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'O.C. Housewives' Star

Dumps Husband

10/19/2010 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vicki Gunvalson from "Real Housewives of Orange County" isn't going to be a housewife much longer -- because TMZ has learned she just filed for divorce.

According to documents filed in O.C. Superior Court -- and obtained by TMZ -- Vicki filed for dissolution of marriage on Monday from her husband Donn Gunvalson ... whom she married back in 1994.

And there's this ... Vicki and Donn actually renewed their vows back in July of 2009 -- after Vicki admitted their marriage was souring and they needed a "new start."

Speaking of new starts ...


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good for her...i do feel bad for him though

1473 days ago


I never post on this site, but felt compelled to by all these dim wits who post about everyone else's lives because obviously they don't have much of their own. First off you're basing your judgments from what you see on television, great and reliable source you got there. It's like me saying I know everything that goes on in Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt's life. Wait I don't because I only know what they do from the media. Who are you to judge the type of relationship they have on an everyday basis. Realize the show is filmed not that often and in turn can be construed into anything Bravo wants. So instead of talking s**t about a family's personal life, take a gander in the mirror and realize what you have going on is far less worthless then the s**t you see on TV.

1473 days ago


Saw that coming. She always made it clear she was the bread winner and Donn was secondary in her life. Remember he was never invited on her vacations etc....

He was a third class citizen in her eyes.

Controlling people leave people behind

1473 days ago


#18. And you are different how???? No different! Exactly. So please feel free to go back to ignoring the site as I am sure your services are needed at the UN or something. Just for the record, that's what the "housewives", all of them, are being paid for. To be the targets of frustrated America. We watch each week as they spend gobs of money while still finding/creating a reason to be miserable. They then run to the bank with check in hand and America gets to feel they are better than the rich people they view screwing it all up. It's a trade-off. Bravo gives the general public someone to hate and the "hated" are paid well.

1473 days ago


OMG!!! I hated the stupid wench!!! That Donn guy was a sucker to put up with her crap!!!!!!!!! WTF?????? She was seriously the most annnoying, uglies, bitchiest chick on that show!!! Maybe the producers will get smart and dump her ass off the show!!! Gross!!!

1473 days ago


Jeana always had a thing for Donn - well, here is her chance.

1473 days ago


Hmmmmmm, how long before Jeana snaps him up.....

1473 days ago


She will die alone. No man could put up with her. She is officially the most annoying woman in the entire world!

1473 days ago


Who didn't see that coming? Now her and Tamra that other moron can commiserate

1473 days ago


She is a old money hungry hag..even when her daughter was sick all she cared about was getting to work. Her hubby is kind of cute, she will never get better because she is a beast..ugly beast I should say. He is a nice guy and deserves better than her anyway.

1473 days ago

Another Voice    

Thank the good Lord, at last Don has been set free.
Vicki is so in love with "VICKI" she didn't have time
for Don, and barely makes time for her children. Well
maybe her daughter, but that is because she wants her
daughter to be like her. Vicki is all about Vicki. I am
still in question about her part in Tamra and Simon's
marriage! I am just saying that there seems to be some
bad vibs there somewhere!
True Simon definitely has some anger issues, but I think
Tamra was being fueled by Vicki's input as well.
Vicki, go find a corner and set on your fat ass PLEASE! &

1473 days ago


Another Voice: Don has been set free? Don's a big boy. If he was unhappy all he had to do was pick up his balls and leave.

Wow, I can't wait for the new season to begin. It's going to be a good one!


1473 days ago


@ kimberly... you must be the most naive person out there. Well by out there I'm assuming you're an overweight mother at home with DVR set already to record all the reality trash that comes on every night. And while you imagine how you're great life could be with the amount of money they have, you still are diagnosing the normal everyday problems that couple's face, theirs just happens to be public. I don't watch the show, I just know the families personally. Like on an everyday basis, the good, the bad and the ugly. Sop while you're eating paint chips and calling you're girlfriends about what is going on in someone else's life, check you life and see if there is anything exciting going on in yours that maybe you can go and talk about. 2 out 3 marriages end in divorce. Yes, one of the main reasons in finances, it's still not uncommon for that to happen. My original comment wasn't necessarily directed at you, until you decided to comment back. It was for the people who wake up in the morning, not wanting to wait to criticize someone else's life. Check yourself. No i don't write for the UN but I also don't sit at home and watch reality shows all day sweetie. I stand up for friends and family, because that's in my nature.

1473 days ago


Lindy and Renee: I didn't watch it back then. So Jeana had a thing for Don??

1473 days ago


I'll take Don. He's such a neat guy!

1473 days ago
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