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Pam Anderson

25,000 Reasons to Get Naked

10/28/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Pam Anderson nude photo shoot doesn't come cheap -- TMZ has learned Playboy offered Pam a cool $25,000 for her upcoming pictorial ... and she's turning every penny over to charity.

Pam Anderson naked.
In fact, Pam never even accepted the check -- she had Playboy send the cash directly to Waves 4 Water ... a charity that distributes water filters to people who don't have access to clean drinking water.

Anderson tells us, "Waves 4 water are my heroes. They get things done ... and yes, Playboy wrote them a check when I shot the cover (Jan. 2011 issue) directly for 25Gs."

Pam adds, "I've also donated personally. I wish I could do more.  Indonesia, Haiti and Pakistan are all in need of these filters. Spread the word!"


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Who wants to see this old bag naked again???? She is reaching Anna Nicole Smith proportions and the reality is we do not care anymore, if we ever did. She should try to become the newest idiot on "The View" as that fits her perfectly.

1399 days ago


She may have big plastic boobs but she has an even bigger real heart.

1399 days ago


She is broke! Everyone knows, I don't believe the charity thing.

1399 days ago


The water filter charity sounds like a great idea - simple but extremely effective. So much disease is due to lack of access to clean water. Plenty of low-income people in such countries drink soda as a way to get clean water, which of course rots teeth... causing other problems down the road.

As far as keeping charity at home is concerned - the clean water problem is not so acute in the United States, except when there is a disaster like flooding. But then there are nearby communities that can ship in clean water for the duration (and they do just that). We have the infrastructure to provide reasonably good water from the tap (although the stuff added to disinfect makes me gag, so I do drink filtered myself). Many other countries don't have that infrastructure yet. And if human kindness won't motivate you (the need for water is pretty basic) - consider that it's always in our best interest to have comfortable neighbors for some pretty obvious reasons.

If you're worried that they need birth control instead - our experience here in the US and also experience elsewhere has been that reducing poverty quite naturally decreases the birth rate. People without resources are much more likely to have large families for many reasons: frequent death of infants and children, need for children as family workers and as insurance in old age, inability of women to deal effectively with doofus men who just have to have it when they want it, much better access to a variety of birth control methods, greater expectations of what they need to provide to their children (college educations are a recent expectation for the non-rich, for instance), etc. But as people become economically more comfortable, they seem to relax about it and limit their family sizes. Except for some anomalies like the Duggars who really do want to outbreed the rest of us heathens...

1399 days ago


To see Pamela Anderson totally in the nude on purpose is my all-time #1 favorite way to see Pamela Anderson. From George William Gockel

1399 days ago


Aren't any 18y/o's available?

1399 days ago


I'll just have to spank the monkey one more time, that's all

1399 days ago


Of course she never accepted a check. If they gave her the money she'd have to pay taxes on it. This way all the money goes to the charity and she has no tax liability.

1399 days ago


What the **** have any of you done for this country or any other for that matter? Say what you want about her being washed-up or unattractive, but at least she did something, which is probably more than most of your sorry asses.

1399 days ago


Lol at some of these comments.

"You should be applauding her for doing this"

Maybe if she was doing Relay for Life to raise money I'd applaud her, but she's had more scalpels on her skin than the entire cast of any Real Housewives show. I was never a big fan of the Pam Anderson fake barbie look anyway. She looked much better before she got uber famous.

Another thing, she can pose naked all she wants(thank goodness for photoshop right?) but if people don't want to see her naked anymore, what's the point? Playboy only offered her 25k. That should speak volumes.

Finally, publicity much?

1399 days ago


There must be some screw loose in her mind.

1398 days ago

white tiger    

A beautiful woman with a loving heart and no sense of modesty.

1394 days ago


shes always been hot,just turning the corner.never told me she was truly a quality babe,her video of that s***bag drug addicts meat in her mouth said it all for me thats real class ass???

1394 days ago


Pam is a product of Canada. Why should she donate her money to the US?

1392 days ago


Now that she has decided to participate in the Indian version of big brother (bigg boss) and that too for a whooping fee, will she be donating that too????

1383 days ago
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