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Ex 'Real World' Star

Wins WWE World Championship

11/23/2010 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Mizanin -- a former reality star from "Real World: Season 10" -- was officially crowned as the heavyweight champion of the WWE last night ... after a huge surprise upset victory over Randy Orton.

"The Miz" -- who came up with his own nickname during the MTV show back in 2001 -- began wrestling with the WWE back in 2004.

Miz ain't the only ex-Real Worlder having a huge year -- Sean Duffy from Season 6 won a seat in Congress earlier this month.

Maybe there's still hope for Puck ...

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No Avatar


You guys have got to be kidding me. Miz is a bad guy character, so all your hate is only validating WWE's creative decision even further.

1398 days ago


WWE = REAL??????

1398 days ago


LOL, i continue to laugh at the bloggers who'll endlessly post.. its not real.. DOH!.. its been admitted its scripted.. outcomes are all scripted.. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME warning lables.. you guys continue to attempt to trash the wwe.. its entertainmant.. these guys are well paid professional whom i and a few million in the wwe universe love to support. i dont care if its all for show.. its supposed to be for show!..

you want real fights.. go startup a real Mortal Kombat or something.. but then again you'd likely come here and complain its not real enough...

i stand up for the wwe and proud of them for their success's and hope and know it will continue into future generations.

its good to see an average guy climb/fight his way to the top.. it wasnt easy.. he trained and worked hard to get there needless to say.. i bet most of you are just to full of turkey dressing already to even attempt to get paid atleast 100K doing what miz is..

in turn he's even more awesome cause some of you out there are still jealous!!. this guy does his job right!

ps.. cena is not gone.. pay attention plz..thats story line.. as in telling a great tale as we know vince is great at.. remember when vince faked his own death? yea real wasnt it?

1398 days ago


Yeah its all scripted, but winning the WWE chapionship is like winning an oscar, it means the WWE has faith in you to be the face of thier company the face of a billion $$$ buisness, its what every wrestler aspires to be

1398 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

The only hope for "Puck" is that he stays hidden under that rock he calls home.

1398 days ago

big al    

as if he didn't know that was gonna happen. everything about that show is scripted. he went from being on a reality show to being a full fledged actor. good for him.

1398 days ago


Atta boy Miz! Hahaha, I loved him on the Challenges. Haven't watched the WWE in years though.

1398 days ago

The Miz    

You People have no right to say anything about me or talk down about all that I've accomplished. I took all your negativity and instead of getting bitter I got better and now I've accomplished more than all you pathetic people ever will in your entire lives. BECAUSE I'M THE MIZ AND I'M.....AWESOME!!!!!!

1398 days ago


"Does harvey know in the wwe you don't win a real championship they are characters in a live show and they follow a script all he won was absolutly nothing and i am surprised harvey doesn't know this."

You are an idiot for even thinking it is necessary to point this out. Do you feel the need to point out that movie stars aren't really race car drivers, super heroes, or secret agents? Wrestling has been self-acknowledging that it is entertainment (not sport) for over two decades, yet morons still think this kind of retort is witty.

1398 days ago


Miz sucks! No one even cheered for him after. LOL
Too bad his character on the show is such an idiot.
I know he's always wanted it. It would've been nice to see him win as a "good" guy.

1398 days ago

Brandon Hex    

do half the people leaving comments know what lifeless losers they are themselves?

NOPE, just like most losers, don't have a clue.

1398 days ago

Mr Money N Bank    

Hey, Haters, we know wrestling is scripted. So is Lost, 90210, Friends, Sanford and Son, Family Guy, and the list goes on. World Wrestling "Entertainment", we know. If you don't like it, fine, but please quit stating the obvious and trite.

I'd rather watch wrestling (except TNA) over all the reality garbage that's on TV nowadays... That's the bottom line, and if you're not down with that, I got two words for you...

1398 days ago

The Rev    

Fck the haters

of both Miz and Pro wrestling


1398 days ago


I hate to burst your bubble TMZ but... wrestling is fake. Vince McMahon decided he wanted Miz to win that fight and become champion so the script writers choreographed every move ending with him being the winner.

1398 days ago


I see there's a lot of dumb people commenting on this but give the guy a break. He was on The Real World decided that he didn't wanted to follow his dream and he did it. I'm pretty sure if any of you were able to accomplish half as much as Mike has in the WWE you'd be happy. Congrats Miz for winning the WWE Title.

1398 days ago
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