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'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood

Pleads Not Guilty

12/28/2010 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood just pleaded not guilty to beating her baby daddy.


Portwood is charged with several crimes, including felony domestic battery and felony child neglect.

The incident was captured on tape for the show.

Amber, who is being held on $5,000 bail, is expected to be released later today.

The Indiana court also prohibited Amber from having any contact with her daughter or the alleged victim.


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This girl is clearly guilty, and if it had been the other way around Gary would be sitting in the cell with no questions asked, he would have been guilty and serving time. I also think that this dumb ass show is telling kids that it is ok to get pregnant at such a young age, and as a matter of fact this season has a girl on it that should be charged with the same thing, cause she hit her mom on the show!!! MTV you really need to look at what you put on the air...

1359 days ago


So, why in the world is MTV still filming her? I thought the premise of the show was following around teen MOMS as they illustrate the hardships of MOTHERHOOD. This little hood rat is NOT a mother. She doesn't even have custody of her daughter. The last thing I want to do is watch some pudgy, pill-addicted wannabe fame whore gallivanting around, hooking up with random ex-cons while her poor daughter suffers all the more for MTV having their grimy paws in the situation. MTV needs to stop paying this failure and feeding her overinflated ego. Maybe then she'll come back down to reality.

1359 days ago

teen mom fan    

three letters describe it all.... LOL

1359 days ago



I came out from under your trailer, remember, you were on ya knees!!

1359 days ago


From what your saying, you deserve a foot up your azz also. Oh, by the way, I came out from under your trailer!!!

1359 days ago


If i had him for a father of my kids i would beat him too and vice versa the comments he makes and his actions he deserves what he gets and so does she have living this life now your child will become the a teen mom

1359 days ago


NICE how you post Gary's home address for the entire world to see! Classy.

1359 days ago


""The guy who got hit showed impressive self-control.

The macho men who say "I would've hit her.", well, you would have been awarded two things for that:

1. Jail time.
2. A beatdown in lockup from someone more macho than you - they don't like men who hit women""

Like I said, any one that stands there and lets them self get beaten on, even by a woman, is damned wimp!

1359 days ago


Amber is walking free but they were ready to throw the book at chris brown,fck this usa justice system this is bs.i believe in the eye 4 an eye thory,white bitches always get away with robbery,violence and drugs.fck white women all need to be beaten and hung by they stinky skin

1359 days ago


110lbs? Please who is this b!tch trying to fool. She has some serious problems and thank goodness they're keeping that poor baby away from this freak.

1359 days ago


Ever since the beginning of the whole "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" craze, this girl has caused nothing but trouble. She should be ashamed of herself and her actions. And Gary is no saint either. He should have left the first time it happened and took that baby with look at the mess he's in. Not only is Leah going to have to grow up having Amber Portwood as her mother...but she is also going to have to deal with the pathetic set of parents she gets to call "mom" and "dad".

I bet not once, either one of them thought about what kind of an effect this ordeal will have on Leah. I know that when my daughter was was about her and how I could make sure she has a good life. These two knuckleheads have decided to see how much of an embarrassment they can make of each other. Grow up, get over yourself Amber(you're not even pretty) and learn how to be a better parent before you even think about having another child(god forbid).

1358 days ago


hey i like amber, yes i think she needs some counsiling of some kind but i dont think shes a bad person, i think she loves her daughter very much and would never neglect leah or harm her in any way. everyone deserves a second chance, if it were you, you would want one too.

1358 days ago


First off, serves her right. And I'm sick of hearing people call Gary a wimp. He showed his daughter self control when he didnt respond to Ambers beating. Yeah' hes got some growing up to do, but the fact that he didnt lash out, and simply took Leah to safety shows ALLOT for his character. I hope he gets custody of Leah.

1358 days ago


omg we all know moms way worse than her. shes just getting **** cause shes on tv. moms get in arrested every day for really shady **** and go home to their kids. and for him hes a jerk and if i was with him i would feel like knocking him upside the head. i dont think that he was even hurt and had mtv not been there i wonder how much self control he wouldve shown.

1358 days ago


She needs to be put back in Jail...Whats next, taking her anger out on the child? Let someone in Jail hit her the way she hit her boyfriend!!p.s. #46 You are clearly a uneducated cannot even spell THEORY fool!!!!

1358 days ago
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