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The Girl

Demi Lovato Punched

11/4/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato's decision to seek treatment came after she punched a dancer who appeared on "America's Best Dance Crew" ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell TMZ ... Alex Welch was on the receiving end of Demi's blow.  Welch is a backup dancer on the Jonas Brothers Live in Concert Tour.  She was also a member of Beat Freaks, which got the runner-up title on season 3 of "America's Best Dance Crew."

We're told Welch -- who had a pretty nasty shiner from the incident -- has been talking to lawyers and is considering legal action.

Sources close to Demi say she feels "awful" about her behavior and took personal responsibility for it by leaving the tour and seeking help.



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Come on ... the girl cannot be hurt. She just sees $$$$$$
Where I come from you move on...and forget it!!!

1417 days ago


How is running off to a treatment center "showing remorse" and "taking responsibility" for her self absorbed temper tantrum? She was just advised that she could get into to trouble and/or be sued for a nice chunk of change if she did not do something. I bet she feels no remorse like the spoiled child star brat she has become.

1417 days ago



1417 days ago

I Support Demi    

I see all these comments about filing a lawsuit, but you are all forgetting one important detail... It happened in a foreign country where US courts have NO jurisdiction. And for you haters... she socked the girl either because the girl was snitching or at least talking some kind of s**t (there are so many rumors, it's hard to tell). All of the sudden she's a "Disney Whackjob" because she socked a girl? If this had happened on ANY schoolyard in America, NOTHING would be said about it. Everybody's just judging her because she's popular. And the only reason they're talking lawsuits is because she has money. Give me a break. I swear, people are so pathetically transparent.

1417 days ago


“all it takes is 1 attorney willing to go up against super disney and knock Goliath Mouse back down to the rat level it is.. due to all these flakes of talent having problems once they reach young adult life.. proves that all disney puts out is fake reality.. happy go lucky teens with coke problems.. demi was out partying with her clich tour group and got busted.. she threw a fit blaming alex and cold clocked her.. alex by all means should be seeking legal counseling as i expect disney to settle out of court.
all it takes is a good attorney with a hunger to take down a very large corp. “

Maybe in the movies but in real life? That's like fighting a tiger with a rubber band. And I'm sure she is seeking legal counseling. However any SMART lawyer would tell her to just try to settle this outside of court. A lawsuit would be bad for both parties on both ends. What happened was wrong. I admit but looking at this realistically, going up against a product of disney is pretty much a lose lose situation. If I were this Alex person, I'd move on with my life. And it seems like that's what she's doing. Plus all this over a black eye? Like I said before she has more to consider than just a wounded ego or milking this for a simple meal ticket.
Fact is this. Law suits are messy. They never tend to go your way. Especially when you're going up against the big Mouse himself. Granted the talent that Disney puts out is left to opinion, none the less these people are product. Product making them LOTS of money. And like I said that one good lawyer that decides to take up a cause? Is going up against an army of GREAT lawyers. Don't think Disney is just gonna have a few mediocre lawyers working for them. They're not stupid
Also from what it looks like now and from what Alex said herself, she isn't looking to bring the police into this. Nor is she even looking for anything else. In fact I agree with the person who says that Demi should just write her a check. She was in the wrong and if she's looking for money, give it to her. And then boom. That's it.
AS far as showing remorse is concerned...well we don't know what happened. There are reports that she apologized and what not and she wants to “take responsibility” and we'll see just how she does that. But I do agree that going to rehab can't fix THIS certain situation. It can certainly avoid future situations and...that's something. But it looks like both parties just wants to move on from this. Fact is we don't know what she feels. But since she went through this whole Bully thing going on and this anti bully thing, she can't feel that proud of herself. No one can.

1417 days ago


"I see all these comments about filing a lawsuit, but you are all forgetting one important detail... It happened in a foreign country where US courts have NO jurisdiction."

