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I Was Gonna 'Cuss Out'

Bill O'Reilly

10/18/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whoopi Goldberg claims she walked off the set of "The View" last week to keep herself from "cussing out" Bill O'Reilly on live TV ... an excuse that still didn't fly with Barbara Walters.

The ladies launched right into the controversy on this morning's show -- with both Whoopi and Joy insisting they were "glad" that they left.

But Babs -- still upset with the way things went down -- said, "You don't walk out of your own home ... you can walk out of somebody else's home ... but you don't walk out of your own home."

As we previously reported, all hell broke loose on Thursday's show after O'Reilly stated "Muslims killed us on 9/11." O'Reilly has stood by his statements.


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Barbara said "if you invite someone into your house...", but I would say that it is not Whoopi or Joy's house and they don't have any say in who gets invited in. If I am wrong, then I apologize.

1464 days ago

char dagostino    

What makes Whoopi Goldberg an authority on the Middle East or anything else for that matter??? I don't think she is qualified
to offer advice or opinions on anything particularly on a subject she obviously knows nothing about.

In the Karan is says something like "Smile and befriend your enemy even if you dislike them as along as it benefits our cause" And that is exactly what these terrorists are doing with
this mosque. They don't give a damn about us. How many attacks
on the US before idiots like these two get it. Maybe the next
building will be the one they work in. Think that wold do it.

1464 days ago


How can the public be so manipulated by hate, madness and anger. We need to love one another. If we don't learn to live together as friends, we will die apart as fools.

1464 days ago


Women of the world beware of Jovian planet sized empty headed Bill O Rapely whom only represents Bill O rapely for profit mind you this multi millionaire draft dodging chicken hawked loud mouthed verbal tool of corporate protection racketeering Republoconvict party, expounds divisive non issue look over here instead of where the true problem is rhetoric as them ding dang A rabs we hate em mister and miss trailer park but we love the black oil under their sand,but just how did it become ours to take, and just what exactly is shock and awe anyway a giant greeting card?? Instilling tried and true divide and conquer ethic, our problem is wall street banksters whom have fleeced main street for twelve trillion dollars!!! Then these leeches under twice selected not elected draft dodging dry drunk Bush administration had Hank machine gun Kelly Paulson jam a ****ed and loaded thompson machine gun into our collective ribs demanding seven hundred and fifty billion dollars without accountability..... and getting it! Hurling c notes about to wall street bankster dressed in 1930's mob style suits whom promptly frittered our tax dollars away on wine women and cocaine! Tell it like it is Whoppi wish yah had decked this Mountain headed P.O.S!

1464 days ago


I really don't like Bill O'Reilly, but the fact is that they asked him a question of why he thinks Americans don't want a Mosque built so close to Ground Zero. He gave them an answer that involved some speculation (i.e. opinion) and those two gasbags unfathomably walked off. Intelligent people can have a discussion or debate, ignorant people become emotional and defensive. Whoopi and Behar clearly showed their true colors. Furthermore, his answer was probably more correct than most choose to believe. Fact is that all of the hijackers were Muslim and committed the act in name of said religion. Does that make it right to condemn a whole religion? No, but if you get on an airplane with a bunch of men wearing turbans, every almost any American would feel a little uncomfortable. Unfortunately, we have become so PC that we search 80 year old women at the airport just to make the practice seem fair. In reality we should be running every Muslim through the ringer. Unfortunately it's in this sect of the population that the people that commit these acts of terrorism reside.

1464 days ago


The View is a show of liberal, antiquated thinking women who are afraid to step to the center and be honest. Men who were Muslims did commit a terrorist act on the United States. Yes, there are Muslims and many others who hold the United States in contempt.....These are facts.

Joy and Whoopi displayed extremely unprofessional behavior. They are of the mind that they must be politically correct and debase our country.

That show needs to be cancelled and that relic Barbara Walters needs to retire. Her questions, opinions and frozen face are boring and she is out of touch.

1464 days ago


If Walters and this show had any credibility, they would have fired Whoopi and Joyless for their behavior. Is this how they react every day when they come across someone or something that they do not agree with? If they are that small minded then they should NOT be on a talk show.
I would like to see a guest walk of Joyless' HLN show. I bet she would immediately make negative comments towards the guest and position herself as the correct one in the exchange. Of course considering how crappy her ratings are, no one would see it take place.

1463 days ago


Bill O'Reilly's comments were right on the mark. Muslims did attack on 9/11. The comparison to Timothy McVeigh being a Christian was sophomoric. The difference between the two is that 9/11 was carried out in the name of Islam. McVeigh did not attack in the name of Christianity. The sophomoric point of it was that nobody in their right mind would believe that Muhammad Ali or Kareem Abdul Jabaar would try to pull off a terrorist attack. To sit there and say that because he said Muslims attacked us on 9/11 instead of Muslim EXTREMISTS is like saying that the sun could rise in the west because I didn't say EAST when I said the sun rises. Whoopi and Joy are both under-educated twits who think they're "enlightened" by their liberal points of view and therefore more intelligent than the rest of us here in flyover country.

1463 days ago


Are you REALLY proud of them for walking out? Shows a lot of cowardess to me. If they didn't like it, they should've blown the usual hot air that they do.....they couldn't even stand up to him.
I applaud O' least he has the balls to stand up for what he believes in, and stands by what he says backpeddling. Oh, and for you morons, Muslims DID kill us on 9/11.....if they didn't, who did??? Come on now, you can't be that stupid to believe that it was a big American conspiracy. People are so stupid, no wonder Obama bin Laden is president now and we're all going to sh*t.

1463 days ago


Now are we really at the point where we actually care what any talking head has to say about anything? Really. They are all in it for the money, that's what they do. Give me a show and I will find an audience to suck up to for ratings (my paycheck). Turn the TV off; pick up a good book. Free your mind and your butt will follow.


1463 days ago


Give me a break. They were Muslims. Read the Quran, Muslims hate us.That is a requirement in order to be a Muslim. I am sorry, but i don't want to get on a plane with them either.

1463 days ago


Does Whoopy Goldberg think that just because she played in Star Trek, she can dress and look like a boy?

1463 days ago


first everybody knows that barbra runs that show and whoever she wants to invite she will invite regardless of who feels what about it. second you dont see barbra inviting anyone that might send her over the edege cause that will taint her perfect image. seeing that whoever butts heads with barbra the dictator gets x-ed from the show i wonder whose gonna take joy and whoppi's place....and i wonder if she was more shocked over joy than might have f*ck#d her plan to get rid of whoopi up lol

1463 days ago


how stupid people can be ? those killer muslims would cut whoopi and joy in pieces for the LOVE OF ALLAH !!!! very, very naive..., they should do the VIEW show in Teheran, I wonder how long they would last ..... STUPID WOMEN, they only know their own backyard, you are americans, stand up for your own nation !!!!!

1463 days ago

Nancy Rumfield    

I agree with nearly everyone who is writing in. Whoever determines the guests on 'The View' should only invite quests that Whoopi and Joy agree with. That way the public won't be exposed to screaming fits and walk offs. I don't call that entertainment. I am 67 years old and I think I am quite sensible and it does not make sense to me to build a Mosque within a block of the Twin Towers.

1461 days ago
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