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'O.C. Housewives' Star

Dumps Husband

10/19/2010 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vicki Gunvalson from "Real Housewives of Orange County" isn't going to be a housewife much longer -- because TMZ has learned she just filed for divorce.

According to documents filed in O.C. Superior Court -- and obtained by TMZ -- Vicki filed for dissolution of marriage on Monday from her husband Donn Gunvalson ... whom she married back in 1994.

And there's this ... Vicki and Donn actually renewed their vows back in July of 2009 -- after Vicki admitted their marriage was souring and they needed a "new start."

Speaking of new starts ...


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Another Voice    

Dear Blanche,
Yes Blanche that would be true, only Don really loved Vicki!
She only pretended to love him. And therd lies the difference between them. She is just a non-person taking up air space.

1402 days ago


Don is free at last and can now enjoy his life as he chooses without her. Simon & Vikki are so alike, both insecure, jealous and controlling of everyone of their families, maybe they can get together and rule all Orange County.

1402 days ago



1402 days ago


Dear Blanche,
Yes Blanche that would be true, only Don really loved Vicki!
She only pretended to love him. And therd lies the difference between them. She is just a non-person taking up air space.

Posted at 12:11 PM on Oct 19, 2010 by Another Voice

How do you know she only pretended to love him?

1402 days ago


blizzy, for someone that is so above all of this you seem to have a lot of time on your hands and apparently nothing better to fill that time with than harassing people online. Talk about needing to get a life! And Kimberly didn't say you were writing for the UN! As if! She was being sarcastic. Duh! You may not be watching these shows all day but apparently you are reading about them and commenting on them. What's worse- watching these shows OR not watching them but for some unfathomable reason reading about them on a gossip website and then taking the time to not just comment on it but get into an argument with another commenter? And keep coming back for more?

Kimberly, I'm with you!

1402 days ago


I think Vicki is in for a reality check. She sees
Tamra out there, newly single, having every Tom,
****, and Harry trying to hit on her. Vicki is just
jealous, and thinks if she is single, they will hit
on her too. Well the will...with a baseball bat....
saing "back off bitch, you OLD nasty Mr. Ed lookalike"!

1402 days ago


She's probably banging some young stud as we speak.

1402 days ago


@#37.. you're retarded. The only reason I wrote in the first place and read these comments is because I am a family friend. I would hope that if one of your friends was publicly criticized you would stand up for them as well. When a friend says, you should see all the trash people are writing, I went on and check it out for myself. I am a good friend and will stand up for those close to me in any situation, which I would hope you'd do the same. You don't know the facts, you don't know the people, and thirdly you don't know me. Realize they are people and they are going through something tough on a personal basis. People are mean out there and will criticize anything they can get their hands on. My uncle passed away last week and an article was posted about his death and if you would have seen the negative things people said about him, you would have been blown away. So I will continue to stand up for what I believe in and even if I don't make much of an impact, I will still stay strong and express my true feelings about something that I know for a fact and not what I see on TV.

1402 days ago



if that's all you have going for yourself is to sit around and hate people on tv. you must be that obese bitch that is jealous other people have something going in their lives. shut the hell up already.

1402 days ago


She's delusional!!! She is one ugly woman who is really looking old and fug anyway. She thinks she is really something ..but,she is just a midwest low class big-mouth wanna be . She reminds me of her Mother. Donn is adorable. He won't be on the market long. Lots of women would want him. Go for it Jeanna!

1402 days ago


Donn should have dumped her years ago. She was always holding the purse strings over him. She is such a bitch. I hope she has to pay plenty in support.

1402 days ago


great dump the self destructive bit__. she will never find anyone better than donn and he will be latched up immediately. what a stupid idiot.

1402 days ago


I thought they were all "in love"? Didn't Donn cry when she gave him the new ring, the photo album of their family? When she sprang the "renew our vows" thing on him while they were on that romantic isle and he teared up again (when has it become okay for men to cry????) I thought it was all about the marriage. Then little things started to creep into the story. Her girls only weekend in Florida that got ruined (as if it could be ruined) by Slade and the rest of the guys showing up. I thought it funny at the time that Don wouldn't DARE show up to a girl's only weekend. I think I know what turned it all. One too many Wooooooooo Whooooooooo's from her. She came across very cold to him but warm to others... Especially the men of her good friends back in Illinois. I hate to see anyone break up but in this case, it was totally understandable. I wish him all the luck and I hope the OC housewives will either drop her or drop them all all together because to be honest, not one of them now lives the lifestyle the show touts.

1402 days ago



You're a fraud. Your supercilious ranting will have no impact here. If you can’t be truthful at least be entertaining.

1402 days ago


Blizzy, you being a family friend, maybe you can't see the forest for the trees. You are right, I cannot speak to as why the marriage failed b/c I am not intimate with the details. However...her reactions to situations & her interaction with others says it all about the kind of person she is. Let's just say it is not all that great.

1402 days ago
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