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The Quaids' Arrest Could Mean Death for Doggie

10/26/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There was a third Quaid in the car when Evi and Randy were arrested in Canada last week ... their beloved pooch Doji ... and TMZ has learned he could pay for his master's sins ... with his life.

Quaids arrested.

While Evi and Randy are still "in detention" after being nabbed on an active arrest warrant ... we've learned Doji has been placed in an animal shelter in Vancouver for the time being.

But Doji's days could be numbered -- because according to Vancouver law, any dog that has been impounded for more than 72 hours becomes city property ... and the pound keeper is then given the authority to "destroy, or sell by auction or private sale, an impounded dog."

We spoke to someone at Animal Control in Vancouver who told us they "make every effort to not put the dogs to sleep" ... and generally try to find the animals a home through adoption.

Still, look at this face (the one on the left) ... someone better act fast.


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Moo Shoo

1461 days ago


If they publicize this in Vancouver someone will adopt him. Considering how crazy his owners are now, that will probably be a blessing.

1461 days ago


The only one of them worth saving....

1461 days ago


Greetings from Vancouver! The dog was adopted this evening and will be dinner in the Richmond by 7:30. Wok out with your **** out! MMMMMMMMmmmmm!

1461 days ago


The article implies (wrongly) that we here in Canada love sending puppies to the gas chamber. Incorrect. We actually have pretty big hearts.

Just 'cause it's written in law, doesn't mean that we're watching the clock with our hands on the switch!

1461 days ago


Well, the sh*t's gonna hit the fan if Evi finds this out... she went berserk the last time they arrested her. The cops called animal control and they took the dog away. Evi kept screaming "they're going to kill my dog"... I think that was one reason she was resisting arrest. That, and she's bat**** crazy......

If they get extradited back to the states for the outstanding warrant, I wonder if they will be able to bring back the dog with them. I doubt it.

Too bad for the dog. Hopefully, someone will be able to adopt it instead of them putting it to sleep. Of course, then the adoptive family will be targeted by Evi the Crazy.......

These two should just be committed.

1461 days ago


Isn't Cesar Millan in Canada right now? Maybe he can get the dog. Shame on those two fools owners for putting their pet's life in jeopardy.

1461 days ago


I, or someone I know will adopt the dog!!!

1461 days ago


If someone does adopt the dog I would hope they would keep it very quite. I wouldn't want either one of these freaks showing up at my doorstep demanding their dog back.

1461 days ago


Trust me I have worked in the Canadian Animal Services system for 30 years and this dog will NOT be put down if he isn't terminally ill (even still there is foster that will take him) or insanely aggressive beyond rehabilitation. Thanks for making us look like a slaughter house TMZ! We work so hard and you destroy that in one simple piece.

1461 days ago


Randy would be whole lot better off if they would lock him up for a bit, get him some help to show him his wife is beyond nuts. He seems to have somewhat of his faculties left..her not so much and she seems to be the ring leader with the ring through Randy's nose. Someone please adopt the dog and not for some damn wok.

1461 days ago


Doja??? What happened to Snot Eddie???

1461 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

NOOOOO! I'll take Doja. How do I get her TMZ?

1461 days ago


Gun laws in Canada are strict. Unfortunately we cannot just take animals out back and shoot them so we have to do it humanely.

Dogs taste like crap. Cats are the bees knees. I would like to try a Bieber though, I hear they are tender.

1461 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

SO of these posts are SICK. What the hell is the matter with you--you know who you are! Sick Bast*rds.

1461 days ago
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