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Cain Velasquez -- Man of Few Words

10/24/2010 11:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Most UFC fighters would have been talking serious trash after taking out Brock Lesnar in the octagon -- but not freshly-minted  UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

We got the champ leaving Ecco in Hollywood after the fight, and he only did one thing -- pay homage to Lesnar.

Classy dude.

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Cain is a man of few words, that what his girlfriend thought on their first date, she did all the talking..
Michelle Borquez: MMA Cain Velasquez's Girlfriend (Photos, Video)http://sports.rightpundits.com/?p=5336

1459 days ago

I Chinee    

he looks like shrek!

1459 days ago


I think Janet is totally turned on by the beating she is taking in this thread...she has mentioned the beating several times. Could be that this is why she keeps inviting it.

1459 days ago


You guys are retarded. I can't believe I'm reading this pre-school babble.

To the retard who shouldn't even deserve to be addressed by name:

There is absolutely no way in hell these fights are fake. And maybe... just maybe, you'd educate yourself enough to know how hard these fighters train before a fight and how badly beaten they can be in a fight. Broken bones, fractured skulls, messed up eye orbitals, this is all a common occurance in the UFC. And it's faked? C'mon.

And to the other conspiracy theorist speaking about how "coincendetal" it is for the UFC to hold a "rally" for Cain.. HELLO, everybody that knows about fighting and the UFC knew Cain had a legit chance of de-throning the champ. UFC markets their fights, you know, the same way the NBA or NFL markets their players-- What the hell is wrong with that? What's wrong with marketing a guy that had a chance of beating Lesnar?

And as you can see... they were right in doing so. The guy is an absolute beast, and I don't see why the UFC is wrong in marketing towards their latino crowd, wouldn't you?

If you're going to respond to this.. plz make sure you change your diaper first. Thanks.

1459 days ago


janet u r way wrong!! i'm glad someone put brock lesner in his place!!

1459 days ago


he won no conspiracy just hard work he won get over it

1459 days ago

northern gypsy    

yes...i've watched some matches where my only reaction was ...what???
so i can understand how some people may feel it's a set-up...
but...this fight was the real deal...the best man won...congrats C.V.

1459 days ago


HA HA BROCK, I wonder did you drink a Corona and eat a burrito? You ate burrito alright................

1459 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Did you see the tattoos on this guy?

Some of those are more than a little racist.

"Brown Pride" is a vicious California Street Gang.

1459 days ago


The UFC has a new heavyweight champion, as Cain Velasquez brutalized Brock Lesnar to win a "first-round technical knockout" Saturday at UFC 121.

Again, still fake and everyone knows who is going to win, Got to practice making it look good for the money paying fans.

Still my simple statement.

1459 days ago


Brock Wins against cain RIOTS IN LOS ANGELS CA. This was SO STAGED. Brock has fought men 3 times HIS Size. WWE, Played in the NFL. Please People. This is just so hilarious and STAGED. Because mexcico is a failed state run by Mexican Drug Cartels that will be invaded by Abrahms M1A Tanks, Hell fire mounted helicopters and a few thousand Drones in a few short years.

1459 days ago


Cain what warrior would have won in a WAR/Battle a German SS Soldier in a Tiger Tank or an Aztec throwing a stick or stone at the Tank as it landed on the east coast of mexico form 1930-1950. Also Cain what warrior would have won a WAR/Battle a Mechanized (Tanks, Zero Airplane, ETC)Japanese Soldier from WW2 or a Mayan warrior throwing a stick or stone at the Japs as they invaded WEST Coast of MEXICO, SOUTH AMERICA around Dec 7, 1941.

1459 days ago


Will you accept another rematch challenge from Brock for your next fight since the Mexican Drug Cartels threatened Brocks family to either throw the match with you or they will behead Brocks family. Brock needs time to safe guard his family with the U. S. Military and then he will meet you at Camp Pendleton Ca. under security for a fair fight.

1459 days ago


Cain Do you think if Brock had not thrown the fight and KNOCKED YOU OUT would there, actually let me rephrase that HOW BIG OF A RIOT would their have been by latinos/hispanics and mexicans.

1459 days ago


Questions asked by LOPEZ TONIGHT. "Do you think you can get the Mexican Drug Cartel to throw the next fight for you like the Brock one by threatening their families with beheadings?

1459 days ago
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