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New Michael Jackson Album Leaks on Internet

12/6/2010 4:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's highly anticipated new album is now the victim of music pirates ... ALL 10 tracks from "MICHAEL" have leaked online -- a week before its official release date.

Michael Jackson New Album Leaked

The tracks are now up on several file sharing websites ... and unless Sony Music authorized it -- this is a clear case of illegal piracy.

The official, aka legal, release date is next Tuesday -- December 14.

UPDATE: Sony had no comment.


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I see dumb people are talking, how many are there?

There is the smart mouth, there is the loud mouth, there is the
dumb mouth, there is the ass mouth. Cat fight..........meow!

1416 days ago


Not surprising, however it won't stop me from buying an official copy or two.

1416 days ago


I'm responding to the way you write. Perhaps you should learn to be clearer and specific about your ideals and concerns. My comments are not nasty IMO. I admit I have a smart mouth. If you don’t like it don’t read it and move on with your life.
MJ took his kids all over the world several times over. Prince appeared on the cover of LIFE magazine as an infant… many millions of people do you think saw the child?? Besides Prince did the rap for the Lost Children on the Invincible CD….10 million copies sold world wide before MJ passed. Father knows best!!! Prince was photographed with former president Bill Clinton. Blanket was on the set of Ebony with his dad for the Thriller 25 photo shoot. Just think all this took place before the Grammys this year. You did not want a history lesson from me……I don’t care about your predictions that MJ would not have wanted his brothers to sing background on TII….Are you Clairvoyant now!!!!LOL!!
Perhaps you should read carefully yourself…..I said perhaps MJ would have had his siblings on stage for the last hoorah…for the always and forever J5 segment at the midpoint of every Michael Jackson concert…..
When I saw Jermaine speak it was mainly him crying like crazy because he wanted MJ buried at Neverland. The place is beautiful and serene. The family voted him down and he became upset because none of the Jackson's agreed with him or supported his ridiculous request.
As far as what was going down with the shows in London will forever be a mystery. Michael did everything larger than life and he was full of surprises. Jermaine stated the entire family was going to be present for opening night. I cannot vouch for everything that he said or for every interview that followed with the family. It’s too much and it solves very little.
I said MJ was rehearsing at the Staples Center because it is a professional setting. We know at least 800,000 people would have seen footage as part of the stage backdrop in London. Those crooks at AEG noted an additional 250K were still waiting in Que for tickets therefore if they could have pulled it off, at least 1,000,000 people would have seen the footage in part. You seem to think its fine to release the unprofessional bargain basement tracks by EC. Yet belittle the release of This Is It ….which as I’ve already stated was in a professional setting with MJ perfecting his craft. The fans needed to see him and what he was planning for them. The sh*(*^,%#$$% from the Casio basement was not for sale and the fans never ever needed to know about them……EVER!!!
Prior to MJ’s passing there was no need for concert footage. the man was still with us touring, making videos, TV appearances, yada, yada, yada………DUH!!!
I don’t speculate, I ask questions based on public knowledge & information only. I'm sensible, reasonable and rational. Everything has to make sense and add up correctly. Otherwise I question it……I don’t speculate because speculation does not resolve the issue.
I don’t drink and I don’t need a drink. I don’t lie or speculate because it causes confusion. I have a few fellow fans on here who do not accept the crappy explanation given by the media. We know how to think for ourselves. We are here to stand up for MJ and no one else. If people don’t like it they can just scroll on by because this is not for them!!!! MJ has fans that are serious about what happened to him. Real fans who refuse to allow gossip and foolish jesting to take center stage over his murder and legacy.

1416 days ago


As for LMP comparing MJ to her father is a bunch of bunk. She's trying to sell a BS book!!! People should be furious at her for those ridiculous claims.
Posted at 2:14 PM on Dec 8, 2010 by mymjj5

I don't understand why LMP who said she loved MJ with all her heart is selling him out like that because she wants to sell a book.If she loved him she should stop comparing his death to that of her father Elvis.She says she divorced MJ because of the drugs.Not true.She divorced him because she was cheating on him with her ex husband Danny Keough and she wanted to remarry Danny.But after she divorced MJ,Danny refused to remarry her.So she went back to MJ trying to remarry him but MJ never remarried her.So she went on with her life and married Nicolas Cage and this marriage was a disaster.She divorced the actor and now she is married to Michael Lockwood but she claims she does not love him and always loved MJ all these years.WTF is wrong with LMP?

1416 days ago


I see dumb people are talking, how many are there?


There's only one Ding Dong

and that would be you.



1416 days ago


Your comment is funny. Let me ask u this. Would u be totally happy if KJ & family are the executors? Just curious
Only if they are skilled, trained or degreed in entertainment law, accounting/finance. I don't know if any of them are. I would be happy if at least one family member was an executor. of course he or she would still need legal representation for guidiance. MJ's estate is too vast and lucrative. Branca is a shark and he's very good at his job. yet he has proven himself to be untrustworthy. MJ hated Sony and walked away from them a free agent. only to have Branca tie MJ's estate right back to them. even though MJ was their partner in publishing. I think another fan stated MJ was officially a business partner of Sony not an artist. MJ was too outspoken against the dirty practices of the industry....and that's a BIG no no!!!!

1416 days ago



Your post was so on POINT....and HILARIOUS!!!!!LOL to infinity!!!

1416 days ago


your right on all accounts....
I guess the masks he had the kids where were not for the privacy either Huh??

You are right on that too...MJ would have loved his rehearsal footage turned into a movie.

Yes you are right...he probably would have wanted the brothers to do vocals on TII...I would imagine that is why they are featured on all his other albums....NOT!

Yes you are right again...the Jacksons are all awesome...They treated Michael like a king all his life!!

1416 days ago



Your spelling mistakes are a dead give away.

Go whine to Harvey about you being POOFED.

I'm sure he just adores all the wonderful comments you post about him.


1416 days ago


When I saw Jermaine speak it was mainly him crying like crazy because he wanted MJ buried at Neverland. The place is beautiful and serene. The family voted him down and he became upset because none of the Jackson's agreed with him or supported his ridiculous request. also I believe Joe stated it was Katherine's decision as to where Michael would be buried. Mrs. Jackson's word was final.

1416 days ago


Your job?

You have no job.

You're just a reclusive ignorant racist homophobic old white man who has nothing better to do with his life but to constantly spew stupid hateful comments on a tabloid website.

1416 days ago



When the kids wore masks it was for their protection. Then when they got older no one really recognized them and they could walk around freely. Unlike Daddy!!!
MJ was going to use the rehearsal footage on stage chyle. Move on!! As for a concert film I cannot predict what he would have wanted. Kenny O stated it was for his personal library. The executors struck a deal with Sony because they had the freedom to do so. The estate kept 90% of the profits (I think). Its water under the bridge now! Once MJ became a solo artist why would he feature his brothers on his solo albums? The Jackson family squabbles are of no concern to me. family squabble are common in every family. They lived it and they are still a family. MJ was no saint. With his cute fine ass self….but he was far from being a saint or a push over.

talk to yall tomorrow!!!!

1416 days ago



I agreed with you and said you are right on all accounts, so what are you still carrying on for????


1416 days ago


What words can do....

1416 days ago
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