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'Bachelor' Star

Scientology Won't Leave Me Alone!

12/17/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former "The Bachelor" winner Shayne Lamas is waging war on the Church of Scientology -- claiming Xenu's followers are billing her $1,500 ... even though she wants nothing to do with them.

Shayne's lawyer fired off a letter to the famous L. Ron Hubbard shrine in Hollywood, demanding the church quit sending her bills for $1,506.35 -- claiming the bills are bogus ... and that Shayne "is not now, nor ever has been, a member of your organization or the Church of Scientology."

A Church rep claims Shayne "made a donation in 2004" -- but the check didn't clear. The rep says they'll stop sending letters to Shayne.

Best part ... Shayne's lawyer also reps her husband Nik Richie -- the guy behind -- who says he's a big "Top Gun" fan and might be interested in joining the Church ... if they send him letters addressed to "Maverick."

We're guessing that's a negative, Ghost Rider.


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The bigger question why are they trying to collect on a "donation" anyways.

1412 days ago


You must be seriously short on news to think this is a story. Wow--what controversy! the accounting department trying to collect a bounced check! Good grief! I've never heard of such a scandal!

1412 days ago

Mary McC    

Good for Shayne and her attorney for standing up to this terrible organization. As far as I can tell, there is no evidence that SHE wrote any check and even if she did and cancelled it, that is her right. It was for a donation and people have the right to do what they want with their money. Who ever heard of a church going legal threats after a a person for donation that never arrived? Only Scientology. Learn more about this organization by clicking my name and visiting

1411 days ago

Scientology student MM    

Posted at 3:31 PM on Dec 18, 2010 by Christopher : The bigger question why are they trying to collect on a "donation" anyways.


Christopher, Scientology is a new religion, and one of the few that grows despite a lot of anti-religious propaganda. Donations in all religions get you one thing or another. Scientology donation is a legally approved system, carefully scrutinized by the IRS. Scientology gives a lot for your donations. This is just a new way of doing things. (There are some incredibly valuable services available for free, too.)

I personally think it is a good system. I don't expect to go to a high-class educational college, for peanuts. I know it costs a lot to deliver high quality services.
Sincerely, MM

1411 days ago

osa handlers    

"I personally think it is a good system. I don't expect to go to a high-class educational college, for peanuts. I know it costs a lot to deliver high quality services.
Sincerely, MM

Posted at 2:34 PM on Dec 19, 2010 by Scientology student MM"

Terryeo thinks it's a good system, but the fact that he now posts as "Scientology student MM" kills his credibilty, if he possesed any to begin with.

1410 days ago

Pam Ellis    

@Scientology student MM

"Scientology helps people get rid of their baggage."

Only if by "baggage", you mean bank accounts.

1410 days ago

Mackay Mause    

People, please don't listen to the apologists.
Scientology is not a religion. It is an organization of greed, power, manipulation, and mind control. They have been convicted of many crimes, Google Operation Snow White, or Operation Freakout. They have been convicted of breaking into US government offices and stealing do***ents that are critical of their organization. They use child labor. they harass and intimidate.
They do no charity work. They have fake human rights, drug rehab and criminal rehab fronts to launder millions of dollars. They are worse than the Mafia. Fact is , if you get hooked up with them you will have a horrible life. Stay away. But Google the critics if you are unconvinced.

1410 days ago

Scientology student MM    

Hello, fellow antagonists. No, really, it's almost Christmas, how about a ceasefire until December 25th? I know we all have a lot going on. Oh, and season's greetings to everyone.

1409 days ago


Scientology is not Christian, but they love to use Christmas the same way a wolf might don sheep's clothing in order to attack the flock.

Scientology uses donations for on thing only - marketing!

Scientology is a criminal organization built on tall tales told by pulp science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard, and now it is falling apart due to mismanagement by the asthmatic midget David Miscavige.

1409 days ago

osa handlers    

Terryeo wants to call a cease-fire so that means he's about to do a flood of "success story" posts and yeah nobody buys the implication that Scientologists celebrate Christmas despite the "I know we all have a lot going on" story.

1408 days ago

M. Arca Bian    

Scientology never admits they ever did anything wrong.
Even when confronted with criminal convictions, they just change the subject.

Also, Xenu lol.

1407 days ago

Scientology student MM    

@ no. 57, I suggest you get a handle on your negativity and disinformation. Christian Scientologists do celebrate Christmas.

1402 days ago

Scientology student MM    

@ no. 57, I suggest you get a handle on your negativity. Christian Scientologists do celebrate Christmas.

1402 days ago


Anyone see a repeating pattern here? Shayne Lamas has been busted writing a bad check once again regardless of who the organization is. It's obvious that her lawyer is some fool that's super unprofessional. Who writes letters like that and expects to be taken seriously. As someone who is familiar with the bounced check laws of California as a business owner, I would tread lightly with an organization who can take this to some serious legal ramifications for Mrs. Richie. The obviously have the evidence that she wrote a check to them for services rendered. The check is a signed contract promising to pay for services rendered. Mocking this organization with some scheister lawyer isn't going to make this go away for Mrs. Richie. I suggest her little rat of a husband should start cutting a cashier's check immediately before this gets ugly for his bounced check of a wife. Little did Mr. Lamas know that when he stupidly married this little defunct and broke little girl overnight, that he would be picking up her past tabs that have come back to bite her in her butt.Get out your checkbook Mr. Nik Lamas, you're going to be paying once again regardless of who she bounced the check with. Your wife is quite the little thief isn't she?

1401 days ago

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