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Quaids' Dog -- Saved From Puppy Pokey

10/28/2010 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The great news is Randy and Evi Quaid's innocent victim -- their dog Doji -- was spared from a potentially fatal stay at a Canadian dog shelter ... the less great news is Randy and Evi picked him up.


The seemingly always-on-the-run Quaids were reunited with Doji when they freed him, legally, from the shelter in Vancouver -- right after they themselves were released from an immigration holding facility.

As we first reported, Doji had been locked up at the shelter -- where he could have been put to sleep -- ever since last week when his owners got busted on an outstanding warrant for a felony burglary arrest in Santa Barbara.

No word if Doji's retained legal representation, but we're guessing counselor's advice would be, "Run!"


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mary whelan    

Why are we wasting our time with Randy Quaid and his wife? Why don't we send them back to the U.S.A,to face justice. They know Canada is a soft touch, that's why they're here. How come they didn't go to Russia or China? They would be sent packing,PRONTO. I have sympathy for ONE of them...DOJI.

1338 days ago

the muckracker zone    

The Quaids are being smeared. They're telling the truth. Most of the public are brainwashed and being manipulated by the media, right on this very site. Whenever the press, online posters go out of their way to smear a couple who hasn't been in trouble, guess what, it's a S M E A R. The media manipulates you into what to think. It's funny that you are being told what to think because you are brainwashed. Even on this site that dumbs down the public.

Trying having an independent thought and ask yourself, "why is the media going after Randy Quaid?" How about watching the press conference Randy Quaid gave, then ask yourself, "why is the media trying to smear Randy Quaid"? Why did Dennis' babies almost die? You think gangsters don't exist in Hollywood?

Think again. The Quaids are telling the truth and this media ridicule is nothing more than a ploy to get at the $$$$$.

1338 days ago

the muckracker zone    

Oh and by the way the word "smear" comes from "schmeer", which is YIDDISH.

"From Yiddish schmirn (to smear, grease, or flatter), from Middle High German smiren. Earliest recorded use: 1958.

Literally speaking, to schmeer is to smear, cream cheese on a bagel, for example. The term is also used in many metaphorical senses: to flatter or bribe someone. Many languages have similar terms. In English we have: "to grease someone's palm" (to bribe) and "to butter someone up" (to flatter). There's another metaphorical sense in English that makes use of schmeer's cousin, smear, as in "to smear someone's reputation".

look up wordsmith

People, you are being fooled. Wake up! TMZ and these media outlets make $$$$ off scandal because during the golden age of Hollywood, the studios and production companies spent too much $$$$ covering up stars scandals. Now said companies make $$$$$ off star scandals.

LMAO!! You people are being brainwashed and sheep. You keep these b.o.t.t.o.m.f.e.e.d.e.r.s in business. And by the way, The Muckracker Zone is run by lawyers like Harvey, who knows Yiddish very well.

1338 days ago
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