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Oksana -- Thumbs Up After Marathon Deposition

11/1/2010 10:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After a hard day of bashing Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva finally left a grueling nine-and-a-half hour deposition moments ago ... and shot a triumphant thumbs up on her way out.

As we previously reported, Oksana was writing notes and strategizing with her lawyers about how to grill Mel in their bitter custody battle ... and judging from her hand signal, she was pleased with the results.

Mel was seen exiting the offices soon after Oksana ... no hand signals from him.


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Deport this Russian EXTORTIONIST!!! Stick her thumb up her ass sideways!! we don't want you in this country you russian extortionist!!!

1458 days ago


That was it Oksana. No more Mel for you. The only way you will ever see him again
is on the big screen. Regardless of the daughter you share, because of the damage you've
done, he will always have a third party transporting Lucia. You will never see him
again. Never. Your actions have become soooo transparent, it was obvious what you
wanted by sitting in at the deposition, Mel and money. You won't get either. You are
used goods, your gig is up. You can always try selling you CD. LOL!

1458 days ago


What else is she going to do when asked, get real ...She probably didn't even comprehend what the hell was going on in the court room anyway...

1458 days ago


What the hell is she wearing? A see through blouse in court? OMG What a bubble head...

1458 days ago


All the leaks have been coming from Horowitz and Ox as apparent from their recent trash talk, now silence. Oh boy, aren't they in a pickle. Things didn't go so well in deposition or else they would be bragging, Mel's team and the Judge probably reminded them many times now? about their loose lips.

TMZ Live....careful, your bias is very apparent. Are they trying to phase the half hour daily bit out? 'Cause that sure the hell was no half hour, maybe it was a good thing because Mike was wearing on me with his rally for extorting/blackmail Queen for CA Governor. hmm, what would Violet Kowal think after Gloria ssshhed her when she needed help from Oksana and Herzog's deadly threats if they didn't join in the lies to destroy Mel? Didn't Violet even have her own recordings and Herzog, Oksana's go-to-guy, try to run Violet and her BG down with the about unsolved, gory Hollywood murders? Gloria did nothing, but ssshhh...don't tell.
TMZ is going the ROL route it seems...downhill.

1458 days ago


Cannot believe the crassness in the thumbs up signal. Anything that involves fighting over children and one parent trying to take the child away from the other is sickening. Think of the little girl!!!

1457 days ago


Looks like too much filler (botox or cotton balls) on one side of Oksana's face. One eyebrow is higher than the other. Bad day at the discount botox place? Oksana really does not look like she is happy...oh good.

1456 days ago


Leave Mel Alone, his family, his career, every and anything that Mel has a hand in, including HIS BABY GIRL, Leave them the **** ALONE I love Mel I know he has problems but who doesn't and so what if he spoke what is on his mind this is America. Most us of have raciest thoughts anyway. It's unfortunate I agree but he was recorded and if I'm not mistaken is'nt against the law to be recorded without knowing?

1456 days ago


Ms O trying to cheer herself up with the thumb gesture.

1456 days ago

richard fusilier    

This not an indictment of our assimilated Jewish citizens, its just that I wonder what caused the landslide victory of then National Socialist worker's party in Germsny and then as a result the appointment of Herr Hitler as absolute Chancellor.The same thing almost happened here, but the voters came to the rescue of their country .This is America and lets be Americans! And as far recovering? A busjness depends on customers. We, the USA should consider importation taxes on cheaply made Chinese goods and other measures that are obvious. Is O'Bama asleep, lazy or too dumb?

1456 days ago

richard fusilier     

This Bimbo is pulling her thumb out and up after sucking it for a long time. Vjvre Mel Gibson

1456 days ago


She's excited about going to visit her sister Octomom.

1455 days ago


I's O, O, O, OVER !!!

Crooked eye, busted veneer not shown in time to the right people.

When will she get it?
Maybe she did and now trying to go after Mel and his wife's money arrangement for their children.

1455 days ago
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