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'Sister Wives' Halloween

Braving the Elements

10/31/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even polygamists enjoy a little Halloween action -- and TMZ has learned the entire crew from "Sister Wives" are getting in on the devilish festivities ... 21 costumes in all.

We're told the Brown family will be hitting up a costume party on Sunday -- and the four wives will be dressed up like earth (Janelle), air (Christine), fire (Meri) and water (Robyn).

As for fifteen of their sixteen kids (it's hard to keep up with them all) -- we're told they'll be disguised as two vampires, one hippie, two nerds, one goth fairy, one regular fairy, one zombie, an M&M, Cleopatra, a gangster, an angel, a mobster, a "Twilight" vampire, and one "ugly mask."

And last but not least -- we're told Kody has yet to make up his mind about an outfit ... which probably explains why he has FOUR WIVES.


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They should all dress as demons as they are all going to Hell.

1452 days ago


Why is TMZ making this sound cute and normal. It's illegal and clearly unacceptable in society. I'm stunned this is here let alone with the cute and fluffy slant on it.

1452 days ago


They know they are dishonoring normal Christianity. Perhaps this bunch should consider Islam as they are real big on plural nasty.

1452 days ago


I'm wondering why TLC picked this trash up for a second season. They've sealed their fate with me. I won't watch that channel ever again. Few things in life disgust me like this does. Give me 10 minutes with this man and I guaranty he won't produce anymore children into this life. It's the kids I really worry about. What a grim view they will have of women and their role in society. As for the so called wives, classic cases of low self esteem. They can rot for all I care.

1452 days ago

Ivana Tinkle    

Yea, they're going out for Halloween as as a douche and four ugly idiots all in matching mormon costumes; non-sinful brown over magic underwear.

1452 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Oh SHADDUP! If its not for you then don't do it. Unlike a startling number of "regular" American families, at least this one is still together. If you are so sure they are going to hell, why are you evening worrying about them?

1452 days ago

Raleigh Worsham    

If two guys and two girls can get married, this is surely next, after all having more than one wife was accepted in earlier centuries. It's not for me but you have got to be fair. I wonder what the Supreme Court will decide when it ends up there? I can assure you that the "progressive elites" will be jumping for joy. Be careful who you vote for in the upcoming election.

1452 days ago


Sister wives, who'd you rather?

1452 days ago


These women are not far about being ladies of the evening...all trash

1452 days ago


With their powers combined... he is CAPTAIN PLANET

1452 days ago

South Beach    

Think the network found this bunch standing on the side of the road? More likely they sent in a tape like everyone else, and unlike most, they hit the "jackpot", if you will.

I doubt he's "legally" married to any of them, which anymore doesn't really matter unless one is trying to get SS benefits. The whole "We're looking into it" babble by LEO's is just that, and someone could have gotten paid off to say that much to make better buzz..who knows...

There are very few who wouldn't the the money and run with it for as long as they could. Where's there's a market, there's a dollar to be made. Supply and demand, it's the American way!

1452 days ago


I actually got suckered into watching this. It's like watching an eternal train wreck. I'm curious, tho. What does HE do? I mean besides the obvious - where does he work? They've never said. They have a huge $400,000+ house for all of them and I know the wives work but just what does HE do besides sire kids?

1452 days ago


I believe in live and let live, but these people are repulsive. I don't want to see or hear of them. The women are stupid. He's not even cute.

1452 days ago


I don't think the adults need to really dress up. Their story is scary enough.

1452 days ago


OMG give me a break! No Mormon in history has ever celebrated Halloween. This is about as realistic as "The Coneheads"

1452 days ago
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