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Eddie Winslow

Accused of Belting Ex-Wife

12/10/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who played Eddie Winslow on "Family Matters" has been temporarily ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from his ex-wife after allegedly beating her with a belt ... in front of her son.

The woman behind the accusations is famed video vixen Karrine Steffans -- who filed legal papers in L.A. ... describing two separate violent encounters with 34-year-old Darius McCrary.

According to the docs, Karrine claims McCrary "choked me from behind and beat me with a belt" during an argument in February ... an attack allegedly witnessed by her 12-year-old son.

Karrine claims McCrary struck again in November -- choking her and shoving her into a car in front of a large crowd of people at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in L.A.

Now Karrine is asking the judge to make the restraining order more permanent -- she's scheduled to appear in court next week.

Calls to McCrary -- who divorced Karrine earlier this year -- haven't been returned.


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hopefully they'll throw his ass in jail and then I don't have to see his ugly ape face on the Young and Restless anymore.

1412 days ago


She's lying

1412 days ago

lisa farmer    

says superhead.....

1412 days ago


So little Judy ended up taking it up the @ss for money, Urkel beat his baby momma, and now Eddie is beating his wife with a belt. Family Matters, a haven for washed up celebrities.

1412 days ago


This guy is currently on Young and The Restless as a regular. Do your homework guys !!! :)

1412 days ago


Wow, he looks homeless in that picture.

1412 days ago


Methinks the folks at Y&R are not gonna be thrilled about being connected in ANY way, shape or form to a "Superhead" story. She's the epitome of vile, but I think his job is toast on this one. I see Malcolm 'going on vacation' and being replaced in the not-too-distant future. I'd be happy about that honestly, because his 'homeless degenerate chic' grooming habits are atrocious.

1412 days ago


A woman to revels in the name of "Superhead" and has been ridden by more men that the New York Union Station Trains and is dis-owned by her entire family......she is believeable because of what? When your food is gone and yoour lights are getting cut off people like Karrin will latch on to anyone who can get people talking about her again, I'm sure she get's paid for her appearances and new book deals. Don't believe the hype, if she sticks to what she is known for-she couldn't be able to tell lies becasue her mouth would be full!

1412 days ago


doesn't he know, you can't turn a hoe into a housewife?! WTF was he thinking marrying superhead....

1412 days ago

go home!    

Hey Dumbasses at TMZ, lets get current. He's on Young and The Restless now as Malcolm. Not a very good recast at all. Hopefully now they will drop him and bring in some smoother brown sugar more like Shamar Moore was.

1412 days ago


I don't know, maybe it's just me, but if some psycho beat me with a belt in February, I don't think I'd still be giving him another chance to do it again in November. But then I'm not a stupid bimbo dumb enough to get involved with a psycho to begin with. So hard to feel sympathy for some people.

Posted at 6:41 AM on Dec 10, 2010 by me not you

Amen!! I am trying to figure out if they are divorced and the 12 year old is HER son only, what possible reason could she have to still be in contact in November with a man she claimed beat her with a belt in Februray. This makes no sense, but since they both seem like they have no sense, I guess it makes sense to them.

1412 days ago


This woman (if that's what you would call her) has completely traded in any respect for herself for money. No one will ever beleive a word she says. She has cried wolf in the public eye and made millions off of it. Claiming to be a victim at the same time addmitting to using the people that supposidly victimized her. Sorry girl, your life of lies and money buys you no respect here. Get the hell out of everyone's face.

1412 days ago


The final line in this story implies that HE divorced her. If he's an abusive man, why didn't SHE divorce him? The story also fither implies that the 12-year old isn't his child, and if he didn't legally adopt the boy, she has no grounds for child support. I smell a skank!!

1412 days ago

Say it aint so Eddie.

Steve Urkel

1412 days ago


doesn't he know, you can't turn a hoe into a housewife?! WTF was he thinking marrying superhead....

Posted at 9:25 AM on Dec 10, 2010 by Lynda

Ditto, ditto.

1412 days ago
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