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Demi Lovato's Rep:

Sex Tape Rumors 'Disgusting'

12/19/2010 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a vitriolic response to rumors of a Demi Lovato sex tape, Demi's reps blasts the media outlets that have suggested a sex video exists.

Demi's rep tells TMZ, "Perpetrating these completely unfounded rumors from supposed sources while Demi is in treatment dealing with serious physical and emotional issues is disgusting."

The rep goes on: "The sourcing on this report is so spotty that it is hard to fully respond."

As for claims that Demi's uncle, Francisco Lovato, kept people out of her tour while she had sex inside, Lovato's rep bristles, "Francisco Lovato is the brother of Demi's estranged father. He never traveled on the tour, and certainly didn't serve as some sort of chaperone."

Lovato's rep concluded, "We would ask serious news outlets to strongly consider the source of this story before they regurgitate it."


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Lets Be Honest    

No sex tape. She was too busy self mutilating herself because of self esteem issues. It would not be a surprise that she has not had sexual realtions yet.

1402 days ago


"We would ask serious news outlets to strongly consider the source of this story before they regurgitate it."

Well that leaves Harvey out.

1402 days ago

Moe Green    

Yeah she's ugly. Such a strong denial makes me believe it exists. Back to Lohan, I see a parallel. Lohan did a lot for TMZ's popularity in a similar way OJ did for Fox news people such as Greta. OJ's now in jail. Lindsay's now a used up 40 something looking drug addict.

1402 days ago


How can they say the sextape rumors are rediculous when those racy SEX pictures just LEAKED SHOWING DEMI LOVATO AND HER FEMALE DANCERS LOOKING DOWN HER BRA??????????....Thats enough evidence to make people think she is the type to have a sextape...and tmz you STILL havnt even posted the racy pics...yet they are all over the internet on other sites....why arent you exposing them when u are the largest news outlet??...Quit letting them bul**** with these lies and ask them about the pictures

1402 days ago


Forget about the sextape.
Let's get back to MILEY'S messed up teeth and Mayweather's girly escape from PACMAN.

1402 days ago

Moe Green    

Free the Quaids!

1402 days ago


Man, I slammed the crap out of X17 Online yesterday for perpetrating this ridiculous fabrication. I called it B.S. yesterday and I'm still calling it B.S. today. If these tapes existed, either a sex tape or a drug abuse tape, we would have seen them already. Stuff like this ain't kept secret anymore. Not in the day and age in which we live in. Either you have the tape or you don't. Nobody says "well, I have the tape, but I'm not going to show it to anyone." If you're not going to show it to anyone, it's because you don't have the tape to being with, because the tape itself doesn't actually exist.

Nobody said "I might have a tape of Miley smoking a bong, but I'm not going to let anyone see it."

Nobody said "I might have a tape of Lindsay Lohan doing coke in the bathroom of some night club, but I'm not going to let anyone see it."

No. Both of those tapes were released straight to the public, because that's how the world works.

1402 days ago


Anyway, the "source" of this story is X17, the same idiots who insisted that Christina Aguilera was having an affair with Samantha Ronson. X17 and RadarOnline are both full of lies. The sad thing is that some sites take these lies and spread them as real. PopEater is the worse. PopEater does almost nothing other than cut and paste stories straight from RadarOnline and TMZ. I wonder if those idiots from PopEater are even aware of the fact that Half these RadarOnline and X17 stories are completely fabricated. I think they probably know, but they just don't care.

1402 days ago


I like me some sex tapes

Ps I wish Tmz would IP BAN these spammers

1402 days ago




Uhm, those are not SEX pictures, loads of girls have pics like that on their myspaces or facebooks or whatever.
Demi in those pics is wearing more clothing than most people at your local mall are.

Also, anyone comparing her to Lindsay is nuts.
Lindsay kept doing stupid stuff and got ORDERED to rehab after many scandals.

Demi screwed up, acknowledged it and CHOSE to go to treatment BEFORE any scandals hit.
If you think those two things are the same, then I guess jaywalking and arson are the same.

1402 days ago


So in other words, "Demi is being a bitch and might pull a Britney Spears if the sex tape releases, please call back when I fall back into obscurity. Thanks"

1402 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

i dont believe it. that she did drugs and theres a video of that yes. a sex tape, no. and its ****ed up how shes in treatment for emotional issues, and if she hears about this, thats prob gonna make it worse.

drug tape yes tho.

1402 days ago


A Sex Tape does exists I accidentally came upon it and it's her having a lesbian sexual relationship. She can denie all she was but she is a LESBO.

1402 days ago


.why arent you exposing them when u are the largest news outlet??
You are kidding, right? TMZ the largest news outlet???? ROFLMAO

Only in their little gay man dreams.....

Harvey, is that you??

1402 days ago


Yeah, and TMZ also said that Miley Cyrus was smoking salvia (if they had done their homework, they would be able to tell it was anything BUT salvia by watching her reaction). Hey, Ya Ya (number 14)... you're an idiot. Learn how to spell DENY (not denie). Retard.

1402 days ago
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