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Jermaine Jackson -- Foreclosure Victim

12/21/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson could become homeless early next year, because the house he's living in is going up on the foreclosure auction block.

TMZ has learned the 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom Calabasas home Jermaine is renting is on the brink of foreclosure ... set to be sold on the steps of the Pomona, CA courthouse on January 21.
The minimum bid, according to, is  $2,184,233.

It is unclear if Jermaine even knows the owner is about to lose the house. Under California law, he has 60 days from the time of foreclosure to vacate.

Jermaine -- who has lived in the house for a year-and-a-half -- filed a police report in September, claiming someone stole $150,000 in jewelry, furs and clothes from a suitcase in the house.

And there's more ... Jermaine is behind on child support to the tune of nearly $100,000, and he's asking a judge to reduce his support payments from $3,000 a month to $215 a month.

But one ray of hope.  Katherine Jackson rented a mansion just a few blocks from Jermaine's home, so maybe she'll take him in.


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Damn, all the money this guy has had and he still messed it up. /FAIL!

1400 days ago


Ooops....too bad, Erms, that you´re meal ticket doesn´t pay anymore! Where´s all your money gone? $215 for monthly child support? If it wouldn´t be so sad, it would be a great joke! Shame on you!

1400 days ago


What a waste of human flesh... and he procreated to make future deadbeats.

Karmas a Bi*ch!!!

To think all ya'll made fun of Michael and he was the normal one. DAMN!

1400 days ago


what an arse. should have saved some moolah instead of spending it on that freaky plastic surgery, you all were cuter natural.

Living well beyond his means, and can't pay child support, please.

1400 days ago


Bizarre. Why would someone that was getting that far behind on child support ($100,000 @ $3,000/month is just under 3 years) still be renting a mansion? Someone should have just bought him a nice little comfortable $300,000 - $500,000 house that he could not sell or mortgage so he would have a place to live and not waste so much money on renting WAY out of his league. I guess they all know how much a loser he is, too.

1400 days ago


Absolutely ridiculous. You can't pay child support but you can rent a house valued at 2 million for a year and a half?
It's so obvious he (and all his children AND ex-wife) all lived off Michael's money. Shameful.

1400 days ago


Why ain't his A** in jail???

If he were common folk like us, the man woulda lock him up long agoooo...

1400 days ago


But I thought Jermaine the Jerk, claimed to only earn a bit over $ 1000 a month ... How could he affort to rent this place ?

1400 days ago


Jermaine will be o.k. His mama will continue to use MJ's $$$ to take care of Jermaine and the rest of the whole family. MJ wanted it that way. Jermaine never had to take care of anything in his life. It would be very hard for him to start now. He has 7 children (and about to have twins with Halima) and never had to take care of any of them - it was always done for him. Don't be too hard on him. He is doing all he knows how to do. I like Halima. She seems to very good for Jermaine. She is already rich and doesn't need any Jackson $$$. Jermaine has it made.

1400 days ago


I can understand his situation..lets all donate 5,000 each to help him out

1400 days ago


Where did he get the money to rent this place? Oh yes of course, Michael paid for everything and everyone, directly or indirectly. Michael's estate is still paying for this freeloader. I hope when Michael's three childen grow up, they can legally get well away from the other Jacksons. Janet is the only one who is able to earn her own money.

1400 days ago


Support your kids, you creep. You have enough money for plastic surgery!

1400 days ago


Amazing what pathetic losers all the Jackson brothers are.

1400 days ago


I wonder what they are going to do when Kate dies. Will they beg Michael's kids for money ?

1400 days ago
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