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'Teen Mom' Amber

Possibly Drunk,

Totally Tone Deaf

11/19/2010 3:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood isn't just an alleged baby daddy beater ... she's also a song murderer -- 'cause last week the 20-year-old butchered a 3OH!3 hit after admitting (on tape) that she was drunk.

TMZ obtained footage of Amber (shot last week) rocking out to the song, "I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby" -- showing a particular penchant for the lyrics, "These children learn from cigarette burns ... fast cars, fast women and cheap tricks."

During the jam session, a stumbling Amber -- who was charged with domestic violence and battery yesterday -- says to the camera, "I'm drunk" ... then moments later says, "Possibly drunk."

Amber should be more careful around cameras -- after all, officials in Indiana have stated that they launched their domestic violence investigation only AFTER they saw her hit her baby daddy on the MTV reality show.


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One more thing Amber.... Study hard to get your GED and see a financial adviser about investing the money you've earned from your MTV show. Don't blow it! If you can invest in the right funds you and Leah can live off the interest it earns while you're finishing school. You seem like a nice girl and I'll hope for the best for ya!

1405 days ago

My two cents ;)    

wow now I know what Leah feels like from that angle her mom is a crazy person,,,she needs s drug test and anger management

1405 days ago


yeah like she is the first 20 year old mother to get drunk riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight..tmz needs to quit stiring the pot..can you imagine if she said ***got o geez

1405 days ago


kudos on the weight loss, though.

kudos on the weight loss? ummmmm she was on DRUGS thats how she lost it few of the shows you can totally tell she was on something....the whole situation is sad...

1404 days ago


You need a license to drive a car, hunt or to even catch an f'n fish.. but they'll let any old piece of crap have a child! I'm so sick of hearing about these immature teenagers having babies. YES, I know there are some teens that have babies and actually do the right thing and take care of them, but there are many more that turn out just like this hobag!! They spread their legs, pop out a kid and CLEARLY DON'T WANT THE RESPONSIBLITY OF RAISING A CHILD. WTF is wrong with society when they'll watch and basically give their stamp of approval to a show like Teen mom????? (MTV can say all they want that their show is to "discourage" others, but we're not stupid. The show does nothing but glamorize having a baby when you're 16. Then MTV pays these girls more money than they should ever deserve. Then instead of USING THE MONEY TO PAY FOR THEIR CHILD, THEY CLEARLY SPEND IT ON UNDERAGE DRINKING AND FLAT SCREEN TV'S.

What a sad excuse for a mother this girl is.

1404 days ago


apparently the only thing she is worried about is being "TARDY FOR THE PARTY"!! HOW CAN YOU TAKE GOOD CARE OF A KID WITH A HANGOVER? SHAME ON HER!!!

1404 days ago


Is she even 21 to be drunk.

1404 days ago


Leah is with Gary. He has custody of her at this point and has for weeks. That seems to have brought out the worst in an already very unstable young woman.

Amber should only get visitation (monitored) with Leah until Leah reaches 18. This is solid evidence of Amber's lack of maturity.

1404 days ago

Harry Kunt    

I think she is just about one of the nastiest pigs I have ever seen.

1404 days ago


even when shes drunk, she is still an obnoxious cow. i always skip her scenes on teen mom because she is so whiney and annoying.

1404 days ago


i would love to kick her butt myself, i can't stand this little brat, she knew damn well what she was doing, POOR GARY, you did a good job by not hitting her ass GARY, i hope she goes to jail or she might hit her baby in the future if she doesn't learn a lesson now, she's a nasty little b*t*h, i don't care how old she is, SHE KNEW BETTER AND KNOWS IT NOW. she will get it back ten fold watch and see, i bet her family is real proud. i would hide if that were my daughter. amber your nasty, hateful, ugly inside and out, you need to take a long look at yourself and learn something, KEEP YOUR DAMN HANDS OFF PEOPLE. i hope no one lets her babysit for them she might hurt a child with that anger. GO GARY GO !!!!!

1404 days ago


jjgirl, your an idiot, what do you mean so what, your statement is irrelevant based on your stupidity, you apparently can't tell the difference between underage and adult, adults CAN look stupid if they want because they CAN drink if they want, underage CANNOT!!
BIG DUUHHH coming your way.

1404 days ago


I like how everyone on here acts as if they are angels and never drank under age or never acted silly, singing and dancing to a song they like!

1404 days ago


Amber is showing the world why having a baby as a young teenager is so hard! But it is no excuse. She can not blame Gary either. No one is perfect; however, Amber needs to grow up. It is not her daughter (Leah) fault and her daughter will not care that her mother was a teenager when she had her. She will only remember the violence and hearbreak her mother put her through.

Don't be so selfish, Amber. Think only of your daughter with each action you take!!! Would you want some one to put their hands on Leah when she got older?

Love the show MTV. People need to realize how hard it is to raise a child. It is not as easy as people think even when you are in your 20s or 30s or whatever.

1404 days ago


I just find her disgusting, simple as that. It's not the fact that she's drinking underage as much as it is that she makes herself appear as a completly ingnorant idiot. If you don't like "mean" people making fun of you and saying negative things then don't be an irresponsible mother, milk public/welfare services, have your life recorded for everyone on the television and internet to see, beat your boyfriend up because you are a spoiled rotten brat who cant handle anger when you dont get your way and most importantly dont be a complete idiot!

1404 days ago
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