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Randy Moss -- $200K Surprise from Tennessee

11/4/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Moss just got a $200,000 bonus for being picked up by the Tennessee Titans ... courtesy of his new state government.


It all comes down to state tax -- back in Minnesota, the former Viking had to set aside 7.85% of his multi-million dollar salary to pay the state income tax.

But now that he's employed in the state of Tennessee -- where they don't have a state income tax -- multiple financial experts tell us that extra $200,000 Moss was planning to kick over to MN, could now remain in his own pocket.

Straight cash homie.

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Yo, Randy. Go ahead and kick $14,000 of that my way, so I can pay off my hospital bill....

1447 days ago


The location of his employer has nothing to do with it. It's where Moss actually lives that will determine whether he pays a state income tax or not. If he keeps his permanent residence in Minnesota, he'll still owe the state income tax there.

Your "multiple financial experts" sure are dumb.

1447 days ago


WTF? Their income state tax is only 7.5% Good Lord I am moving to Tennessee

1447 days ago


Actually it is not where he lives, it is where he WORKS/where the income is earned. If he earns the income in Tenn. then thats where he pays the taxes... Thats why Pro Athletes taxes are so involved...they have to pay to every game location.

1447 days ago


Actually, because Pro Athletes make millions, and states need the revenue, they are Taxed in every state they play in according to that state's tax laws.
For example, football players who make 8 million a yr (works out to $500,000 per game) are taxed on an income of $500,000 for the state in which that game took place. Look it up.

1447 days ago


Umm no i used to live in MS and work in TN. Tennessee has 0 state income tax I had to pay MS income tax even though i crossed the border to go to work. Has nothing to do with where you work, its where you live. I moved to TN and shopped in MS because Mississippi has a much lower sales tax and TN has not income tax. Its a problem/benefit the people around memphis deal with.

1447 days ago


It matters where you work AND where you live. I live in TN and if I work in TN, I pay NO STATE INCOME TAX! If I work in another state... I pay their state income tax... if I live in another state and work in TN, I STILL pay the other state's income tax. Sucks huh? My suggestion... live IN and work IN Tennessee!!!!

1447 days ago


"I see dumb people are" is unfortunately incorrect. It has much to go with where Moss lives AND where his Employer is. If he has a game in Tennessee and there is no income tax and he lives in Florida (I think?) then he will not have to pay income tax. Now if the game is in another state that has an income tax he may have to pay tax on that. It is where is earned AND where you live. So their "financial experts" may not be dumb.

1447 days ago


Jason, you are correct. Non-resident income tax is what they called it, and if TN had had some sort of income tax. I assume I would have found that out the hard way.

1447 days ago


What a shame Fools like this get more money and there are families that don't have enough money to feed the children or buy them clothes. You can bet that this fool will throw the money around like the fool that he is.

1447 days ago


what a shame the folks in america pay and support these folks with their money. he earned it, its the system not Randy Moss. and by the way Joey spoken like a true liberal/communist.

1447 days ago


This is America you socialist ***s . I hope Randy can take the Titans to a Super Bowl and sign a big contract with the Titans .Your just a bunch of jealous unemployed fat ass ,foodstamp taken fools .

1447 days ago


Heck yeah we have no income tax!!! We're a red state, what do you expect? We do have high sales tax, but I think that's the fairset tax of all...the more money you spend the more taxes you pay.

Welcome to Tennessee, Randy! The greatest state in the Union and the greatest football team in the NFL!

1447 days ago


Not to worry, Coach Jeff Fischer will soon show him the clubs that he and McNair and other playas hit and that extra dough will be gone quickly. The Titans are a collection of debauchery coached by an A number One look the other way enabler. Careful Randy, you might get shot down there two timing like the QB did. Jeff Fischer should be up on charges the way he "leads". At least you now are among your own kind with that Organization. Party first, Playing second. Take a few plays off as you always do, not too worry, it wont be noticed there.

1447 days ago


Randy..You're playing for the Titans now..Jeff Fisher and the team have a lot of faith in your ability where NO OTHER TEAM wanted you..Don't embrass us..Keep you nose clean and play Ball that's all us fans want from you not your Drama off the field.. Don't be a pac-man jones...Life is good in Nashville don't blow it..

1447 days ago
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