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Family Rips 'Transformers' Investigation - 'Ridiculous'

10/13/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of the woman partially paralyzed on the set of "Transformers 3" is blasting the government agency that cleared producers of any wrongdoing ... claiming their findings are "ridiculous."


In a statement issued today, the family of 24-year-old Gabriela Cedillo said they were "deeply saddened and disappointed" that the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration cleared Paramount simply because they used a licensed welder to set up a vehicular stunt on Sept. 1. 

The family claims, "The mere fact that the welding was performed by a 'certified welder' ... does not in any way suggest that the weld was performed properly." The family continues, "In fact the evidence is clear that it was done in a slip-shod fashion."

The statement concludes, "It is completely irresponsible for even a local government bureaucrat to rush to such sloppy conclusions."


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shame, shame, those lying bastards.

1439 days ago


Go after the Welder not paramount. I'm sorry this happen to her but if it was a welding issue then it was not paramounts fault it was the welders.

1439 days ago


This is all about Indiana revenue period...Harvey speak up

1439 days ago


Sometimes bad things happen in life. While it may be the American way to blame and sue, that doesn't mean it is the right way. Unless there is some evidence the welder did a half arsed job, the family should just accept she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and something unfortunate happened.

1439 days ago


Translation: Paramount did everything right and by-the-book. That sucks, 'cause now we can't get rich quick for suing them cause they did nothing wrong.
Well, sorry folks, but accidents happen. Accidents are just that - and there is no guarantee that there will always be someone to sue over it.

1438 days ago

all about the money    

They wanted to go after the producers. Producers = money. The report stated that the point of failure was a weld done by a certified welder. So it just means that they can not sue the producers for negligence...they did everything correctly. However, they could sue the welder. He should be bonded and insured he just wont have the money the big producers have...

Yes horrible that this happened. I hope she gets some compensation (her medical is being covered I am pretty sure) but any further recovery will have to come from the welder not the studio.

1438 days ago


If the studio used a certified welser, they did nothing wrong. You have to knowingly leave someone in peril to be liabile for it. The studio has no way of knowing if the weld is good. They are not professional welders. The welder has to know if it is good or not. If the welder failed, then the welder is liable. If the studio used a handy-man, then you could say they were negligent. Where is the negligence in using a certified welder? It iw with the welder!

1438 days ago


Are you kidding? This is like saying a doctor can't be sued for malpractice because he is board-certified. What a crock of sh*t!

1438 days ago

patrick durnil    

I have been a welder for over 40 years. The family's claim of is well founded. I have been " certified" several times, but I also know welders that have been too and wouldn't let them hold my torch when it comes to something that important. but I must say with out knowledge of what or how the welded piece came apart, I wouldn't judge what really happened.

1438 days ago


That's great if the welds are good, just means the engineering isn't! Either way, it's the responsibility of who designed and built the equipment and how they find no fault here is ridiculous.

Ultimately, this is the responsibility of the studio and their insurance company. It's their job site/movie set.

Sorry folks?? What are you, a moran. A girl is paralyzed here because of failure of equipment that is being used at her place of work. Someone needs to pay, and they need to pay big!

1438 days ago

Max Green    

Well what exactly did they do in the investigation. We'll need more details to say now won't we.

1438 days ago


since they cant get the money from the studios just go after the welder.. the state said they were at fault. and she IS/WAS a stunt person.. isnt that in the fine print that they CAN get hurt at work? (some even die) food for thought

1438 days ago


Give her some $ already you greedy ****ers.

1438 days ago


She wasn't a stunt person, she was an "extra", she's not there for hazard pay or to be in a dangerous situation. Know the facts before you type the words!

And back to the weld failure, if it's done correctly, it should not break. It was under-engineered and they miscalculated the loads, etc. The welder can be handed a print and do the job to specs., that means the engineer who made the plans was wrong and made a mistake designing this rig. on top of this there is the operation of everything. Were they going within spec's for the speed of the car, etc? Way too many variables here to come to such a quick decision and say that since the weld was done "correctly" everything was good!

1438 days ago


Don't worry, guys. That's just the first investigation and it's related to whether the movie company's negligent, not the welding company. There'll be more investigations. Your daughter will be compensated somehow, whether from the welders insurance, Paramount out of respect, or both groups.

Lets pray her paralysis isn't permanent and through rehab and other methods, she'll regain control of her left side.

1438 days ago
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