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Charlie Sheen -- Rollin' On Very Expensive Dubs

11/24/2010 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just got something to take his mind off that really expensive watch Capri Anderson pilfered ... allegedly.

Charlie's people tell TMZ ... he plunked down a fortune yesterday for a Maybach that cost him north of $500,000.

When you make $2 million a week ... it really isn't that expensive.

Hope it doesn't end up on the wrong side of a cliff.


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Hunday genesis

1430 days ago


I love "Two And A Half Men". Charlie, live your life! Show them (these moneyhungry b*tches) that they can't clean you out!

1430 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

He's only half a man so he needs to have two and a half thousand cars to make up for the fact that he's probably the biggest douchebag Hollywood silver spoon brat out there.

1430 days ago


It's his money to spend as he sees fit. The car is certainly a better use of his cash than hiring a watch-stealing whore to spend the evening with him.

1430 days ago



i agree with poster number 4.
i am looking at this thing and wondering just how this car is supposedly worth 500k?
it may have all sorts of overpriced stuff on the inside but, on the outside- it looks just like a Hyundai.

Posted at 11:19 PM on Nov 24, 2010 by manbearpig


The MSRP for this car is $366,000. But Charlie has a history of overpaying for everything (comic books, baseballs, etc.), so it's not a surprise that he paid $500,000 for the car. But hey, it's his money and it helps the economy.

1430 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

I know it's from Germany, but it looks like one they make in China now. They reverse-engineered a Benz and ripped off everything that's good about the design, except for some reason they stuck a godawful ugly grille up front, and overall it looks like a cheaper and less classy version of a Benz. Charlie, if that's the best car you can get and that Capri babe is the best hooker you can get, your taste truly sucks. Obviously money is no object. But as always money can't buy you good taste if you don't have a refined taste sensibility, it can only turn a douchebag into a richer and douchier douchebag.

1430 days ago

Byron Green    

Damn it Charlie your taste in cars is worse than the Ho's u bang bang.A maybach is an over rated piece of S-H-I-T. Your still cool man get a cool car ASTON MARTIN now thats a class act.
Maybach rolls and bentley are for old guys that can't get it up and that think they are rich

1430 days ago


Such a pimp!

1430 days ago


I read TMZ regularly for my daily dose of celebrity trash reporting, but come on, you guys have flagrantly overestimated the price of this car by nearly 40%. The 2011 Maybach 57S, the car pictured in the photo, has an MSRP of $366,000. I'm not saying it's a cheap car, but your quote of $500,000 is $134,000 too high. With the kind of price you quoted, Charlie could have bought this car AND a brand new Maserati Gran Turismo.

1430 days ago

Bob Ross    

Why is this news? He makes $2M a week, so he spends less than 25% of his weekly salary on a car--he has the talent to deserve that salary. Let's do the math--If you make a $104K a year or $2000 a week and you bought a Toyota for $25K does that make you excessive? WTF

1430 days ago


Is he going to park in his driveway with the keys in it?

1430 days ago


ugliest car i ever seen! are you kidding me? charlie your I.Q is under 50, do some more drugs loser

1430 days ago


TMZ, Earthlings~~~ Charlie is never gonna change. He has been addicted to drugs, women. and fame for what 30 years. We all know his past. He better get his act together. He has been very lucky so far. Time is running out. I think men with alot of money think they can do anything they want. They are better than anyone, because they have the money. That means they also have power. CBS open your eyes. Get him some help or sooner or later HE WILL DIE! So sad!!!!!

1430 days ago


Why on God's good earth would Charlie buy a May-come-back car or a May-not-come back car with the funny "NON-TRADITIONAL" Mercedez-Benz EMBLEM !!! ugh
Love Mercedez but this one does NOT cut it.

1429 days ago


Really? There are people hungry without food and heat. Shame on you!! Really..

1428 days ago
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