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Demi Lovato's Rep:

Sex Tape Rumors 'Disgusting'

12/19/2010 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a vitriolic response to rumors of a Demi Lovato sex tape, Demi's reps blasts the media outlets that have suggested a sex video exists.

Demi's rep tells TMZ, "Perpetrating these completely unfounded rumors from supposed sources while Demi is in treatment dealing with serious physical and emotional issues is disgusting."

The rep goes on: "The sourcing on this report is so spotty that it is hard to fully respond."

As for claims that Demi's uncle, Francisco Lovato, kept people out of her tour while she had sex inside, Lovato's rep bristles, "Francisco Lovato is the brother of Demi's estranged father. He never traveled on the tour, and certainly didn't serve as some sort of chaperone."

Lovato's rep concluded, "We would ask serious news outlets to strongly consider the source of this story before they regurgitate it."


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Do we really have to believe anything and everything the media says about everyone? Where are they getting all this trash from? I really don't believe any of this stuff about Demi. I think that it's horrible that people are starting all these horrible rumors about her while she is still in rehab. I hope everything goes well for her and that she's back soon!

1372 days ago


Demi if definitely a les. <3

1372 days ago


Demi is not that type of person
why would she make this tpye of video when she going thought the physical and emotional problem

1372 days ago


this is all bulls**t
were the hard cold evdince not all soucers can be true
this is just sceme to f**k up demi carrer

1372 days ago


It wouldn't surprise me if a "sex tape" does exist. Have you seen the sleazy pictures of her with her possy pressed up close to her looking at her rack? And how about the one where's she's flicking her tongue suggestively at this other girl? Oh yeah, she did. Look for them, they're out there. Disney sure knows how to pick winners, don't they?

1372 days ago


Doesn't this sound like some shuff being thrown out there for publicity? Who hasn't had "a tape" when we kinda forgot their names or their not in a break up? (don't think Paris, don't think Paris....oh poo)

1372 days ago


I swear I love this crazy chick more and more each day but she's got some competition for starlet train wreck of the year with Miley and Taylor Momset....I can hardly stand the anticipation..

1372 days ago


is not that type of person
why would she every make a sex tape it wont make sense if she going thought physical and emoltion problem
she not a whore like pair hilton and kim

1372 days ago


Does she have teeth missing?

1372 days ago


Dear Demi- Is this what YOU wanted when you thought you wanted to be a big Star? Sorta' mimics your Disney Channel show huh? God Loves You. Good Luck Demi.

1372 days ago

demi lovato fan    

STFU ! she didn't alright this is all lies TMZ
**** OFFFFFFF ! you suck no one watches your **** &&&& don't ****ing make her fans quit shes on rehab how could she do that then just only the ****ing picture asshoe shes beautiful in here own way alright andd i bet you bitches :O


1372 days ago


You cannot say that she has sex tapes just because of those racy pics. You do not know what happened to Demi and what breakdown she had! She thought no one was to trust because of Joe Jonas using her, split with Selena Gomez and Bullying. She've been caught up with these unfamous Camp Rock Dancers thinking that they would be good friends. At the time when Demi already noticed that she was already going the wrong way thanks to those Camp Rock back-up dancers who have been poisoning her mind, she punched Alex thinking that it would pay it back. Yet, she realized she was already lost, so she checked her self in a treatment center to patch everything up and go back to where she should have been.

I've been so close to Demi and these people are exaggerating. Too much people, too much.

1371 days ago


haahahhahahahhahahhaha sorry but this seriously makes me laugh!!! she's to much of a damn goody two shoe's to have a sex tape bet she's never had sex in her life and will probably be a 40 year old virgin......not to be mean though:) she is pretty "kinda".....just know D that you are maturing and guys will wanna touch you in weird areas be open to that k? k!:)

1371 days ago


@ bruce

get your information straight. that is obiesly not demi you idiot that is photoshop.since when demi has such big boobs? i mean have you seen her in bikini you freaking retard!!!!!!!!!!!! and FYI if there was such thing as a demi lovato sex tape it would be out already like all does other bitches in hollywood!!!!!

1371 days ago


visit me:

1371 days ago
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