Not in a criminal case. But in terms of a civil case? THat might be a different story. Unless I'm wrong. I'm not sure what the dealio is overseas.

1417 days ago


"Come on ... the girl cannot be hurt. She just sees $$$$$$
Where I come from you move on...and forget it!!!"

No of course not. SHe's not hurt. At least not in a career ending way. She got a facial boo boo. No court in the world would award her a huge settlement for a minor bruise. Maybe a small amount of money. I mean she would get SOMETHING out of this but not anything that would go past 25k.

Also it's hard to tell what she sees right now. From her posts on face book though, it looks like she just wants to move on.

1417 days ago


This girl is no way prettier than Demi. I would guess that this chick was doing stuff to Lovato cos she knew Lovato has problems and she enjoyed busting her and making her nuts. So Lovato punched her. I am sure the whole story will come out sooner or later. The sad part about it is Lovato obviously has mental issues. Hope she gets the help she needs because in this business you need to be mentally balanced oh forget that I cannot name too many Hollywood young people who are mentally balanced.

1417 days ago


"She assaulted another person and then lied about it to get OUR sympathy."

No actually she didn't lie about it. It was already reported that there was a physical altercation...I mean come on...

1417 days ago

I Support Demi    

Not in a criminal case. But in terms of a civil case? THat might be a different story. Unless I'm wrong. I'm not sure what the dealio is overseas.

Posted at 3:10 PM on Nov 4, 2010 by JoeChief

Yeah; as far as I can tell, the US courts have no jurisdiction (civil or criminal) over something that happened in a foreign country (even if it was between two American citizens). Now, there might be a chance for legal action through the local courts over there, but really... what are the odds of that going anywhere? Demi could just say "screw you guys" and just never go back to that country. Guess the frothing at the mouth lawyers will just have to suck this one up. The lawyers would have made most of the money out of the deal anyway. Demi has class. My guess is she'll eventually end up cutting the girl an "apology" check to save a little face and be done with it. I know earlier I said the girl probably had it coming (and I stand by that statement), but there was a better way to deal with it... obviously. I'm still 100% in Demi's corner though.

1417 days ago


Why would a lawsuit be necessary? If Demi's feeling bad about it, just ask her for compensation for pain, suffering, extra makeup, and an apology and be done with it. Bother with lawyers only if the matter can't be settled amicably in private. Everything doesn't have to go through the courts.

1417 days ago


As I recall, the original story did say that the trigger was some kind of a physical fight. I assumed that spooked Demi enough to make the decision to get treatment now, because I doubt very much that it is characteristic behavior for her. It showed her that she was no longer in control of her emotions. I'm sure other people interpreted it the same way and encouraged her to get treatment.

So all this story does is give some more details about the fight - now we know somebody got a black eye. Not a lot of detail, though. But she's 18. You don't know anybody who is 18 and has lost it like this? Nobody? Really?

1417 days ago


you people need to leave my sis alone,that is a load od crap about her getting kicked off the tour.if anyone was bullied it was sis.and another thing,someone said she was drinking,THAT IS A COMPLETE LIE,SOMEONE BETTER CHECK THEIR BOGUS SCORCES BEFORE THEY SPEAD sis is the kindest,sweetest and most carinf person on this earth.YOU PEOPLE NEED TO CHECK THE PILE OUT BEFORE YOU START SHOVELING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND YES,DEMI CALLS ME HER BRO AND I CALL HER MY SIS!!!!!!!!1

1417 days ago


I hate you Demi!! Who does she think she is??
I so agree with rehab the only thing she can fall back on as an excuse?
Also..why did Demi punch her?? Did they get in a fight or something?
She's only an 18 year old celeb and already in rehab. Is it really so hard for her to stay out of trouble?

1417 days ago


Good for Demi :)
I'd would really like to see a video of that fight. For real.
& What's with this girl tryna' sue? Honestly, next time do something back!
Ah, I just love Demi and I think she's great!

1417 days ago
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