most is there too. UGH

1378 days ago



1378 days ago


I am sorry but oprah's assistant has no right to tell him to back off and stop walking around where she was going in HIS OWN HOUSE! where she as A GUEST IN HIS HOME came to interview him. I dont think highly of Joe Jackson, but that doesnt change the fact that its his right to follow her around in HIS HOUSE while she is in HIS HOUSE.

I would have told her assistant to go screw themselves for trying to order me around in my home.

1378 days ago
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