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Slipknot Bassist

Grave Raided by Scumbags

11/10/2010 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Grave robbers have hit the burial site where Slipknot bassist Paul Gray was laid to rest back in May -- taking two cherished statues -- but now the rest of the band is on a mission to get the stuff back. 

The band posted a message on their website saying, "There were statues of a gargoyle as well as a Buddah that were placed at Paul’s grave by his friends and family that were taken."

The band is now asking for help from their fans -- saying, "We ask that whoever did this please return the items no questions asked. If anyone has any information about the stolen items please let us know."

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No Avatar



1451 days ago


Losers....I hope they find the s***bags

1451 days ago


Sorry; but, these guys are proponents of the gross and macabre. They are best to expect this sort of behavior from their followers. Is it right? Of course not. Is their music right? ....

1451 days ago


TMZ are the real s***bags all day everyday! Nothing but trash talking losers.

1451 days ago


Funny TMZ censors s c u m b a g s but has the word in the title.

1451 days ago


Funny TMZ censors s c u m b a g s but has the word in the title.

Posted at 8:38 AM on Nov 10, 2010 by myliverhurts


LOL dont worry TMZ also cenors the word T S H I R T - Tshirt

1451 days ago


Hold on lol they really do censor that word I typed it the other day I think it somehow got mistaken for the **** sometimes censors do that.

1451 days ago


"Slipnot".Sounds like one of those 'down on life' bands that celebrate death and suicidal emotions.
Let Me guess.Suicide?drug overdose?
Kids...learn from this.
When You're feeling bad don't believe You're emotions are truth and they represent who You are.
Don't listen to this garbage about hopelessness and anger.
Suicide is a form of self atonement straight from the pit of hell.

1451 days ago


For a Band That is atheist / agnostic. Why would they even care if someone stole a statue? A bunch of hippocrates if you ask me.

1451 days ago


ahhh, how sad.... im a HUGH fan of slipknot, (which I happen believe in god, and go to church) a belief system has nothing to do with whats acceptable after death, (like stealing off graves)
a belief system also has nothing to do with their music, slipknot helped me out in trying times in high school, and i will always be grateful for that. they were just a way to help pint up rage (with out really harming yourself or others with words or lyrics)
i hope they find the creep who did this...

again people, listening to this band, and enjoying the music HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION!! so stop making it sound that way....

1451 days ago


Donnieboy9 said, "For a Band That is atheist / agnostic. Why would they even care if someone stole a statue? A bunch of hippocrates if you ask me."

Oh,dear. Where to begin?

I'm afraid, Donnie, that you're showing your ignorance. Placing items in a casket or in front of a headstone doesn't necessarily have to do with religion. For example, one of my grandfathers was an atheist, but he wanted to be buried with a picture of his wife and locks of hair from his son and granddaughter (me).

I lost a girlfriend in jr. high school, and her agnostic parents put her teddy bear in her casket with her, and had no objection to the rest of us putting down little items in front of the headstone once it was laid.

These things have nothing to do with God in any way (unless the item placed is religious in nature, but that says more about the religious views of the giver than the deceased); they're just mementos.

Donny, I think the word you're looking for is "hypocrite". Hippocrates is the Greek physician from around 400 BC, and founder of the Hippocratic School of Medicine. This is widely regarded as the foundation of Western medicine. You have probably heard of the Hippocratic Oath that doctors take. This is the man generally credited with its creation.

Somehow I doubt very much that the band are Hippocrateseans (followers of Hippocrates).

If I left something of significance either to myself or the deceased at the grave site, I'd be very upset. Think about it -- it's *robbing from the dead*. That's disturbing to just about everyone -- even most atheists.

I could go on and on about this matter, but since I think you just wanted to be nasty and mean, we'll leave it at this:

Try to make certain you know what you're talking about before laying hands on the keyboard, ok, chum?

1451 days ago

Pageant Queen    

I guess you could say that they're on a "mission from God".

1451 days ago

artie help    

it's ironic that a group that propagates such anti establishment behaviour from it's followers are upset when they have the behaviour turned on themselves. Be careful what you preach.

1451 days ago


Guess they should have slipped a knot on the statues. Just Saying...!

1451 days ago


Pretty lowdown to desecrate a grave.

1451 days ago
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