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Bernie Madoff's Son Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

12/11/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Madoff -- son of incarcerated former stock broker Bernie Madoff -- was found dead in his apartment in Manhattan early Saturday morning of an apparent suicide.

Mark Madoff Death -- Bernie Madoff Son
Madoff was found hanging in his SoHo apartment by his father-in-law. His 2-year-old child was also in the apartment at the time.

Mark Madoff, 46, was investigated -- along with his brother Andrew -- as part of his father's Ponzi scheme, but never faced any criminal charges.

An attorney for Mark Madoff released a statement saying, "This is a terrible and unnecessary tragedy. Mark was an innocent victim of his father's monstrous crime who succumbed to two years of unrelenting pressure from false accusations and innuendo."

Today marks the two-year anniversary of Bernie Madoff's arrest.


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God, you people are nasty. I can hardly read your comments without throwing-up. A man is dead; a child lost his father. I have never seen such judgmental people. BM deserves to sit in jail for the rest of his life. HIS SONS ARE THE ONES WHO TURNED THEIR FATHER IN. Mark hasn't spoken to his father for 2 years. He called his mother an enabler. Come on. This man, MB was in terrible pain emotionally. You people are soul-less.

1408 days ago


suicide???? Yeah right! Who commits suicide with their children present, especially a two year old. That was murder!!!!!!

1408 days ago


Hey NickSunset! What would Jesus (a well known JEW)say to YOU for spewing racist hate? Burn in HELL that's what!

Posted at 8:21 AM on Dec 11, 2010 by Ron

^ Actually, no he would not. Obviously, you are not a Christian.

1408 days ago


These people should have been taken to a Private Island and left there to live where they could not hurt others anymore
jail, jail is too good especially where Bernie Madoff is he is better off in jail there is this Florida Attorney in Fort Lauderdale that hurt thousands of people and is gloating over it
Foreclosing on innocent families who did not deserve to be foreclosued there mortgages were paid off he states he is taking the fall for the banks ...the fall on millions of dollars made it more cushy he is doing worse than Madoff stock fraud also stock was $ 15.00 now is .52 he is still walking around and driving in his Bugatti DAVID J STERN is his name
he doesn't even have dignity I do not condone suicide David J Stern should be hung in a public square why is Americans allowing this man to breathe air he is ruthless a sociopath remember his name David J STERN the devil himself

Posted at 12:24 PM on Dec 11, 2010 by wonton90

^^^ David J. STERN. STERN. Nuff said.

1408 days ago


Well let's think about this a little. Now the authorities are saying suicide, alright you could see that with the backround in his life and what all has transpired over the last 2 years.

A person who had an affluent lifestyle and was held in esteem to a lot of people could find it very tough to be now seen as a social pariah in the community he was once a part of.

Then it would seem quite reasonable that they would be dispondent and would take their life, and who would think that would not make sense given the cir***stances he was in volved in.

Now I see others have said this, where they do not think it is a suicide, so lets explore that. Bernie Madoff had a lot of money go thru his firm and yet after all was said and done there was not a lot of money recovered.

Now there were a lot of very wealthy and pwoerful people who had money with Bernie as well as your everyday people who had invested in him.

Bernie in his Ponzi scheme had done a lot of people wrong and those who had invested great sums of money were fincially devastated, and some lost great chunks of their wealth.

So Bernie had made a lot of enemies, and their were a lot of people who wanted Bernie to get them their money back, and there were those that wanted Bernie in Prison and then there were those that wanted Bernie dead!

Now the fact that there has not been a lot of the Billions recovered that Bernie had would be most troubling to a lot of people. So if you wanted to extract some Justice of your own and send a message to Bernie, why wouldn't you kill his son?

If this were a professional hit, what make you think that you couldn't make it look like a suicide? It's isn't that far from reality that this occurs. It occurs more often then not, because it isn't repoirted as such. Goverments have sanctioned thers deaths and it isn't always with a bullet or a bomb.

If you got to Bernie kid, wouldn't that be a strong message to him that his time will come as well. Wouldn't it seem somehat logical that the rest of Bernie' clan who still have their money and aren't living as paupers be a target next?

I would have to think that Bernie's son's death is weighing on him, and there are a lot of people who Bernie scammed that are wanting his day's to be in agony. This would suit that purpose as well as send the message that Death comes to us all.

1408 days ago


While this is the son's self centered act, I hope Bernie blames it on himself, because it IS HIS FAULT.

1408 days ago

Pierre F. Lherisson    

Does monies really that matter? This is a wakeup call for the avarices that have a plytolatry and ostentatious bent for luxury. Most poor with their sparse commodities seem to enjoy a better quality of life than most opulent that seem to have superficial social interactions, questionable leisure time, and a cascade of anxieties .Thus, they must have bodyguards around the clock including large quantity of oxycodone or the like
The question we need to ask ourselves, individually and collectively: Does money is that important?. Does the lack of monies is the root of all evil? Or does the love of monies is the root of all evil?
Social scientists probably will come up with an answer about this question.

1406 days ago
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