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Susan Boyle

Chokes on 'The View'

11/30/2010 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Susan Boyle clearly didn't realize her performance on "The View" this morning was LIVE ... and it led to one EXTREMELY awkward moment. 

Susan Boyle The View
Boyle was belting out "O Holy Night" -- when she began coughing and backed away from the mic ... then asked the producer if she could start over ... all while the cameras continued to roll.

After several awkward seconds, Whoopi and Sherri swooped in and bailed her out.

Producers tell us Boyle will retape her performance for the West Coast.

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Good god! Makeup really does not work in certain situations and the smoke,voice and dim lights really couldn't distract from that face and head and then they had the gall to turn up the lights and have those 2 helpings of dark lard make an appearance so we had no choice except to look at 3 pigs instead of one.
A singing pig flanked by a fake radical pig and a pig pig.

1420 days ago


And on a totally unrelated note: TMZ, I swear to God...If I have to watch that Snooki "Wonderful Pistachio" tanning bed commercial again, I'm going to stab myself in the eyes with a butter knife.

1420 days ago

this is just silly    

Susan didn't realize that she was singing LIVE on east coast time on THE VIEW. Give her some slack, everyone knows she has a beautiful voice. No need to dis her on one mishap.

1420 days ago


We HEART Susan!

1420 days ago


Memo to Subo - Don't slam a Yorkshire pudding and 4 Guiness' just before you go on stage!

1420 days ago

jack parker    

I love this woman. Get off her case. Her voice is beautiful. How do you know she didn't realize she was on live TV? Everyone's just assuming that to make the story better. I think, of course she knew, and that's enough to give anyone stage fright...then all that fog coming up to choke her. She was brave not to lipsinc. Why didn't they just let her "start again"? Do you people have any hearts at all?!!

1420 days ago


susan Boyle has more talent in her pinky than most singers. She is refreshing and real. Has more personality than most celebreties too! I like this lady! As for the View, they are on the air mostly to embarass their guests while trying to make themselves look better or get more attention.

1419 days ago

jack parker an amendment to my comment: I was not referring to most people commenting here -- just the unenlightened VERY FEW. Of course, goes with the territory. Her fans are legion and she seems to have the tremendous support she needs to go as far in her very successful career as she desires. A very unique story and talent is hers.

1418 days ago

N. H. Driscoll    

TMZ, why don't you show the West Coast version of Susan's performing for the 2nd time that very same day in front of an entirely different TV audience? In the East Coast Version, from which you have taken this clip, Susan thought she was taking part in a practice session. I can't do what Susan Boyle does. I admire her extremely; in fact she is my favorite singing entertainer in the world today! Can any of you become a world-wide star overnight and then REMAIN in that place for two consecutive years in a row? I know of no one else who has done that. Do you? Can you? Have you? Well, not I!

1416 days ago


Lol, Shella, oxygen doesn't need to be capitalized. If anyone was deprived from oxygen at birth - looks like it was you.

1416 days ago


I've been singing and performing since I was five and you know what? It happens to EVERY performer!

(To a previous poster, YES, anyone with the guts to stand on a stage and perform is a little bit nuts. LOL)

1412 days ago


It was from all that perfume on those colored women on the view and the fish smell from Joyless Blowheart

1343 days ago


Glad she is ok....coulda been really really bad...

690 days ago
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