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Junior Seau

Arrested for Domestic Violence

10/18/2010 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Retired NFL legend Junior Seau was arrested early this morning on suspicion of domestic violence ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Junior Seau arrested.
We're told Seau was arrested in San Diego early this morning -- and booked into the Vista Detention Facility around 2:00 AM.

Seau -- who rose to NFL stardom with the San Diego Chargers -- was released around 3:20 AM.

Seau also played for the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots.

Story developing ...


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No Avatar


I blame the steroids......

1463 days ago


a has been...bet he gets another reality show..Seau beats you up!

1463 days ago


wow,,why be surprized at this..if he wants to hit someone go beat up justin bieber

1463 days ago


I remember back in the late 80's when he just got out of HS & going to USC when him & his brothers got in trouble for beating some kid almost to death because they said the kid said something about their mom. Turned out that was all BS but since JR was a big football star they let it go. He had been in trouble many times prior to that. Seems he's back to his old tricks 30 yrs later.

1463 days ago


Looks like he just "Graduated" to TMZ.

1463 days ago


Jr say ow

1463 days ago


I'm just trying to figure out when women became the official punching bag for punk assed guys. Any man who hits a woman who is not a martial arts expert is just a punk. He's a punk because he risks nothing in the attack, but the woman always risks everything. Men know that if they get into a fight with another man, regardless of the other man's size, he just might get killed by a knife, rock or gun, e.t.c. that's what makes them a punk. They won't risk getting hurt by someone who can truly do some serious damage to them, but they are always eager to hit someone who can't. Junior is a punk....nough said.

1463 days ago


You know what... I feel bad for my "Graduated" line. People go through things and I wish him the best of luck.

1463 days ago



chill out on the name calling unless you're willing to tell all that noise to Junior's Face... in case you missed read the story

suspicion of domestic violence ... now i do agree no man should lay his hands on a lady.. but again.. for this charge.. it could be as small as a push, finger to the head, a shove... not necessarily graphic violence, broken bones, .. i would suggest just to wait for more evidence of a true incident.. you can get arrested for simply arguing with your spouse non-violently and if police come to break it up (which ends up usually with THE MAN going to jail) as a "cooldown" procedure.

give every story a benefit of the doubt as it breaks as we can see. TMZ gets alot of stories twisted.

other that than... if a man has good reason to defend himself he should.. if a lady gets with a violent guy and she IS aware of it..simply.. shoot him in the kneecap or gonads.and call it a day..

thats the way it should work..:)

1463 days ago


And then he drove his car off a cliff....

1463 days ago

Steve Hall    

Junior hangs out with CS Keys , so none of this surprises me!! What a bunch of LOSERS!!!

1463 days ago

RJ Hunt    

I am shocked, I have known Junior since 1987, this is not like him at all...I was with him last week in San Diego at the Raider game. This is crazy news...

1463 days ago

RJ Hunt    

This guy has never been in any kind of trouble throughout his entire 20 year NFL career...

1463 days ago


He use to be one of my favorite athletes back when he was with the SD Chargers, but after going to their training camp at 5AM when I was a kid to run in a marathon/watch their practice this jerk refused to give any of us (mostly kids) an autograph while the rest of his team was gracious and even talked to us.

1463 days ago


Instead of blaming steroids, I'd be more inclined to blame the numerous concussions. They've been studying the NFL players for some time now....continued daily concussions, that the players don't even realize they are getting, are causing players to exhibit depression (suicides and attempts), as well as aggression and violence off the field. It also is leading, and this is why they started the studies in the first place, to players ending up in nursing homes by the age of mid 50's with Alzheimers... Most of the greats from the 70's and 80's ended up in nursing homes at that age. PBS has done some great stories on it, interviewing their wives... REally sad. In fact, in Virginia, they are doing the studies where they have put monitors in the helmets of players to log the hits to the head and the concussions sustained.
Mother's should think twice before allowing their young to enter this "sport".

1463 days ago
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