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Favre Allegedly Asked Sterger for Masturbation Video

12/23/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The former NY Jets employee who allegedly received penis photos from Brett Favre also claims she got a text message from the NFL legend ... in which he asks her for a video of her masturbating -- this according to sources connected to the investigation.


We're told Jenn Sterger received the sextual request back in late 2008 -- months after Favre allegedly sexted over the pics of little Brett.

It's unclear if Sterger has turned over the video request text message to the NFL -- which is currently investigating Favre to see if he violated the league's personal conduct policy.

Calls to Favre's camp have not been returned. Sterger's manager and lawyer have also declined to comment.

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Really? This was a leak by her team. And yes she is ugly, especially on the inside. T-Dogg stop trying to defend her, Ines Sainz and Andrews were more victims. This is sad that you admit to liking trash, does not say alot about you does it? Where are her TEXTS?

Homeskillet, are you mad at the other players that "harassed" her? Please. Cry me a river with you apologist BS.

1371 days ago


T-Dogg, Let me guess, you and homeskillet are black? Regardless of whether or not you are, we all don't have the same opinion, and no matter how much you try to defend her she is already guilty in the court of public opninion. Grow up and stop being jelous of the rich. I prefer my wife. And no I am not a virgin you self indulgent idiot.

PS A source - her team. Her team leaked this.

1371 days ago


Sounds like her guys are writing the script for her next profession! Sources say, the Sterger camp is crumbling...Her "witnesses" were willing to lie to the nfl, but not perjure themselves in a court of law...Stay tuned to the highest paying tabloid...What? TMZ are you missing the scoop?

1371 days ago


If the NFL will let that POS, horrible person Vick back in, then this is like a sneeze... completely neutral. I can't imagine that Favre would have been bothering this woman with UNWANTED attention, as there are tons of women around that would love to be his sextmate. She is just a gold digging attention whore. Next.

1371 days ago


I don't like Favre, but there's obviously more to the story than what the famewhore is saying. You just don't send pics of your penis to a girl you just met & blew you off, then months later ask for a masturbation video of her. She will get NOTHING in a lawsuit! All she's doing now is ruining her career in sports. She will have to go back to spreading her legs to get by.

1371 days ago


Can this woman be any more desperate for attention? This happened in 2008. Why wait until almost 2011 to spill the beans? Idiot!

1371 days ago


Damn, There is ALOT of retarded idiotic moronic people in this world. I guess celeb worshipers and people that care about celebs enough to the point to go on a site and comment about it just dumb. Most people fail to even have common sense these days.

The NFL is not responsible for this AT ALL. Why they are even in the picture is beyond me. Even if they are trying to cover it up. He cannot be "fired" for this. Fined possibly. Also what is the point? He's retired anyways or is about to be so again why is the NFL even in the picture?

I love how the girls are all over Bretts ass for sending a picture of his junk but they don't care about extortion on her end. ROFL obviously the girls making comments of that nature are no better than this girl. A gold digging useless whore.

Sending a girl a picture of your **** or saying a naughty thing IS NOT SEXUAL HARASSMENT. This lawsuit will hopefully go NOWHERE. It's ONLY sexual harassment if he continued to do so after she said NO and that she was no interested. You cannot sit there and be all willing and play along with it then cry sexual harassment. This clearly more than likely is NOT the case. So sending a nude picture of yourself to a girl for the first time is NOT in noway considered sexual harassment. Clearly she never said "no im not interested" but instead played along, sent him revealing pics that he did not save for evidence.

A money grubbing fame-whore's mindset these days is "Hey he hit on me I'm going to sue for sexual harassment even thou I never told him NO"

On a side note, For the guys and some girls claiming his **** is "small" clearly doesn't know simple statistics. The average adult male penis size for an American male is 5.5 to 6.0 inches with an average girth if 4.5 to 5 inches. His peen is clearly "above" average. A guy saying his junk is small is because I'm guessing his team beat their favorite team. If a girl is saying it then they just fail to realize that vaginas come in all different shapes and sizes just like a penis and they just have a big gaping hole down there.

In the end, This girl is just one of the many useless classless skanks trying to make a quick easy buck from someone wealthy. Money they did not earn. This shouldn't even be news and she shouldn't even be on this website.

1371 days ago


Why is this the NFL's business? Because this WAS workplace harrassment for the woman. Both she and Favre were in the employ of the NY Jets at the time of the incidents. This is why for those of you who can't read anything not on TMZ or can't comprehend what you read.

Also please people, try learning about sexual harrassment victims a bit. It is EXTREMELY common for women to not say a word when especially a man in power like a boss for instance is the harrasser. Women don't want to lose their jobs and don't want to be cast as a whore just because some man decided they were fair game. It's no different than claiming a rape victim deserved if because she was dressed slutty. Sorry, dressing slutty or anything else is not an excuse for rape, or any form of sexual harrassment. Get with the times! This ISN'T 20 years ago, and it IS illegal to continue unwanted sexual advances. The shame is how few women report it due to fear of the exact kind of backlash all over this board. Pathetic.

1371 days ago

Home Skillet    

Brett Favre is the ****bag skank in this entire scenario. Period. End of story. Sorry, boys, but your hero is nothing but a two-dime piece of trash.

1371 days ago


well said David!! Kudos

1371 days ago

Humping Robo    

Farve what were u thinking...but hey could u send me that video LOL just joking u son of a bitch

1370 days ago


This is the one were hearing about. Imagine how many we havent heard of, and how many women actually sent the requested video to Brett? You know that were there is smoke there is fire, and I am sure there is a 5 alarm fire going on behind the scenes.

1370 days ago


OMG, Favre is a dirty old man, who prolly can't get it on anyway with anyone..he is a has been has was...and the NFL isn't moving on this at all....Look at Big Ben, gees, he wasn't arrested or anything and lest of all didn't step to Favre's level of the gutter. The NFL has their pets, and do not treat all players fairly. I wouldn't even look twice at gramps Favre...what a legend he leaves his family....was it worth it....LOL

1370 days ago


Niether party may be perfect but Farve has been protected for years. Back in his Green Bay days his issues were hidden. Mark Chmura took the hit for him years ago. People, this guy has an image that has been carefully crafted, he is not the beloved husband and good man the media makes him out to be. Honestly...this guy is a creep and I hope this is the final year he works.

1370 days ago


Homeskillet Favre was not the only one. Look up Allison Torres. You are a first class fool and your mancard should be revoked.

1370 days ago
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