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'Teen Mom' Released from Jail

12/28/2010 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood has just been released from an Indiana jail ... TMZ has learned.


Portwood walked out of the jail with a woman who appears to be her mother.

Portwood was locked up yesterday -- when she was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery for allegedly beating up her baby daddy in front of their daughter.

According to the police report filed with the court, Amber acknowledged that her violence was true anger and not staged for the TV show.

One of the officers notes in the report that there were "multiple violent and physical fights between [Amber and Gary]" in which Amber punched, slapped and kicked him.

In the outtakes that were not aired on the MTV show, the baby is clearly in the room watching the violence, according to the police report.

Portwood has since pled not guilty to the charges.


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When this show first came on I thought to myself "they are glorifying teen pregnancy" and so far the show has not proven me wrong.
Who cares if a group of teenagers were stupid enough to get themselves pregnant because they apparently don't understand the concept of taking a pill, using a condom, or any other various method of contraception.
We are glorifying this immaturity.
Why cant we have a reality show about teenagers who are doing good things in their community?
Ones who are helping make the place they live a little better, who are working through poverty to get a good education, those who are not selfish stupid children whining to a camera.

1397 days ago


See? Women aren't against domestic violence. They're FOR IT, as long as they're the ones perpetrating it. Like THIS ****ING CRAZY ****.

1397 days ago


Her mother looks 1/2 normal. Her father must be a caveman. Nice eyebrows get a life and try to get your kid back LOSER

1397 days ago


I agree with most that she is a fat lunatic. But anyone that say she should plead guilty because it was taped is as stupid as she is. Have any of you ever gone past 10th grade? Wake up!

1397 days ago


This dumb bitch needs to grow up! She has a child that she clearly doesn't put first. Her priorities are all screwed up and she likes to beat down on Gary in front of Leah. She knows Gary isn't going to smack her back so she continues it!
Gary needs to take Leah NOW and fight for FuLL custody!
Amber is a total LOSER! and she's uglY!!

1397 days ago


The reason she plead "not guilty" is b/c of our wonderful justice system that we have here in America. The ADA's & DA's are all overworked and overloaded with cases out the wazoo. If she pleads not guilty that means that the burden of proof (to prove she's guilty) is on the State....that means they will have to have a big ol trial. No DA wants to take a case to trial if they can plea bargain it down in the Judges chambers. Trials cost a lot of money and time and the DA's don't have it. (Although ADA do have "quotas" each year-usually around 6 trials per year)However, she lives in a small town and this has gotten a lot of publicity, so I would bet that they will take it to trial since they do have it on tape as well. IMO, she is screwed.

1397 days ago


I personally think pleading not guilty was a horrible decision. There is video evidence of the violence and no jury is going to see it her way. Now she will probably end up doing time...which isn't a bad thing in my opinion, but she will be away from her daughter.

I never liked this girl anyways, she is just so beyond ignorant it isn't funny. I think MTV should pull her off the show, she doesn't deserve the attention anymore then Miley Cyrus.

1397 days ago


Now go spread your legs you ugly dirty pathetic whore and make another fat ugly bastard kid!!

1397 days ago

Tammy LM    

I just wanna know when they're gonna do the TV movie out of this so Jennifer Tilly can actually work again....

1397 days ago


Shame on this horrible beast! She and Gary should have given the poor girl up for adoption instead of ruining her life by all of this! Shame on mtv for paying this fat beast amber to be violent and a horrid excuse for a human being.

1397 days ago


She looks nothing like her mother. She's adopted I'm sure. No wonder she's complete trash.

1397 days ago

who cares    

honestly i dont think it is right but if gary dont got the balls to do somethin about it and quit bein a litlle b*tch , then he deserves to get hit but if you gunna hit somebody dont do it RIGHT in front of yo baby i mean come on thts just stupid.....:)

1397 days ago

Mya pinion    

I hope that Gary has come to the realization that Amber obviously has some issues, and really needs the appropriate help. Amber would not be the 1st female in history to have raging hormones and POSSIBLY a chemical imbalance during and after pregnancy. Gary seems like a nice guy, a push over. I think that Gary thought that Amber was the best damn thing that ever happened to him. I seriously beg to differ, Leah is the best thing that has ever happened to him, and to Amber. As for Amber pleading guilty, I am assuming the guilty plea was/is at the recommendation of her attorney. I think Amber should serve her time, whatever the judge sees fit. I also hope that Amber AND Gary get therapy SEPARATELY and eventually together, in regards to co-parenting. For the sake of Leah, being a couple is NOT the answer. Neither is bringing random creepy guys home from walmart, and allowing them to change your child's diaper.

1397 days ago

non violence    

Amber get over your self nobody thinks your cute except you,you need to be behind bars for what you did to say your not not guilty your only make yourself look like and ass that you are.The whole world seen you have your childish do the world a favor get lost and plead guilty.

1397 days ago


I understand the legal process well enough to know that she has the right to a fair trial. But if she fully admits to the violence then why hasn't the prosecutor offered a plea deal yet? This could go on and on without resolution.

Amber stop wasting the taxpayers money and just cop a plea. Charges are almost always reduced in cases like these. They are plead out and life goes on.

As far as Leah, she needs to be in a place where she is loved. The unfortunate part of this story is that both families are dysfunctional. Why hasn't Amber's mom stepped up to the plate and taken her and Leah into her home? Why can't Gary go back and live with his mother? If I was a guessing person I'd have to say its because they are too busy with their boyfriends and don't really care about their kids.

Leah is the only one who is going to suffer as a result of all these crazy adults playing their sick games. Leah should be removed from both parents and put into foster care until someone responsible in that family steps up and plans to take care of that baby. She doesn't need to be around any of those people right now, especially not Amber.

Anger management classes ? Thats a joke! Those places actually give out certificates of completion. As if the person has graduated. Yet more than likely the violence will continue. Amber will spend the rest of her life in and out of trouble with her violent temper. It's her only coping mechanism, it's all she knows. And it is only a matter of time before she unleashes it on her daughter. There's no way a person with her temperment can go around hitting everyone else, but not her daughter Leah. Anger doesn't work that way.

1397 days ago
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