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Gretchen Rossi's Ex -- Pay For My Damn Parking!

11/28/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gretchen Rossi's ex hates the reality starlet so much -- he's demanding that she pay back every penny he had to spend in their nasty legal war ... including parking fees, gas and even a $20 dinner.


The man making the demands is Jay Photoglou -- who Rossi sued for defamation after he appeared on "Real Housewives of Orange County" and claimed they were dating while she was still engaged to another man.

A judge dismissed Rossi's claims -- and earlier this week, Jay filed docs in Orange County Superior Court demanding she pay for literally everything he had to go through during the case ... including:

-- $96.25 for parking fees
-- $289 in "milage fees"
-- $20.85 for a dinner meeting regarding the case
... and a mere $72,072.80 in legal fees.

All in all, Jay wants $85,864.08 for his troubles.

A rep for Gretchen tells us, "The fee's [Jay] claims he accrued are a result of his own actions by filing a SLAPP motion to stop Ms. Rossi's pending litigation against him.  The reality is this attempt was not very successful and the meat of Gretchen's case still remains."


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Bravo to 'none of that'! "She lost the last one to him and had to pay him. She will pay him again! She lied. By the way, tell Slade Slimey to pay his child support plus $80,000 in back support. His son has incurable cancer. Why doesn't Gretchen fork over some of the money for this child? They are pure OC trash!!!"

Bravo to 'Sky'! "Ha! Karma is a cold-hearted bitch, Gretchen! That is what you get for being a gold-digging whore who fooled around with other men while her fiance lay in the hospital dying of cancer. I hope everyone who can will sue the skanky witch. Her and Slimy Slade should get all they have coming to them and and then some. What a pair! A deadbeat Dad and a gold-digging whore."

"Maria"... you are SO CLEARLY Slimey or Wretchen. How DUMB do you think people are?


1390 days ago


The rep for Gretchen has the facts correct, but came to the wrong conclusion. Read Strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) 425.16 of the California’s Code of Civil Procedure. According to TMZ all claims were dismissed. Unless Ms. Gretchen files an appeal and is successful, the prevailing party is entitled to attorney fees and costs. Lastly, according the TMZ, the rep for Gretchen also stated “The reality is this attempt was not very successful and the meat of Gretchen's case still remains." What case, it was dismissed.

1390 days ago

Maria is a liar    

Doesn't seem to mind him too much here:

MARIA: Get YOUR facts straight!

1390 days ago


Let's not forget the SKANK we're dealing with here...

1390 days ago

Let's Be Honest    

Anyone thats involved with Slade Slimey shows their true character. This gold digger has now proven to the world who she really is not that most of us had any doubts.

1390 days ago


I don't really care about Gretchen one way or the other but this Photoglou guy is scary. He is a freak, a stalker, a user & abuser. He's got no dignity or self-restraint at all. Stay away ladies! & gentlemen!!

1390 days ago


Gee 'Maria" you certainly seem to think you know an awful lot about Jay. How pathetic are you to continue to try to drag his name through the mud with your made up lies and non-sense.
Ummm...don't you have some dollar store make up to try to peddle?!

1390 days ago


Here's another SLAPP lawsuit:

1390 days ago
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