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Michael Lohan: He Slashed My Neck

10/22/2010 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, told police after his alleged attack last night that the assailant slashed his neck.

As TMZ first reported, Michael claims he was attacked outside his home in Santa Monica, CA. Michael told police ... about an hour before the incident, he received a threatening phone call. We're told shortly after the call, Michael went out for cigarettes -- that's when he says the attack occurred.

Sources tell us ... Mike explained to police when he went to open his car door, he was jumped from behind. We're told the suspect, whom Michael says is in his 50s or 60s, began choking him and had some kind of sharp object which he used to slice Michael's neck.  Michael says the knife penetrated his skin and caused substantial bleeding.

According to sources, Michael says the man cut him again as he fought the guy off. The suspect eventually fled on foot.

As for possible motive, sources close to Michael say he's telling friends he feels it's someone who doesn't want him to show up at Lindsay's court hearing today. So basically ... everyone.


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Good. Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!

1465 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

LOL!!! 50s or 60s years old? So much for this clown being a tough guy. How could he not outrun an old man. The only thing he left out of the story was that a superhero with a red cape flew down and saved him. Deranged Fool.

1465 days ago


So I am guessing, he doesnt have guts to stab himself:)

neck is old news:)

1465 days ago


HILARIOUS!!!! Too bad it wasn't a deeper slice..... what a turd Lohan is.

Not gonna give anymore interviews? Right... just fake an attack instead.

What poetic justice that would be - a world without Michael Lohan..... peace and quiet.

I hope the cops decide to prosecute him for filing a false police report and the ambulance guys send him a big bill.....

Oh, and just in case it was a real attack , then "sorry you got hurt, Michael".......... LOL

Covering all my bases here ~

1465 days ago


No one believes you. It's sad, what lengths you will go to for attention.

1465 days ago


hey I know some pretty stout and youthful 50 to 60 years old. You can tell young people wrote this.

Why do I have a feeling he was feeling the pressure of being quiet and, well...........

1465 days ago


where's OJ???? Although the daughter left rehab last night and is known to wear hoodies...maybe the person is just upset because mike doesn;t want to talk to the press anymore, and this person would truly miss that everyday dose of the lohans on bad they didn;t go after the mother.....

1465 days ago


he knows he cant keep his promise about never speaking to media again so he set this thing up hoping everyone will forget.
what a d0uche bag. so mikey! how much did you pay the homeless guy to jump you? LMAO!

1465 days ago


First, show us the pictures of the gash on your Not next week, today.

Second, am I the only one that's thinking that Micheal himself hired the alleged attacker?

And lastly, if by chance any of this is true, not many are going to believe him because he's lied and deceived so many times. The boy who cried wolf...over and over and over.

1465 days ago


#10 - CJ - I agree with the boy who cried wolf scenario. Also, if there was "substantial bleeding", he a) would have been brought in for medical attention b) I think someone from the police dept would have made a formal statement. This acting like a victim thing just doesn't play out for him.

BTW, where is the police report? Substantial bleeding....riiiigght.

1465 days ago


Doesn't he realize nobody believes him anymore and everyone thinks he's an attention seeker-master manipulator worse than even his precious daughter is?!

I mean, the worst part is the whole thing may have actually happened (though I'm thinking PR stunt as well) and we'll never know because he cried wolf one too many times. For me to have believed this latest story, he would've had to be taken to the hospital and cut way deeper than a few scratches. It's all too convenient, when it comes to him.

The first thing that came to mind when I read the story was "Didn't this idiot say 2 days ago he wasn't gonna be talking to media?" The police may have tipped TMZ, but I'm sure little old Michael didn't discourage it or may even have mentionned it to them and gave them the number!

1465 days ago


Not sure I believe this. If it happened that's sad. But I can see him trying to get attention from Lindsay to see if she will call and see if he is Ok and/or he is sending a message to her that you never know when something could happen to him so his daughter should be nice to him. Mind games, I suspect is what is up here.

1465 days ago


I thought this douchebag was done talking to the media.

This reminds me of Fargo when Steve Buschemi is telling Peter Storemare that two can play the total silence game, yet he can't shut up";

"Two can play at this game smart guy......let's see how you like it.......just total ****in' silence."

What an attention whore.

1465 days ago

debi t    

I find it interesting that he said he would "stage/fake" an event to get him into rehab to see Lindsay, so it would not surprise me one bit if he 'staged' this whole thing. ya know, get the sympathy (ya right) and have an excuse to talk to the media, and an excuse not to be at the hearing today (besides the fact he went home 2 days ago). Whereas, I think his heart is in the right place wanting to help his daughter, his head is definitely not in the right place. The whole family is screwed up: no wonder Lindsay's a mess. Altho at her age, she should no longer be using the "it's my family's fault I'm a loser" excuse.

1465 days ago



1465 days ago
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