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Willie Nelson

Busted for Pot

11/26/2010 5:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Music legend Willie Nelson was arrested this morning for allegedly possessing six ounces of marijuana.

Nelson was busted at 9:00 AM at a Border Patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, TX. Nelson was in his tour bus, traveling from California to Austin, when he was detained.

He was booked into the Hudspeth County Jail on a $2,500 bond and posted shortly thereafter.

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No Avatar


Come on TMZ What is New? Anytime Willie is gonna get pulled over he is GOING to have it on him lol

1389 days ago

karen lyons kalmenson    

hmm...he must be having that disjointed feeling at the moment

1389 days ago


That is ridiculous doc. I know about a half-dozen worthless idiots who dont smoke pot, they just drink all day. They live about the same lifestyle as the gentlemen with whom you are acquainted, yet they only drink alcohol. The ridiculous thing is; while they are leading these half-lives, they are not breaking any laws. They've gotten fired from every job they've ever had for drinking on the job, they literally can't get a driver's license because they are drinking ALL the time. And yet, they are perfectly legal in this lifestyle. They are not criminals.

You have the same hole in your logic that most people have when advocating continued criminalization of marijuana. There has never been any scientific proof to support claims that marijuana has any effect on the motivation centers of the brain. Moreover, concerning your friend who never shaves, can you prove to me he would live the same way if he were not committing a crime and considered a criminal.

It's hilarious how you try to liken that deadbeat you know to Willie Nelson. Seriously, it's pretty insulting to Willie. Considering Willie Nelson is one of the most successful American musical artists who ever lived. Seriously, stop and think about it, that hole I was talking about is big enough you could drive Willie's bus through it.

1389 days ago


Wow. The cops should be proud of themselves. They busted somebody for having a dried green plant. With all the other **** going on in this country, and the cops are worried about somebody in possession of a green plant. It just blows my mind. While the piece of **** cops are out trying to mess with some teenage kid smoking pot, there are people mollesting young children using the church for protection. ****ing unreal.

1389 days ago


All Law enforcement all know Willies got pot on his bus. He's not hurting anybody.They should all leave him alone, and stop wasting our tax money.

1389 days ago




1389 days ago


They should jus give Wilie a get out jail card. There certain people that should jus be left alone for certain things and this is one of them Wilie Nelson should jus be immune to this law. Jus let Willie go, Ok Willie luvs his weed Jus let Willie go. He aint gonna hurt now body and it only makes that law look that much more rediculous. It like arresting Charlie Sheen for solicitatin a prostitute. Charlie Sheen is always gonna go there. You dont c him getn busted for the obviouse. Something everybody knows and is aware of.

1389 days ago


BIG F-CKING DEAL,ITS HARMLESS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1389 days ago


Do you know how many black people are in jail for a joint? Law enforcement are finally getting a clue. Send 'em all to jail.

1389 days ago


Sure, Zulu;
Send them all to jail, because they are not overcrowded enough.
Then our streets will be empty except for being rife with hypocrites and fascists.
Like for instance you, Zulu.
Do you know how many black people are in jail for a joint?
Mostly the ones with warrants for more serious offenses or charges unrelated to possession of a gram or less of marijuana.
Being Willie Nelson is just the same kind of profiling as being Snoop Dog.
It has nothing to do with the color of their skin, it's the infamy of being known to exhort the benefits and pleasures of marijuana.
Once they've been ID'd there is sure to be something around to make the drug sniffing dogs bark.
It's like when you see Paris or Lindsay, you immediately want to hit them up for a bump.

1389 days ago


Oh, give the man a break! Did somebody's jurisdiction see an easy fine coming?

1389 days ago


law enforcement has discriminatory power, they just wanted their names in the paper . . . the Border Patrol? why aren't they doing their real job? Thousands of illegal aliens slipping thru and they bust Willie. stupid jerks. and they wonder why so many people have no respect for law enforcement.

1389 days ago


Our goverment SUCKS... We have wars to worry about and all they want to do is kill our buzz. Willie brings nothing but smiles an happyness, so what if he smokes pot that God gave us to enjoy !

1389 days ago


Leave broath' Willie alone! I think we got other more serious things to worry about than Willie's weed. He's a fricken' pothead & always will be. 1 helluva nice dude that can sing it! I hope they dismiss the charges & let u be. God bless Willie...

1389 days ago


He will get off, he is famous. But what about everyone else?

The US war on drugs has filled your prisons with millions of citizens whose only crime is drugs. The US has more people in jail than any country in the world including China which as more than 4x the population of the US.

Note: Those medical cards don't carry any weight at the border, Border Patrol is federal not state.

1389 days ago
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