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'Talent' Victim's Family Suspicious of Husband

10/27/2010 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Finley's "I didn't kill my wife" defense isn't flying with the victim's family -- TMZ has learned the "America's Got Talent" contestant's in-laws now suspect Joe was involved in the "murder" of Laura Finley.

One of Laura's close relatives tells us ... many family members believe Joe's "whole story is BS" ... adding, "There are too many gaping holes in his story for it to be true.”

As we previously reported, Joe told police Laura left their L.A. hotel room around 3:00 AM Saturday morning to get ice ... and never returned. Laura's body was found in a stairwell at the hotel around 8:00 AM ... while Joe was auditioning for "AGT," apparently unaware of his wife's fate.

The relative goes on to say, “The family knows Laura was murdered and that Joe was the last to see her. They're having a hard time believing that he went so long under those circumstances without being concerned about her whereabouts”

As for a motive -- we're told many family members say Laura had threatened to leave Joe after a pretty heated argument a few months before her death. They're also upset that Joe waited until Monday night to contact Laura's family.

Laura's family is so "disgusted" with the situation, they plan on holding their own "separate" memorial for her in the near future ... without Joe.



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10 /Finley says police interviewed him again after the audition and that's when he fessed up about taking ecstasy and that he had three more pills in his possession.

Either he forgot, or he is dumb as a rock.

1457 days ago


After several hours of questioning, Finley says police allowed him to go to his audition ... which he did -- even though he admits he thought his wife was dead.

Perhaps his mind was too focused on AGT, not that him and his wife were doing illegal drugs...most people wouldn't be able to perform once they found out their wife was dead. Most people being all people.

1457 days ago


It's 3:00 AM - they are both in bed according to him, she gets up to get ice??? There's no party going on in the room. Why would she get ice? Did he abuse her that night before the murder? Women - do not ever get murdered in LA!! Your surviving family will not find justice there! My thoughts and prayers go to her family.

1457 days ago

Apres Ski    

Why do I get the feeling he made his wife a "blood sacrifice" in order for him to become famous??? He wouldn't be the first one to do this. But he wants to be famous & now he is . . . on the Dark Side of fame!

Sad . . .

1457 days ago


why is she holding up her hands like that? she looks like an idiot

1457 days ago

Apres Ski    

I know he did it, but can he keep his story straight long enough to stay out of jail??? We'll see . . .

1457 days ago


I agree that his story has a lot of holes, which is why I believe him. If he had planned to kill his wife, he'd have all his bases covered. Of course, he might not have planned it and it was just a heat of the moment. If so, I wonder how got her to take the stairs instead of the elvator, so he could push her? Does anyone know if the hotel has surveillance? If so, it'd be very easy to know if she left alone at 3am and never came back. If not, then they can't tell if he's telling the truth or not and it's a moot point. Are they going to do a toxicology? I would think since he sais they took some ectasy. If they find that in her blood, she was tripping and logic in her actions (taking the stairs insteda of the elevator) can't be found.

1457 days ago


He reminds me of the guy from "Rascal Flatts"
Why was she getting ice at 3:00 am?? drugs!!!!

1457 days ago

Brennan Dylan    

What if the guy is innocent? He sure doesn't look like Baby Face Nelson. Funny thing.... if a dog rips someone's face off the masses pour out in droves to save the "poor dog" from the chamber. Give the guy a break. Maybe he wanted to help his daughter with her career before telling her the sad news, so they auditioned for America's Got Talent. He'll be performing on the same stage as I am at the 20th Annual LA Music Awards. Should he cancel that date? I hope not. I doubt his wife would want him to.

Brennan Dylan

1457 days ago


My Mom works at the Biltmore hotel and her friend that works with her told my mom that Laura and Joe were having a heated argument about money and other things were said. She said they were extremely loud the room and she could hear them arguing while she was working outside in the hall.

1455 days ago

betty carroll    


1451 days ago


#27 you and your mom need a doctor every moment in thier room is typed and time stamped when the go to bed. It is adorable with love and kisses and laughter. They have no money problems, the are well off . Your mom and yourself should see a doctor and get help you are way off base on this case.

1449 days ago

betty carroll    

People get thirsty in the middle of the night. They get a drink of water and put ice in it. You are idiots!!!!!!!!!!!
Nothing unuasal about going to a ice machine at a hotel. That is what ice machines are there for. It is not like she could go to her kitchen and get a drink of water. When you learn all the evidence that was on her body you will undertand why she could not have fallen eight floors. She was strangled and placed there or fell. Give the man a break. He just lost his wife, kids just lost there mom, and a mother lost a daughter in law she cared about. you are all pigs..............

1435 days ago

betty carroll    

angel, your an idiot. You know nothing. You know less then nothing. You are the kind of people we need less of in the world. You will have to face god one day and I hope Joe is there to deposite you in hell. You will fall a lot furter the 11 floor and it will be realllllll hot. I will be there to just to laugh.

1429 days ago

timothy collins chace    

Oh my.. we have a lady betty carol who really likes to call people(us)TMZ fans some real collorful words,I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU.your probably lonely,about 58 to 63 years old.COMMON BE A NICE GRANDMA,take a little more meds,and chill.HOW ABOUT A HHUUGG...FEEL THE LOVE.Timothy Collins Chace SF CA.

1426 days ago
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