Delanie Walker G-Wagon Wrecked In Scary L.A. Crash ... NFL Star Uninjured


Scary moment for Delanie Walker ... the NFL star was involved in a car crash in L.A. last month that wrecked his G-Wagon -- but TMZ Sports has learned the tight end made it out uninjured.

We're told Walker -- a Pomona, Calif. native -- was driving through Hollywood on Sunset Blvd. on March 4 in his pricey Mercedes-Benz when someone ran into him.

Law enforcement sources tell us a driver made an illegal turn in front of the Tennessee Titans star ... slamming into Walker and doing serious damage to his expensive whip.

Walker was able to escape the accident uninjured ... but you can see in video we obtained of the aftermath -- he wasn't exactly pleased about the condition of his ride.

We're told the car is still in the shop ... but for now, it seems to have avoided being totaled.

As for the other driver ... we're told he was taken to the hospital after the crash, suffering non-life threatening injuries.

Law enforcement sources tell us Walker is in the clear over the accident ... pinning the blame on the other driver in the case.

35-year-old Delanie -- who's in the second year of a 2-year, $17 MILLION deal with Tenn. -- is nearing the end of his NFL career ... with the 2020 season possibly being his last.

If it is the end, Walker had a hell of a run ... earning 3 Pro Bowl selections and logging 36 receiving TDs in 14 years.

Titans' Mike Vrabel My Son Didn't Poop During NFL Draft ... I Can Explain!!!

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It sure LOOKED like Mike Vrabel's son was busted on the can during the NFL Draft ... but the Titans coach insists he was NOT POOPING!

Social media blew up when live NFL Draft coverage switched over to Vrabel's home, which was weird from the jump!

Was there a guy wearing a Frozone costume from "The Incredibles"? Yes.

Was there a guy with a blonde mustache and mullet-wearing Vrabel's old Pro Bowl jersey? Indeed.

Is that guy pooping in the background?! Not exactly ...

Vrabel says the alleged dumper is his son, Tyler -- but Coach is adamant he was NOT dropping a deuce with the door open!!!

Mike claims Tyler was simply sitting on a stool -- which makes sense.

Do you REALLY think the guy would do his biz with the door open with a live TV feed running inside the house? Probably not.

Still, what a weird night.

Oh, and did you see when the Titans drafted lineman Isaiah Wilson from Georgia and his mom basically physically removed his girlfriend from his lap?!?!?

Chris Johnson Stoked Over TB12-Titans Rumors ... 'I'mma Call Him!!!'


Chris Johnson says he's PUMPED about the possibility of Tom Brady bolting from New England for Tennessee ... telling TMZ Sports he's down to recruit the QB himself!!

"I might have to call him," CJ2K says. "If he wanna come, I might have to call him and say, 'Aye, we need to make this move!'"

Rumors of Tom possibly leaving the Pats for the Titans have been swirling this off-season ... especially because Brady's pal and former teammate, Mike Vrabel, coaches the team.

In fact, Vrabel and Brady were spotted FaceTiming each other just a few days ago during a college basketball game!!!

So, when we asked Chris about the possibility of Tom under center for his ex-Titans squad... he was jacked up about it!!

"Everybody knows Tom is the GOAT," Chris says. "If we can get Tom over there and play a couple years before he retires, you know I definitely wouldn't be against that."

As for what his pitch to Brady would be? Chris says it's simple ...

"It's a loving city, man. It's a great place to be. Great fan base -- the fan base is incredible. Just to be able to bring a Super Bowl there to that city, it would mean a lot. It would be something great."

Free agency begins in just two weeks ... #CANTWAIT!!!

NFL's Kenny Britt Former 1st-Round Pick ... Arrested For Weed

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Kenny Britt -- a former first-round pick of the Tennessee Titans -- was arrested Saturday after cops say they found weed in his car ... TMZ Sports has confirmed.

According to the Bayonne Police Dept. ... officers were conducting a routine traffic stop on Britt in Bayonne, N.J., when they "immediately detected a strong odor of raw marijuana" coming from his ride.

Cops say after they searched Britt's 2019 black-colored Rambler truck ... they found less than 50 grams of weed and arrested the former wide receiver.

Cops say Britt was charged with possession ... and was also hit with summonses for possession of a controlled dangerous substance in a motor vehicle and obstructing passage of other motor vehicles.

Britt was booked at the station and later released.

Britt -- who played in the NFL from 2009 to 2017 -- has had a ton of legal troubles in the past ... getting arrested several times in 2011 and 2012.

