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Teen Mom's BF -- Can I Drop 'No Contact' Order?

12/29/2010 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood's baby daddy Gary Shirley is "interested" in getting Amber's "no contact order" dismissed ... and he's already reached out to the court to make it happen ... TMZ has learned.

Amber Portwood

Law enforcement sources tell us Gary called court officials this morning asking how he could help convince a judge he doesn't need a legal order prohibiting Amber from contacting him.

We're told Gary was informed either the prosecutor or Amber's attorney would have to file paperwork. Gary claimed he was "interested" in getting that done.

Stay tuned.


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Brittany.....couldn't agree more. She thought a couple of Krav Maga classes would make her a fighter lol!!!! Krav Maga is basically one step above a women's defense class. She thinks she's a badass lol......there are no less than 10 girls at my MMA gym that would wipe the floor with Amber. Funny thing is, I would pay to see that

1340 days ago


Who the F is this and why should I care?

1340 days ago


What an absolutely pansy. Get beat up by a girl numerous times and still want her back. This story is just pathetic really. I felt bad for him at first but now, wow. I thought only women got beat up and ran back!! This is strange.

1340 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

While its not PC to say he deserved it, I have no sympathy for him. What anyone sees in Gary Shirley amazes me.

He's NOT good looking.
He's unkempt.
He's NOT educated.
He does NOT have a job.
Has apron strings tied to his mama.
Is manipulated by his TV friends.

So what is the attraction?

1340 days ago


Soooooo Lets Be Honest......are you trying to say Amber is a catch???

She's NOT good looking
She's dirty-as evidenced by her nasty apartment and failure to provide for her DAUGHTER
She's NOT educated
She does NOT have a job
She HAS a drug problem
She HAS slept around
She IS being charged with 3 felonies

So what is the attraction??

1340 days ago


Why is this even a show? I can think of other things to do with my life than watch underage females who happened to get knocked up. Whoopee. This isn't reality, it's a tragedy.

1340 days ago


This loves abuse.

1340 days ago


Its not really a tragedy to get pregnant at 16 as for me as an example I had my daughter 1 week before my 17 birthday yeah i wasnt able to be a teenager again but its not like your life is over the baby comes first and you have to grow up more to take on the responsbilitys for your actions rather the father stays or not Iam 19 now going to school getting my Ged and hopes on going to college. And im pretty sure they made the show cause in 2008 teen birth rates were skyrocketing, they wanted to make it to were young girls would watch it and make a dession not to get knocked up by the time there 18 and from there learn on to other girls problems who do have babies to say hey i dont want to get knocked up i think ill use protection soo in other words it is (REAl LIFE lowens1975)

1340 days ago



1340 days ago


Good lord...this dude is a fat lazt BUM. This is why you should not have kids so young... I had my first at 21 and i still was not prepared....These two need to grow up and see the big picture (and i dont mean his butt) that being a parent is no longer all about yourself. Yes, she had no right to hit him or touch him in any way, but men rage just as much as women and he was just to much of a puss to stand up for himself....these two are clearly in need of mental help before one of them kill this poor baby or eachother.

1340 days ago


OMG! What an IDIOT!
Dude! she beat the **** out of you! Come on?!?! I guess you really love the chick to with stand such a beating an embarrassment. You definitely don't have any self respect...

1340 days ago


Wow, he is acting just like an abused woman who can't let her man go.

1339 days ago


It was in the news last week that teen pregnancies are at a 71 year low right now and no one knows why but they think it could have something to do with the economy. Apparently the pregnancy rate has been dropping quite regularly until a couple years ago when there was a 2 year increase, but it's all back to normal now. Who would have guessed? What teen would ever want to get pregnant after watching these shows?

1339 days ago


Really tired often men staying with or taking back abusive women. If you have kids with someone that is no reason to stay with them and NO reason to marry them. So tired of abuse just being shrugged odd in this country as if it's a good thing. She treats him that way then who is to say she is not abusive towards the baby. All to often the abusers are not only abusive towards there partner. Thank god it usually takes a few months to go to court and end no contact orders. Those visits that "mom" gets with her daughter need to be supervised. Perhaps this is just more proof that teens should not be parents. They are still kids themselves. HELLO AMERICA educate your children on the reality of sex.

Posted at 9:00 AM on Dec 29, 2010 by Elaina
I was totally agreeing with your comment until the part where you said "They are still kids themselves." <------- They are absolutely not kids anymore. Gary is probably 22 years old and Amber is 20. That's adult to me. I had my first child at 20 and believe me, my life was nothing like these two are portraying. They need to stop portraying, but we are just teenage parents garbage. It's not true at this point.

At 20 I had my son, I was married at 18, we both had full time jobs with plenty of promotions going down the pike even without college educations, and at 22 I owned my own home, we had new cars in the driveway. We were living the American Dream. So that's just nonsense that they are only kids. Gary is lazy and should have had a job at 16 when most kids are trying to earn their own money.
Amber didn't get pregnant until she was 17, so she should have been in school and working part time. Then suddenly having a baby makes someone incapable of working a job? How can that be? My husband and I did it and we were the same age as these two are now.

Baby's need alot at that age, and we provided our son with that. We also had a very supportive family with plenty of help there also. Where are the parents of Amber and Gary? Where is the support system that they need with family? Doesn't anyone love these two people? And poor Leah she is caught in the middle of a cycle repeating itself.

Leah is like the forgotten child with these two as her parents. They are too busy fighting with each other to take care of Leah. Leah is already damaged by watching these two going at it. One episode where Gary and Amber were making up, poor little Leah tried getting into the middle to separate them because she at 1 year's old knew that something bad was going to happen between them, even though it was only a hug.

That little girl already knows too much. She cries when Gary leaves her with Amber. And when Gary takes Leah that baby cries when she has to come back to Amber. So when is it that someone is actually going to say oh wait a minute Leah, Leah needs our attention and love !

1339 days ago


#34 KC ----- I couldn't agree with you more. There's no excuse for these two to be playing like this. They both need to get jobs, get serious, and raise their child SEPARATELY.

Until Amber shows some progress with her anger and is taking the right medications for whatever it is she has, she should have no unsupervised visits with Leah. She is a danger to herself and others. Leah deserves better than what she is getting right now.

1339 days ago
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