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'Teen Mom' Released from Jail

12/28/2010 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood has just been released from an Indiana jail ... TMZ has learned.


Portwood walked out of the jail with a woman who appears to be her mother.

Portwood was locked up yesterday -- when she was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery for allegedly beating up her baby daddy in front of their daughter.

According to the police report filed with the court, Amber acknowledged that her violence was true anger and not staged for the TV show.

One of the officers notes in the report that there were "multiple violent and physical fights between [Amber and Gary]" in which Amber punched, slapped and kicked him.

In the outtakes that were not aired on the MTV show, the baby is clearly in the room watching the violence, according to the police report.

Portwood has since pled not guilty to the charges.


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1393 days ago



1393 days ago


Amber, Amber AMBER! I am so sick of hearing about this piece of trash. Every other girl from "Teen Mom" has had some kind of growth while this idiot is going backwards. Poor Leah!

1393 days ago


Not guilty?!? She physically assaulted him ON CAMERA. Her 5 minutes are looooooooong done & over. When will she finally just GO AWAY?

1393 days ago


Would not surprise me if Gary was the sucker that bailed her out! Keep her in there and throw away the key.

1393 days ago


How u plead not guilty and its braodcasted on tv. LOL Such a loser.

1393 days ago


Not guilty, What a moron. I know it's a procedural thing, but they have video of you. I hope the DA doesn't allow for a Plea and she goes away for 3 years. She needs to learn a lesson. Even sadder was that someone wanted to sleep with this.

1393 days ago

Laura Rice    

How can this idiotic HAMBEAST plead NOT GUILTY when the evidence is on camera? God what a moron.

1393 days ago


Come on now you should be locked up, im tired of seeing girls beating up on guys because the guy respects her and wont jit back, go to jail do not pass go do not collect 2 hundred dollars

1393 days ago


Ya know, it's easy to want to trash her. But, she is a young kid who I hope actually learns a lesson from all of this. In the end-there is a little girl who needs her mommy to get her life together so she can have her around.

1393 days ago


both Gary and Amber are young and need so much help in being proper parents....Amber is certainly very selfish and Gary is just a lazy azz and need to get up and get a good job or education to further himself and provide for their daughter...Amber behaves as if she is Miss America and as if she is something special...
Both of them are at fault, need therapy and education on raising their daughter the best possible way.
Honestly, for the sake of their daughter, Amber should not get jail time, instead she needs to go to therapy(court ordered) with Gary to learn to curb her temper/violence and to raise their daughter correctly.

1393 days ago


come on already!!!! I love these moms!

1393 days ago


I've never liked her or Gary, but I do have a tiny bit of respect for him for not hitting her back. The sad thing is that's he's like a battered wife. He still defends her. She grew up in a home of violence so of course she's going to act like this, and I think the only thing she needs is some punishment and anger management/therapy. The other girls from Teen Mom have grown up, even Farah. I didn't even like Farah until this past season when I realized why she was the way she was (that's a whole different topic!). What's sad is that poor Leah is surrounded by a crazy angry mom who looks & acts like she's on drugs, a lazy pushover father, and grandparents that don't give a crap.

1393 days ago


I read another news story that said Gary is upset because he didn't want Amber arrested. The source said "He just wants his family back."

What a maroon. She beats him, kicks him, insults him, treats him like doggy doo-doo, neglects the house, neglects the kid -- and he "just wants his family back". He's such a spineless sap. Amber and Gary are the true definition of "co-dependent".

1393 days ago



1393 days ago
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