The 31-year-old caught 329 passes in his nine NFL seasons ... logging 5,137 career receiving yards. He was the 30th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Chandler Jones Don't Feed Into Tom Brady's Pic ... 'He's Not Leavin' NE!!!'


Chandler Jones says chill the hell out -- there's no puzzle to solve in Tom Brady's mysterious photo that had everyone trippin' on Thursday ... "Tom's not going anywhere!!!"

Of course, Chandler spent 4 seasons with the New England Patriots before being traded to the Cardinals in 2016 -- and he's still friendly with a bunch of guys on the team.

So, when we saw him out at the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest in Miami Thursday night, we had to know if Jones had any insight on TB12's career plans!!

"Sounds like he's about to go head out for practice or something. I wouldn't buy too much into it. Tom has some more years left in him for sure. Don't buy into that."

Jones continued ... "I don't see him playing with anyone else. I really don't. Tom's not going anywhere. I'd be surprised. We'll all be surprised but I don't think he's going anywhere."

Another person who's trying to keep Tom in Boston is Pats owner Robert Kraft who told us just last week they "plan to" have Brady back in the fold for the 2020 season.


There have been rumblings the 42-year-old QB is interested in playing for the Tennessee Titans -- since the team is stacked and Tom's close with head coach Mike Vrabel.

So, is Chandler right? Are people making a big deal out of nothing?

Stay tuned ...

Patrick Mahomes' GF Goes Bonkers After Chiefs Win ... Super Bowl Bound!!!

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That's all that was coming from Patrick Mahomes' girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, on Sunday ... 'cause the NFL superstar's lady doubled down on her new ritual of completely losing her mind in support of the Chiefs.

Kansas City held off the Tennessee Titans to lock up the AFC Championship ... and Mahomes had his biggest fan cheering him on from the VIP suites.

The yelling was well underway before kickoff ... and somehow Brittany was able to maintain her loud levels throughout the game.

Of course, Matthews is known for being outgoing at Chiefs games ... and sometimes gets on the receiving end of heckling from other fans (like at the Patriots game).


"WE'RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWLLLLLL" Matthews yelled, alongside Patrick's little bro, Jackson.

Now that her man's team is heading to Miami for Super Bowl LIV, we're sure Brittany's resting her vocal cords for a couple weeks to get ready.

Pope Francis Patrick Is My Mahomie!!! Gifted Jersey Before AFC Championship Game

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The Tennessee Titans might be in trouble this weekend ... 'cause Patrick Mahomes' jersey has made its way to The Holy One before the big AFC Championship Game!!!

It's becoming a trend for Pope Francis to receive NFL QB jerseys -- he received a custom Ravens jersey signed by Lamar Jackson back in December.

The Pontiff's collection just got a nice MVP addition ... with the bishop of the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph gifting it to him in Vatican City on Thursday.

Now, the Pope is an avid soccer fan ... but the dude might start watchin' some good ole American football now that he's got a closet full of jerseys.

We should note ... it may not be necessarily good luck for Mahomes, considering Jackson's Ravens got booted from the playoffs.

But, Pope Francis loved the gesture regardless ... and who knows, maybe he'll check out the game this weekend.

Then again, it is on Sunday ... so he's probably busy.

Chris Johnson Titans Are Super Bowl Bound After Predicting Ravens Upset


No one expected the Titans to wreck Lamar Jackson and the Ravens ... that is, no one except Chris Johnson ... and he tells TMZ Sports his old team is about to pull off ANOTHER huge upset!!

Mike Vrabel's squad came away with the 28-12 dub over Baltimore in the divisional round of the playoffs on Saturday (they were 10 point underdogs) ... one week after taking down Tom Brady and the Patriots.

CJ2K says the Titans ain't done yet, 'cause he tells us Tennessee is about to take down Patrick Mahomes and co. in the AFC Championship game and punch some tickets to Miami.

"Man, listen, the Ravens had a explosive offense as well," CJ tells us. "We went in there and we did what we had to do. We held them to 12 points. so, we gon' do the same thing this week."

CJ -- who was so pumped about the win, he made t-shirts -- jokes that he's getting so good with his predictions, he deserves a TV deal!!

"I've been right on the head. I've been predicting it every week."

Chris Johnson I'd Beat Lamar Jackson In A Race ... 'Right Now!!!'


