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Pissed Over Televised

'Michael Jackson Autopsy'

12/11/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson fans are scrambling to stop the Discovery Channel from broadcasting a gruesome reenactment of MJ's autopsy ... calling the whole thing an "affront to human dignity."

TMZ has learned ... fans have already collected nearly 1,500 signatures -- all demanding the network pull the plug on a special entitled "Michael Jackson's Autopsy" ... in which MJ's bloody autopsy is expected to be reenacted in gory detail.

The fans behind the petition call the documentary "an affront to human dignity" -- adding, "This type of sensational and unscrupulous reporting can only cause harm."

The petition states, “We ask the directors of the Discovery Channel programming to proceed with the outright cancellation of this indecent documentary.”

The doc is scheduled to air January 13th in the UK.


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Oh come on, just because it's Michael Jackson, that makes it not okay? Give me a break. They have shows on TV that show autopsies all the time. They have shows that reenact deaths. It's ridiculous to say just because of who is he is (a perv, in my opinion) that they shouldn't show it. MJ fans are so ridiculous.

Posted at 7:14 AM on Dec 11, 2010 by Bree

Let me ask you directly. Would you like this being done to your mother, father, sibling, son or daughter?

1390 days ago


OMG I totally agree!!!! This is morbid. I tried to sign this thing to put they want to pull your private info on facebook and no way. But, we know it's others trying to make a dime off Michael. Maybe he's even behind it all...but either way to associate it with Michael is wrong, sick and heartbreaking!!!!

1390 days ago


Don't they have to have a family member give them the ok to air this ??

For those of you who think they will find something more in this tv program. The tv program is either based on the actual autopsy report or the actual filming of the autopsy. They can not find out more about MJ in this tv program because they do not have MJ's body & they will not be the ones who actually do another autopsy, therefore it will not say anything more than the autopsy report has already stated.

When I read MJ's autopsy report it made sick to think of how people are sliced & diced like a slab of meat from the butcher. I know in many cases it is needed especially when the cause of death is unknown but it is still sick to think about it.

My guess would be, the only purpose of it, would be to air it when Murry is going to court, People hear what Murry said he gave to MJ that night but it does not hit home unless there is a visual of what Murry did.

Katy, I agree there are some things that SHOULD remain vision-ally private. The written report should be enough.

Lee lee, how true. The report alone leaves nothing to the imagination.

Posted at 3:00 AM on Dec 11, 2010 by Brigha from UK

I agree. The program is obviously designed to take full advantage of the increased public curiosity for the upcoming trial.

(quote) I don't care how crazy the doctor is, no one agrees to inject their veins & pretend to survive that. (un-quote)

Posted at 2:32 AM on Dec 11, 2010 by aq

aq, I disagree. Millions of people stick much worse poisons in their veins every day and DO pretend they will survive it. They do it themselves & not with a Doctor to watch over them. We have a huge heroin problem in my neck of the woods along with several other street drugs. And I doubt very seriously that these kids think there is a chance they will die especially since most of them are under 20 years old.

1390 days ago


What for? Michael Jackson is not even dead.

1390 days ago


Two words: Who Cares?

Really people I don't care about the TV show on the autopsy and I don't care about the fans of MJ. I don't care about Michael Jackson and neither has the rest of America since about 1991.

There are a fringe group of Deluded losers who worship MJ like he was god. If we were honest their actions are no different than a religious nut defending his faith.


1390 days ago


They seriously need to pull this show off...Why dont they use someone else, why MJ! Im sure his family wouldnt want that.. Let MJ rest in peace... If other people are on the show like the DR. G show, that is because family allowed it...but im sure that his family didnt authorize this...

what a disgrace...anything to get a quick buck....its all about greed like MJ said in his music...smh


1390 days ago


hmm, i have my suspicions on this. can anyone remember who was the production company from the uk who was following murray around filming him saying this was for a do***entary to be aired after the criminal trial with murray was over? they were filming him at forest lawn etc awhile back ago. if i remember right they were from the uk. or were they from somewhere else? if this is true this could be a tactic from murray's camp. look at the timing. hearing starts on the 4th if no delays, and this airs on the 13th. the hearing is supposedly going to last 3 weeks. i am just curious. jmo.

Posted at 6:58 AM on Dec 11, 2010 by kim

Kim, this is another view point and could very well be Murry's camp, but i would think that any tv program to show this would need permission from the family.

1390 days ago


Will they swab the body for trace evidence of young boys?

1390 days ago


what is this going to be like the law FLA enacted purely for the death of dale earnhart prohibiting the release of any materials of this kind.there are people out there who will want to see this and we do have a right to it.

1390 days ago


Oh that is just so cool!!! Can't wait to see what that freak looks like with his fake nose off. Since he dyed his skin, I would what color he was dead, Blue and pink make what color? Light green maybe? Oh this is the coolest thing ever. Much better than "Swamp Loggers" that's for sure.

1390 days ago


This is a bit off topic. But it is such a cute story that I have to tell it. I was babysitting a five-year-old girl yesterday. There was something about the new Michael Jackson album on TV. The girl asked me: "Is this Michael Jackson?" Me: "Yes". Girl: "Where does he live?" Me: "He is dead." Girl: "Where DID he live?" Me: "In America." Girl (ignoring my comment about him being dead): "Does he have a girlfriend?" Me: "He was married twice and has three children."
Then she started talking about a boy from her kindergarten who listens to Michael Jackson all the time on his ipod.
See, Michael lives on in the youngest generation - so cute!
Have to add that I have never talked about MJ to her before. I don´t have any MJ posters, pictures or books. I have some CDs, but she wouldn´t be able to see them - they are stacked along with other CDs on a high shelf.

1390 days ago


This show is sickeningly morbid & sensationalist. I believe Oprah Winfrey, who recently became partners with the Discovery channel, is behind it. Oprah has long taken every opportunity to try to denigrate Jackson, and the planned video is completely her style.
Inasmuch as her show's highest ratings of the entire season were for the one in which Jackson's children appeared, it's easy to see how she could persuade the Discovery people that their ratings would similarly jump by an "autopsy" of Jackson.

1390 days ago


Really, who gives a ****!!!

TMZ, is it that you have nothing else to report on????!!!??

1390 days ago


LAWRENCE, no I don't believe so but they do have you scheduled for a swab.

1390 days ago


Siggisis - Oh come on. That is the worst question ever, as I am guessing that you are no relation to the man himself? Honestly, I think it is silly to focus on one person because of him being famous. My point is that his fans (more like worshipers) think he is sacred. He is not. And why would I care if someone REENACTED an autopsy? I think it's dumb that they are doing this do***entary on his autopsy because, who cares? But I think it's even dumber that people are protesting, calling it an "affront to human dignity." I mean, they have movies and TV shows that reenact murders, rapes, and yes, autopsies! Every single one of those people had family. A real affront to human dignity is Michael Jackson' nose. People who have so many surgeries that their nose falls off...well...they lack dignity.

1390 days ago
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