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Brooke on Charlie:

'We're Separated'

10/30/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller casually dropped a little nugget of information when asked about Charlie Sheen's hotel antics -- the couple is separated.

Brooke told a photog yesterday the pair doesn't live together anymore and when asked whether or not she was worried about Charlie cheating on her, she responded, "Charlie can do whatever he wants ... I'm just saying, Charlie's not cheating on me. We're separated."

As we reported back in June, Charlie and Brooke drew up documents laying out who gets what in the event they get divorced.

Might be time to pull those papers out of a drawer.


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This woman is not too bright. First of all, she married Sheen knowing all the baggage he had with his ex-wife. Taking his side was a dumb move. Then now she is breaking news to the paparrazzi. If she and Sheen are separated, have your publicist or lawyer issue a statement awhile back. Don't wait til he bangs every hooker in the country then annouce it to the paparrazzi.

1452 days ago


I think it is quite obviouis they were separated...she is looking pretty good

1452 days ago


Does this crazy lady even have a case? Does she not know that she was there as a prostitue?.....Either she is a complete idiot or she must not know that prostitution is illegal in New York.....and plenty of other places. I'm going to go with IDIOT! I guess she is a porn star. She's used to getting paid for sex. Is her whole case going to be "Well you honor, I met Charlie Sheen and he asked me to spend the night with him. He promised me $12,000 for a night of crazy sex.....he hung me from the chandelier and everything...."? I'm going to boycott Charlie Sheen if there's any kind of settlement. Maybe someone should tell him to go to Reno for hooker's from now on.

1452 days ago


i just assumed they split since they are living seperate lives and have not been together.

1452 days ago


Brook's gonna be real nice and not say anything bad about Charlie as she hopes to score $50,000 to $60...,000 a month off him in support after the divorce for the next 18 years.

1452 days ago


The ex is an addict! Ugly one at that...

1452 days ago


Is TMZ serious? Where's the news here? Charlie Sheen and his wife live in separate homes, and earlier this year it was reported that she rented a house in Colorado where she lived with the kids while he lived in California.

1452 days ago


oh my God..check the window behind the same woman from the Charlie chaplin 1928 movie holding a cell phone...TMZ you are hunted....Hallowen craps me up.

1452 days ago

Christina G.    

Duh? Do you not read your own articles? You announced their separation months ago.

1452 days ago

She is a cool lady. Not a whore like the others -- literally.

1452 days ago


Charlie is an idiot! He continues to make a fool of himself and of course gets the publicity! He's a loser.

1452 days ago


Here is yet another sheet bag woman in Charlie's life. Last December she was drunk and high on coke accusing him of holding a knife on her throat. She married him, produced two FAST babies and within a few months dumped all over him. As yourself what kind of mother is drunk Christmas morning with two babies in the next room. Brooke has a huge drug and alcohol prob herself but she entrapped Charlie to garner a life long payday. That's crystal clear here. Just like douche sucking Denise did.

1452 days ago


Police report said this lady was over the legal limit when she called 911 one year ago with her two babies in the next room. She's a coke head who attended rehab TWICE this year and an alcoholic. Oh yeah, ain't she just so believable and grand.....NOT.

1452 days ago

Gordon Gekko    

Marriage is for the wimps :p

1452 days ago


Brooke has always only been concerned about competing with Denise. She is now dealing with what she created on her own. Step up and keep Charlie away from your boys. Oh NO you won't do that becasue you just want more money than Denise. All 4 children should be taken away until a Judge can prove that are not exposed to drugs and Charlie. Brooke and Denise are enablers.

1452 days ago
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