Retired NFL superstar Chris Johnson says he's still so fast ... he could beat Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson in a race TODAY!!!

The former Tennessee Titans running back told the guys on "TMZ Sports" (airing weeknights on FS1) he has zero doubts about it too ... saying, "Yeah, I beat him right now."

It's a WILD statement from the 34-year-old ... considering nobody has been able to catch up to Lamar at all this season (the guy has 1,206 rushing yards on just 176 carries).

But, Johnson swears he's still got wheels ... remember, he told us back in March he could still get his 40-yard dash time down to a 4.2!!!


Chris Johnson Unshades TB12 Sorry I Said You Should Retire!!!


Adrenaline can make you do some crazy things ... just ask Chris Johnson -- who tells TMZ Sports he didn't mean to shade Tom Brady AT ALL after the Titans' epic win Saturday!!

"Let me get that right," Johnson told the guys on "TMZ Sports" (airing weeknights on FS1). "I was very happy for Tennessee -- you know that's my team -- but I can't even take nothing away from Tom Brady."

"He's the G.O.A.T., he's the greatest ever."

Of course, after Tennessee booted New England out of the playoffs this weekend ... CJ2K was SO hyped -- he was singing a much different tune, straight-up saying Tom needed to retire!!


But, after about 48 hours of cooling down from the big win ... Johnson told us Monday he didn't mean that at all -- and, in fact, he said Tom should keep playing FOR SURE!!

Titans Legend Chris Johnson Clowns Tom Brady After Titans Win ... 'Might As Well Retire!!!'

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"Brady might as well retire!!!"

That's Tennessee Titans legend Chris Johnson gloating his face off after his squad beat the Patriots ... with CJ2K advising TB12 to hang it up for good!

Johnson -- who spent 6 seasons with the Titans back in the day -- was a VIP guest with the team at Gillette Stadium on Saturday night. And, when the team came out with the W in the Wild Card round, Chris got right in the middle of the action!

"I told you we was gonna smack this sh*t, man," Johnson shouted after the 20 to 13 victory ... "I already knew it!"

"We told 'em we was gonna get that sh*t!!!"

The bragging and the smack talk continued outside the locker room ...

"Brady might as well retire! We done painted that sh*t!"

Watch the video, Johnson is convinced we've all seen the last of Brady on the Patriots -- and maybe forever!

For his part, 42-year-old Brady didn't sound ready to retire in his post-game press conference ... telling reporters it's "hopefully unlikely" he quits pro football for good.

"I love the Patriots. It's the greatest organization," Brady said.

"Playing for Mr. [Robert] Kraft all these years, and for Coach Belichick, there's nobody who's had a better career, I would say, than me -- just being with them. So, I'm very blessed."

"I don't know what the future looks like, so I'm not going to predict it."

NFL's Taylor Lewan Cries On Video ... Explains Positive Drug Test

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the truth

Titans star O-lineman Taylor Lewan straight-up cried on camera Wednesday ... and it's all because he says he accidentally ingested a banned substance that could lead to an NFL suspension.

Lewan -- Tennesee's 3-time Pro Bowl left tackle -- is facing a 4-game ban after the NFL says he tested positive for ostarine -- a substance that essentially works like anabolic steroids.

Lewan made a video to explain the situation ... and adamantly says that while he did NOT knowingly take the substance -- he is responsible for it getting into his body.

"I want everybody to know that I've never taken this supplement knowingly and I've never cheated the game and I never will."

Lewan says he even took a polygraph test -- which he says he passed (and promised to share later on social media) -- to prove he didn't purposely take the drug.

Taylor then began apologizing to his team, and that's when he got emotional ... breaking down in tears.

"It's just hard," Lewan says ... "I'm sorry to the Tennessee Titans and the fans that I won't be there for 4 games."

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports there's still a chance Lewan could avoid suspension pending the results of further tests ... but Taylor was still apologetic, nonetheless.

"I've never cheated myself," Taylor said, "and I never wanted you guys to feel cheated."

Titans Coach Mike Vrabel I'd Cut My Penis Off ... For Super Bowl Win

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Bussin' With The Boys

How badly does Mike Vrabel wanna win the Super Bowl?? Well ... the Tennessee Titans head coach says he's fully prepared to part ways with his Johnson in exchange for a championship!!

Okay, full disclosure -- pretty confident the dude was kidding .... but he definitely said it and now it's on the internet forever and there's nothing he can do to take it back.

