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Oksana: Mel's Dad Is a Danger to Lucia

11/1/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone gets embarrassed when their parents go off their rocker -- but the rantings of Mel Gibson's father could create problems in his custody case ... at least that's what Oksana's lawyers want.

Sources tell TMZ ... during Mel's deposition today, lawyers for Oksana Grigorieva will dredge up statements made by Hutton Gibson during an interview back in August.

Among the pearls of wisdom from Hutton: "Half of the people there in the Vatican are queer." He also said he thought Pope Benedict XVI is a homosexual.

We're told Oksana's lawyers plan to paint a picture ... Lucia is at risk if she's around Mel's kooky dad.


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This is A PR BALLOON. And it should fall hard and fast IMO.

If grandparents are going on the radar MAMAG is first in line -- and PapaG/C needs to STEP OUT FROM behind the curtain.doesn't he?

At least Mel Gibson's dad is a KNOWN entity -

WHAT's UP with all of the VERSIONS of who Oksana AND her parents are?

1452 days ago


BTW- how does TMZ know SO MUCH before the depo even begins about Oskana's side questions?

This is NOT criminal court. I hope Judge Gordon is paying attention to this.

1452 days ago

Your Aunt Bea    

A part of me just wants to see this awful hag some to a horrible grief. It makes me feel a little dirty, but I guess I can have a shower. The part that surprises me (and I know by now that it shouldn't) is that
oksana can get lower than a snakes belly could ever contemplate.

As for Gibson senior being a danger? Line up the 40 or so grand kids he has and ask them. In fact, I think that now that she has said this, she should back it up by getting all grandchildren and great grand children to speak with the judge... at her expense. Oksana will no doubt say that all Gibson's are liars anyway...

1452 days ago


Like Father..Like Son..

1452 days ago


No Judge in the world is going to let her get away with this crap.

1452 days ago

This is sad    

By listening to this I think Mel's father is just old and possibly could have slight dementia, etc... He does not sound dangerous at all.....this is sad

1452 days ago


I like Mels Dad..He tells the truth

1452 days ago

Patrick Henry    

I thought Mels' dad lived in Spring Texas? It least that's where there press found him during that whole fiasco surrounding the Passion of Christ and the DUI. Having a few hours visit with grandpa isn't going to hurt the child. Be different if grandpa were going to raise the child.

Okasana is a vindictive B.When is she going to leae Robyn, Mel's kids, friends and family alone.

1451 days ago

Patrick Henry    

TMZ seems to be fairly racist themselves. People have a right to their opinions. More thought police garbage .


Well well well Harvey/TMZ took this opportunity to put Hutton Gibson's words out there again. How convenient! I'll put it nicely, I'm disgusted with TMZ!!!

Posted at 12:18 PM on Nov 1, 2010 by Muppet

1451 days ago


LOL not JUST the Vatican! I think a LARGE percentage of Christians and Catholic priests all over the world are gay child molesters and the Vatican is a safe haven for them all. If priests are caught molesting children they get sanctuary in the Vatican. Fact. Then they are sent to some third world country or where ever the news about them hasn't hit and set the molesting priest up there to have him/her continue business as usual.

1451 days ago


What a disgrace of a woman!!!How stupid and low can she get.Her zero class russian family is full of crap.Mel's father raised a wonderful son who turned out to be one of the best talented movie stars Hollywood has ever had.Oksana needs another beating and a bat in the head.If she thought Mel's family wasn't good-enough,then why did she date him in the first place or get a baby?Plus,what Mel's dad says could have some truth in it.We've all seen media filled with stories of abused alter boys in the vatican and the fact that the pope hasn't done much to rectify the situation,maybe one is right to assume that he condones it and he is part of the gay crew.Everyone is entitled to their opinion.Oksana you pathetic fool,BACK-OFF.Everyone is tired of you.

1451 days ago


Well, Mr. Hutton Gibson is a crank, to put it "nicely", for all of his reputed high intelligence, which has been co-opted or subverted by his literalist personal beliefs (fears?). Hopefully, it's not the common Human Condition, or we can ALL kiss our a.... goodbye. Didn't know about Grigorieva's mother's strange behavior, though. WHEN will all of this END?

1440 days ago


Mr. Hutton Gibson could definitely warp Lucia's mind with his beliefs, IF he were a ever-present influence in her environment. But, would he be?

1440 days ago


OMG. This is absurd. People make comments all the time. Now to take a blow at Mels father. Mel has a perfectly respectable family. I have met his brother, worked with him also for a month in a movie, with Mel and Donnell, his brother. Two fine, elegant young men. Respectful, courteous. (that Obscene woman and her lawyers, what.. all 42 of them? All of them quit on her.
Leave Mel's family out of this. The only crackpots are those Russian's !!!! Look into her parents, her mother. Holy COW ! They raised this scavenger of a thing!

1422 days ago
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