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'Teen Mom' Released from Jail

12/28/2010 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood has just been released from an Indiana jail ... TMZ has learned.


Portwood walked out of the jail with a woman who appears to be her mother.

Portwood was locked up yesterday -- when she was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery for allegedly beating up her baby daddy in front of their daughter.

According to the police report filed with the court, Amber acknowledged that her violence was true anger and not staged for the TV show.

One of the officers notes in the report that there were "multiple violent and physical fights between [Amber and Gary]" in which Amber punched, slapped and kicked him.

In the outtakes that were not aired on the MTV show, the baby is clearly in the room watching the violence, according to the police report.

Portwood has since pled not guilty to the charges.


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I wish people on here could just stick to the story without name calling. It makes you all look ignorant as Amber. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me? Is that how it goes here. It's cruel, rude, and just mean. Try having something intelligent to write or don't write at all. It's distracting and immature.

1361 days ago


Now last but not least. We have a new season of Teen Mom's coming up with a whole new set of teen moms.

From the promos for the new season, we have Jennelle. I liked her at first. She seemed like a nice girl. But little did I know she's a wacko with nothing on her mind except partying with her friends like she didn't just have a baby. It's as though nothing changed in her life.

She tossed the job to her mother. She bad mouths her mother, she tells her mother she is going to leave and take the baby with her and the mother will never see her grandchild again. That threat while to me that would be a good idea, but its nothing but an idle threat because she doesn't even want the baby.

She's cold hearted, cruel, and just plain mean to her mother. She hates the fact that she's stuck with this baby and no Andrew the drunken boyfriend. But if the promo's are any indication of new drama.

We will all but forget Amber when Jenelle hits the tv screen next month. The mom finally takes legal action to gain full legal custody of her grandson, and Jennelle is seen screaming on the front lawn, you can't do that, it's my child! But low and behold mommy knows best.

She's been raising that baby since he was born, while his mother Jenelle has been having a good ole time with her friends. But mom apparently hires a lawyer to seek full custody of the baby. And Jenelle ain't having none of that.

So all us viewers are in for a new mama drama with this mean girl Jenelle. She hasn't got a clue as to the legal system. She doesn't have a clue as to how to take care of her child because she hasn't been doing it.

I hate the fact that she uses that baby to tangle over her mothers head with threats of taking him away from her. She just needs to settle down and thank her lucky stars that she actually has someone in her life that loves that baby and is taking good care of the baby...... Her threats are empty. And she better find herself a good lawyer, although from watching her in her opening episode those are pretty damaging tapes of showing Jenelle isn't the best person to be taking care of the baby.

Again, Amber will be long forgotten once this new teen mom heads to the screen nearest you. I can't wait to see how that plays out !

1361 days ago

Um, wow...    

So, she admits she assaulted him--and that it WASN'T for the cameras...yet, she's putting in a plea of "not guilty"?! Yeah, I see those charges being dropped!! I just hope after all of this, they realize they are NOT meant to be a couple!! The need to focus on the welfare of their DAUGHTER--who didn't ASK to be brought into all of this!! Gary needs a better self-image and to realize no one deserves to be treated like that--at least he didn't fight back, though... And, Amber needs anger management classes--maybe that'll be Dr. Drew's next show, as a follow-up to "Teen Mom"...b/c most all of them need counseling...

1361 days ago


Amber needs help, the type of help that jail cannot give her. I'm not surprised at all that she beats Gary (who BTW needs to grow a pair) considering she grew up in an abusive home. In my opinion, her parents are at fault her as well. They had their hand in creating this monster and should have to pay in some way just like she hopefully will. I really feel sorry for Leah, the baby! She is the true victim here and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if sixteen years down the road the story starts all over again.

1361 days ago


This is so sad! this is what compiles into our o so wonderous statistics! Amber is a girl that was looking for the greener grass on the other side of the fence. Gary on the other hand; well he is Gary. I feel as though he took advantage of a young, confused, and lost young girl. He made a point of completing high school which I feel he robbed Amber of. He was older an shoud have had enough sense to use protection!!!! Yet, neither one of them did; and they brought an innocent little one into their drama! Neither one of them are fit to be parents in the condition they are in; and I don't believe she should be returned to either one of them until they get help, indiviually and together. They may not stay together; which I believe is the best; but it would give both of them a chance for their own futures as better people. I don't believe Gary is as innocent as MTV portrays him to be. I believe MTV exploited Amber in order to boost their ratings; and instead of getting her help they have now given her an arestt record! It is time to actually help people simply to help in their best interest; not for what you can gain out of it!!!!! Seriously......I believe MTV has taken a very serious problem with children these days; and now made it even harder for our kids to look for help for the fear "the Amber situation" could happen to them too!!!! Way To Go MTV......NOT!!!!!!! Yes MTV may have helped some girls; but what about the ones they have damaged or left in their path? I believe MTV should be completely responsible for ALL of Amber's attorey fees, court costs, and therapy costs for the damage they have brought upon Amber for the rest of hers and Leighs life!!! As I have said before, I don't believe gary is innocent in all of this; but he sure is sucking up a lot of sympathy while Amber is having to endure hostile comments and actions from people she doesn't even know! This won't go away anytime soon for any of them; and so it shouldn't as far as MTV is concerned!!!! Since they brought these people into the public eye; I believe they should keep the public informed on her progress. She is gonna need every bit of encouragement at this point!!!! Lets hope MTV steps up and does what is right from here on end!!!!!!!!

1361 days ago


Good Lord. I am sitting here reading these comments about a show which features the dregs of society, a plot line featuring miscreant juveniles whose only apparent goals in life are to procreate. For the fun of it...just because they can. No forethought, no goals in life. These poor children...and I don't mean the teen parents...deserve better. Think!!!

1361 days ago


Please I would rather read stories about Lindsay Lohan than this chick, and thats saying alot.

1361 days ago


Ok are they for real? First off she is 18 years old! leave her alone! since when do men call the police for getting smacked? she didnt even give his fat ass a real beat down... lol hes so gay for that one. Geary get a life u looser

1361 days ago


Its a sad situation for sure

1361 days ago


First of all i cant even stand watching the show when Gary is on there..He is a disgusting lazy pig.. He says some mean stuff and is honestly no better as a parent. I feel for amber ONLY because now she is not allowed to see her kid which is sad.. I hope they both get help and do whats best for there daughter.

1361 days ago


Hambeast, LOL..hahahaha. What's up with her Hitler style eyebrows?

1361 days ago


Domestic violence is no joking matter. She should be locked up and her child should be taken away from her. Justice should apply equally for men and women. If a male celebrity beat up a female, the media would be hyping this up for weeks (see Chris Brown). She needs to go to jail and enroll in anger management classes before she is allowed to have custody of her child or be in the presence of men again.

1361 days ago

Don Perignon    

She Looks like Chucky

1361 days ago



1361 days ago


She needs to thank god it is not my son that she is knocking the hell out of every time she turns around. Her parents did a piss poor job raising her and she will only do the same for her daughter. She needs to go to jail and she does not need to raise that baby. I would be lobbying for her arrest every day.

1361 days ago
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