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Kardashians 'Terminate' MasterCard Deal

11/29/2010 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian family has officially pulled the plug on the new "Kardashian Kard" -- a prepaid debit card backed by MasterCard -- over allegations that it's riddled with hidden, possibly illegal fees.

Kardashian MasterCard Kard

The family fired off a "Notice of Termination" to the companies behind the Kard moments ago -- stating they're sick of the "negative spotlight" since the Attorney General of Connecticut opened an investigation to determine if the Kard violates consumer protection laws.

The A.G. was concerned over several fees associated with the Kard -- which reportedly costs $9.95 to own ... plus 12 monthly fees of $7.95. It also costs $1.50 every time the owner wants to add money to the Kard.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, Kardashian lawyers write, "The Kardashians have worked extremely long and hard to create a positive public persona that appeals to everyone, particularly young adults."

The lawyers claim the investigation "threatens everything for which [The Kardashians] have worked" -- so the family has decided to "terminate the agreement ... effective immediately."


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Positive public persona my ass.

1427 days ago


All of them NOTHING but Gold Diggers MONEY MONEY MONEY is all they care about....................What did they ever do in film. Please people get a life

1427 days ago


Why are they famous? Their dad represented OJ Simpson and Kim made a sex tape. Other than that they are nobodies. I just don't understand the fascination with this family and why they think they are so relevant in society.

1427 days ago


"The Kardashians have worked extremely long and hard to create a positive public persona that appeals to everyone, particularly young adults."

Since when is putting out a sex tape something that is positive and appeals to everyone? Especially young adults. Yeah, really great role models.

1427 days ago

Austin Rob    


1427 days ago


Exactly How Delusional Are These People??
" create a positive public persona that appeals to everyone, particularly young adults."
Good grief, all kim does is get naked, she is seriously over saturated and what do the others do , marry basketball stars , shop and whine.
Yes , the are are most definitely a big influence on positivity- marry a rich guy , shop to your heart's content and be naked as much as possible 0- fantastic, I must go out and follow this to a T.
Meanwhile, forget about the prepaid visa / MC , instead simply purchase gift cards at Vons, american express goes up to 3000.00 and Visa and MC go as low as 25.00 to 500.00. You pay a one time fee at checkout of 5.95, easy breezy , japoneezy...

1427 days ago


They knew what they were getting into. They just got caught. Now the PR spin begins.

1427 days ago

Jim in Cali    

They knew what they were getting into. They just got caught. Now the PR spin begins.

Posted at 1:43 PM on Nov 29, 2010 by NDNchief

I agree but at least they did the right thing.

1427 days ago


Positive Public Persona??? What about all the plastic surgery procedures and botox which is harming all these teenagers getting this done!What great role models!

1427 days ago


They put their name on this product without anyone putting a gun to their heads. Either they knew about the terms initially and didn't care, or they are lousy business people and put their name on anything to make a buck. Their own stupidity is now generating negative press, as it should. NOW, they decide to pull out, long after they SHOULD have known what they had their names on. I hope they get sued.

1427 days ago


Have to say Kudos for the Kardashians on this one.

They tried to be another "rush card" the same mechanic that russel simmons tried to push.. in turn those debit-cards were 1st marketed off to increase your credit history and in fact raise your credit scores. poor folks do not read between the lines.. its all surcharges, fee's, and yep you must pay even to add cash to the card.. not worth a dime.

good for them pulling the plug.. the kard card was a joke from the get go..

they may be gold-diggers, but they DO have cash on their own, earned by their father and step-daddy.. so they're not 100% gold-diggers.. they pick atheletes and other.. thats what they dig..

sad but true.. yep young girls look up to the sex-tape starlet.. they're all running out there jumping on stair-masters prior to seeing a butt implant surgeon... refer to montana fishburn who said.. and i quote " i wanted to release a sex tape in order to be famous"

as you see besides montana fishburn since kim & ray J dropped theirs just how many tapes have somewhat Leaked?

she started a trend..

1427 days ago


REALLY tired of this family thinking anything they do is relevant--that mother and three oldest daughters---please just go away.

1427 days ago



Crying laughing At Austin , they do seem like they needs baths more often than not , some people just have that presence, like Pink and Jesse James for example, they always seem in need of a bath or a flea dip and Mack , your post is hysterical --spot on !!

1427 days ago


LOL at Kim the waste of space. Besides having done nothing but a porno to become "famous" she's quite a liar. If you think for one second she didn't know what was involved with this card you're kidding yourselves. What a loser. Just stick to what you know Kim, being somebodys human pin cushion.

1427 days ago


Probably the first time anything positive about K3 I read. These 'prepaid debit cards' are just another scam from 'banking' USA. to
secure big bonuses for the execs at the expense of middle to low income earners. Just google these things and discover that Americans pay around 250/300$$ for this 'service' a year while in Europa (Yes, i'm Dutch) we pay around 1.75 Euro (yes ONE) each month for the same service. We call it a bankaccount and it includes free internet-access to your account, free direct-debit payments in ALL stores and (although a little slow to pick up) free direct-debit payments in online-shops).
These girls (I like Kim the most, i'm a boob-man, no offence).
are so right to cancel this deal.

1427 days ago
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