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'Storm Chasers' Star Committed Suicide

11/4/2010 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Storm Chasers" just revealed one of its stars, Matt Hughes, died earlier this year -- and TMZ has learned his death was a suicide -- the result of a hanging.

Matt Hughes Storm Chaser death
At the end of last night's episode of the Discovery reality show viewers were told Hughes died in May due to complications from a fatal injury at his home in Kansas.

TMZ confirmed with Valley Center PD ... on May 14 they responded to a suicide call at Hughes' home.  According to the police report, officers concluded Matt, who was still breathing, was drinking before the suicide attempt.

We're told Matt was taken to a local hospital -- but passed away 13 days later.  The Medical Examiner's report lists "Hanging" as the cause of death.

110510_storm_chasers_tmz_tv2Last night's episode was dedicated to Matt -- and we're told Discovery has set up a memorial fund for Matt's wife and two sons. 


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This story is sad on so many levels. SUICIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER!

Please call your local Suicide Prevention hotline if you or someone you know are having thoughts of suicide.

1443 days ago


How heartbreaking! The enthusiasm and excitement for storm chasing that Matt showed was infectious. When all the worries of life especially financial burdens of how am I going to take care of my family crash down on you it can make you crazy I have heard about SO MANY suicides and murder/suicides due to the economy its heartbreaking suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem when you are in that black pit its almost impossible to see hope. My heart goes out to Matt's family, friends and co-workers. I hope the family gets grief counseling and surround the kids with support and love they will need it. We lost my little sister to suicide a month ago so I can sympathize with what they are going through. Chase for Matt next season Shawn, Reed, Tim and the rest of the chaser/spotter community.

1443 days ago


I don't understand people responding to Matt's suicide with worn out catch phrases and saying it was a selfish act. Seems really shallow, and reinforcing of the stigma that causes people to keep their illness hidden. In the end we continue to have incident after incident where loved ones claim they never saw something like this coming because the deceased always covered up the state they were in.

1443 days ago


Storm Chasers has been one program that I've enjoyed watching for the simple reason, it was something my brother would have loved, he loved the weather. He too died but only due to not wanting to take medication for diabetes and high blood pressure.
I can't understand why someone who had a job they loved, a wife with two small children would do such a thing. It is so weird. Did no one, see that Mr. Hughes was having any issues, not even his wife? My sympathies to Mrs. Hughes and her family who are left behind not knowing or understanding why..such a tragedy.

1443 days ago

K M Gerard    

I just learned how Matt died. Poor man! What pain he must have been in to do such a thing. May God rest his soul and give comfort to his loved ones, especially his wife and children.

A Prayer for him:

Eternal rest grant unto Matthew, O Lord.
And let perpetual light shine upon him.
May Matthew rest in peace. Amen.

1443 days ago


Depression is a often unrecognized condition. I had a friend I played little league baseball with that killed himself. As we got older signs were there but we didn't notice. We were around 17 and he drove up to a group of us hanging out on the block. He started hugging us as if he was leaving for a trip somewhere, he even gave a friend a stereo. My friend didn't know what he did to receive the gift but he was like "Thanks Man I needed a stereo". A few days later he killed himself. My first reation was anger and then pain because I thought he could have come to me. He would have found out that I was depressed also and maybe we could have gotten out of that dark cloud together. God Bless the dead

1443 days ago


You people who keep badmouthing TMZ for publishing this are a bunch of hypocrites', you obviously came to this site to appease your own curiosity on how Matt died, and now that you have you need to lambaste TMZ to make yourself feel better. Well, do you feel better now?

And for those of you out there judging how and why Matt died aren't any better. It is not our place to judge, we are not perfect. Find something more productive to fill that empty space inside you, belittling other people only makes your emptiness bigger.

God Bless you all, I pray you all find peace.

1443 days ago


Poor guy although it is very selfish of him to do that to his wife and kids. Horrible, in fact.

1442 days ago



1442 days ago


you potty mouth people , get a frikin life . and do you feel better bashing eachother on TMZ Commett post , get a job , get some friends , n have a life . sitting on ur pc on tmz all day blogging is like sitting on the toilet all day. IT STINKS

1441 days ago


Wow, you guys at TMZ are really classy for invading Matt's family's privacy. There's a special place in hell reserved for slime like you.

1441 days ago


Matt went to hell??? Because God said so? There is no god and it's time we all grow up and unstand this.

Matt rest in peace.

1439 days ago


WOW Completed Suicide or attemted suicide is brought on by an inbalance of chemicals in the brain! Just like cancer and other illness is brought on by your immune systems inability to keep it at bay. It's as real as cancer there just isn't a "test" yet. Yes there are triggers (like divorce) that can bring it on but in no way are the other people responsable! I speak from experiance. My 19 year old son completed suicide in Aug. of 07. It is a selfish act! All the pain that he brought to hundreds of people could of been avoided if he had insurance to see his thearapist. He had just been taken off our insurance and Comcare takes forever to get in unless you admit you are going to take your life. Then they lock you up. (I know because his fiance is going through it all because of his death) My son had everything to live for but he got a preconived notion (like bi-polar depression brings on) that nothing ever works out for him (which is bazar because it always worked out for him) IT's AN illness GET HELP Any body that gives you a BIG unexplainable gift should be questioned and not let out of your site. Suicide is an epidemic we all need to educate ourselves not judge or bury our heads in the sand. Cancer use to be treated like this. Saying someone will go to hell if they commit suicide is crazy! It's an illness, that's like saying if you get cancer you will go to hell! Your relationship with GOD will help you but only if you FULLY rely on him. Christians commit suicide also. It's AN ILLNESS.

1439 days ago


This guy hung himself, was found still breathing, and taken to the hospital. Then died 13 DAYS LATER??? Was he in the hospital for 2 weeks, or did you just 100+ people just respond to an article without reading it? How ****ing stupid has America become???

1437 days ago


Matt Hughes was gay and he was a good guy and we will miss him

1437 days ago
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