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'Sister Wives'

Not Backing Down

from Season 2

10/29/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're still in the middle of a criminal investigation -- but the polygamist family featured on "Sister Wives" has officially agreed to do another season of their TLC reality show.

The Kody family -- 21 members strong -- drew the eye of Utah officials right after their show debuted earlier this year. Authorities completed an investigation and turned the case over to the County Attorney ... who will ultimately decide whether or not to prosecute the family for bigamy. 

Season 2 is set to debut in March -- no word if the family will address the investigation on the show.


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I don't care what anyone does... But this guy is a deusch bag.... He did the show to be famous, him and his nasty hair. If he truly cared for his family he would have never put them in the spot lite like this. Hope he is happy with his 15 minutes of fame.

1320 days ago


I am like some of the other ones on here i like the show but it is very weird NO where in the bible does it say man takes a wife and a wife and a wife and a wife.It says a man takes A wife meaning 1 wife. I think Cody is nothing to look at and them women are all stupid.

1316 days ago


I love this show! I just watched to see what it was about and got hooked. women who can get along with other women that's what I love most. Too many women get into compete mode and can't get along. These women have got it going on, and I give Kody credit, because of the love it works!! Keep it up and I will keep watching. Love this show!!

1313 days ago


First of all if you don't like it turn it off!! As far as the size of a person what difference should that make. The children are good kids and seem to know the meaning of respect and that is hard to find these days. The sisters do the job of running the house, they don't ask you or I for anything so how bad can they be?? As far as Mr white trash himself look in the mirror
it takes one to know one!!!
I bet you they live better then you Mr. white trash!!!
Leave the family alone they are not hurting any of us.

1291 days ago


First I will start with saying SORRY. I never really got why anyone would want to share their husband, but I really love learning about your family, you show such love and enjoyment. I do wish all poligamy families was like your family but they are not that is the problem, the ones we see in the news are men marring children, not loving their children, like you do.
I do not understand why our Government is so willing to accept and make it legal for Sexual Pervert/Freaks with the desire of same sex, and yet not allow your family to be left alone, you have not worldly married all of your wifes, so there really is no law being broke. If your family gets prosecuted any man that has children with more then one woman she be arrested, other then you being responsible and taking care of your family there is no difference. I never would have ever believed I could say this about a poligamy family but here I go ” God bless you as much as you and your sister wives have blessed me”

1269 days ago


I think they are a wonderful family I like all the wives.I think they should be left alone.We have no right to judge.everyone has something in their family.If you dont then you are not from this planet.

1264 days ago

Barb Dameron    

I thought that in America we have the inalienable right to practice our religion? And what does it mean "separation of church and state", if the state you live in can actually prosecute a family for following the tenets of their own personal religion? What people do in their owabusees according to their own religion is their business. . . yes, step in if someone is being abused or mistreated (especially children), but these people aren't trying to force their beliefs on anyone else or even saying everyone else is wrong for NOT practising polygamy. . . the state of Utah needs to back down, and focus on catching rapists and murderers and pedophiles who ARE causing injury to society!!!

1250 days ago


I like this show. I'm not condoning this type of lifestyle but I really like this family. I hope it comes back in the fall of 2011.

1187 days ago

kim m    

i didnt know what to expect when i firs*****ched the show. but i can truly say i envy their closeness and love they share for one another. their family functions better that most of the one man one woman families i know! i miss the show and i wish them luck with their law suit!

1179 days ago


I think as long as there happy who are any of you to judge? I mean honestly have any of you met god? Who the f$&k cares what any of you think about their sex lives and or religion at least they are content and stand firm to their beliefs It's a proven fact people who practice polygamy live almost ten years longer then people who prefer monogamous relationships.Not saying either one is right or wrong but at one point being an American meant doing what was right for you personally and freely. All this self righteous bs is pathetic you're no better than any other person out there. Everyone wants to tell people how wrong they are but would never publicly speak of their supposed
flaws.I just want to congratulate everyone on this how for being who they are despite anyone else's comments and or beliefs.

1116 days ago


stupid people for a stupid show. i just dont understand why he is even so proud of it! id understand if he accidentally fell in love with just one of her wife's sisters but falling in love with ALL of them i just... uh... he might as well marry his kids too!

1110 days ago

True Lady    

What is wrong with these women? Christine is really arrogant.

1088 days ago
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