So ... how'd we get here?? Vrabel was talking with his players, Pro Bowler Taylor Lewan and Will Compton, on the "Bussin' With the Boys" podcast ... when he was asked if he'd make the ultimate sacrifice and chop off his dong in exchange for his first ring as a head coach.

"Been married 20 years ... yeah, probably," Vrabel says.

Remember ... Vrabel won 3 Super Bowls with Tom Brady and the Patriots. But, in the coach's eyes, it's different because he won them as a player ... not a coach.

"You guys will be married for 20 years one day. You won’t need it."

And, how would Vrabel's wife, Jen, handle it??

"She’d be like do you want me to do it? Do you want to do it now?"

The whole exchange is incredible ... and you gotta give props to the guy for being so open throughout the interview.

Pacman Jones Gambling Arrest Video ... Cheating, Intense Showdown


Pacman Jones not only cheated at the blackjack table before his February arrest ... he also smacked the hell out of an officer's arm -- and it's all on video obtained by TMZ Sports.

As we previously reported ... the ex-NFL star was busted three months ago after he was caught "capping bets" at an Indiana casino.

You can see the video ... Jones places a bet -- and when he realizes he's won the hand -- he sneakily adds another chip.

The problem? Jones got caught ... and even though he eventually gave back the dirty money -- the situation escalated into a violent affair.

Jones clearly became irate, put his hands directly in officials' faces ... and even gave them the finger just inches from their noses!!!

That's when one officer grabbed his wrist -- and in retaliation, Pacman slapped the guy's arm!!!

Of course, Pacman was then put in cuffs ... and was eventually hit with a bevy of charges, including felony intimidation, felony battery against an officer and several misdemeanors.

We previously posted footage showing Pacman in a heated verbal confrontation with officers after he had been pulled off the casino floor.


But, Jones copped a plea deal last month ... and agreed to enter a guilty plea to one count of felony cheating at gambling and one count of misdemeanor resisting law enforcement in exchange for having the rest of the charges dropped.

Jones is now set to spend 10 days behind bars for the incident ... and will also serve a probation period that will bar him from drinking booze for a year and a half.

Chris Johnson I'm A Hall of Famer ... The Fastest NFL Player Ever Too!!!


Two things Tennessee Titans legend Chris Johnson wants you to understand about his NFL career ...

#1 -- He says he's a Hall of Famer FOR SURE.

#2 -- He says he's the fastest player EVER!!!

CJ2K's bold claims all went down Wednesday at the launch party for his supplement company in Nashville ... when he told TMZ Sports straight-up, "I think I'm a Hall of Famer" and "I'm the fastest guy that ever played in the NFL."

There ain't much debate about Johnson's speed ... the guy held the Combine record for YEARS with a 4.24 40-yard dash.

But, as for the HOF debate??? That might not be as clear-cut ... Johnson finished his career with less than 10,000 rushing yards and just 55 TDs -- numbers that haven't always gotten guys in.

But, Johnson tells us, "Hopefully they do the right thing. And we'll see what happens."

By the way ... Johnson knows Bengals stud John Ross technically owns his Combine record for the 40-yard dash now, but ya gotta hear why he doesn't respect that number.

Oh, and CJ2K also told us what he'd run if he lined up for another 40-yard sprint today ... and, spoiler alert, it's still REALLY freakin' fast!!!

Vince Young Arrested for Drunk Driving ... Again


3:30 PM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained the mug shot from Young's DWI arrest.

Vince Young was arrested for DWI in Texas on Monday morning ... TMZ Sports has learned.

According to police records, the 35-year-old ex-NFL quarterback was busted in Fort Bend County.

One source familiar with the case tells us Young was pulled over around 4 AM. Records show he was booked into Fort Bend County Jail but posted bond and was released.

We've reached out to Young's camp for comment -- so far, no word back.

It's not the first time Young has been busted for drunk driving -- back in 2016, the former University of Texas star was arrested for DUI after cops say he was driving dangerously in Austin.

Young pled no contest in his 2016 case and was sentenced to 18 months probation. He later apologized to his fans and said he "understood the seriousness of the situation."

TMZ Sports obtained the police footage from the 2016 arrest which shows Young refusing the field sobriety tests and getting frustrated with arresting officers ... at one point saying, "Are we going to jail or not?"


Young was selected by the Tennessee Titans with the 3rd overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft and went on to win the NFL's Rookie of the Year award. He was a 2-time Pro Bowl selection and last played with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011.

Originally Published -- 1:52 PM PT

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