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New Video -- 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Unloads!

12/29/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a video of "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood's baby daddy, Gary Shirley, getting an earful from the accused felon ... but the video raises serious questions about Shirley himself.

The video, which was shot by a friend in April, shows Shirley on the phone with Amber, as she rails on him.  Far from looking like a victim, Shirley makes sure his friend captures the diatribe in all its glory.

At times Shirley and his friend are laughing at Amber, who sounds genuinely upset.

The police report detailing the violence that started months before this video was shot -- and continued after it -- notes Amber claimed it was not done for the TV show but was authentic anger. 

So we want to know: Do you think Gary was really a "victim" of violence or was he playing it up for the camera ... as he seems to be in this video. And if so, should Amber be prosecuted?


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It looks like Gary and his buddy Josh(?) are the ones setting this up. Josh is the one who leaked most everything else to the press from what I understand.

Amber should have spent some of that tattoo money on a maid and then a make up pencil to draw her eyebrows back on!
They look like an old lady's.

Gary is still the better parent of the two but who knows, maybe she could take ALOT of classes.

1396 days ago

Um, wow...    

Of COURSE she should be prosecuted!! If the tables were turned and they had video footage of HIM assaulting HER, you wouldn't even be asking stupid questions like this in a "poll"!! They aren't a good match for each other, were way too immature to have a baby so soon, and need to accept it and move on... That's the LEAST they could do for their DAUGHTER--who is the REAL victim in all of this!!

1396 days ago


Of course Gary is an a.s.s -- everyone knows that. But Amber admitted a long time ago that she loves to fight. On the 16 and Pregnant reunion show a couple years ago she said that in school she'd pick someone out and beat them up just because she liked the "rush" of fighting. Whatever made that h.o-bag want to have a baby is beyond me.

The victim here is the baby, Leah. She didn't ask to be born into this hillbilly mess! Put Leah up for adoption and then lock Gary and Amber into a storage locker and let them beat one another -- who cares? But that poor, poor child ...

1396 days ago


Gary weight has nothing to do with the rage, violence and anger that Amber has toward him or anyone else. She is a very immature girl who has no business having a child. He has been more caring for Leah than she ever was. He showed love and cared for Leah when she sat on her behind and complained. This is what happens when immature twits lay down and have babies! For those that say he "got some" with his FatA**, well isn't wasn't like he raped her to get it. He was working at some point and was laid off. It wasn't like he wasn't trying to support Amber and Leah the whole time.

She is a mental case in need of serious therapy. If you noticed on the reunion show, Leah didn't come around her. My understanding is that she is not permitted to be around Leah unless she is supervised! Leah was much more comforted by Gary than she ever was by Amber. Amber was and continues to be a poor excuse for a Mom. I think those of you that want to blame Gary probably are just like Amber. Don't want to admit that there is something wrong with YOU!

1396 days ago


Ha, is this dude serious, "you called me names"??? haha what a fat piece of ****. you overgrown baby, "wah she called me fat", maybe that's because you are fat you frggin train. How on earth do u manage to not eat yourself during supper.....f**kin load!

1396 days ago


Regardless how overweight he might be... It doesnt change the fact that A- violence was done in the presence of that baby B- she physically assaulted him.

She deserves to be punished for both. PUT HER AWAY

1396 days ago


Grow up people! What does his size and appearance have to do with anything? If he was, in your opinion, attractive and had an athletic build would you feel differently? Regardless of appearance, NOBODY deserves what he had to put up with. Not only did he have to deal with the physical attacks but the verbal ones as well. Speaking from experience, the verbal scars take way longer to heal than the physical ones.

As far as parenting, he cared for that baby way more than she ever could/would! He may not be the best father but at least he is trying.

They both need help and hopefully for the baby's sake will get it!

1396 days ago


What does his weight have to do with her hitting him, kicking him...abusing him? IF this were a woman and a man were doing this, I guarantee you, the people videotaping the show would have called 9-1-1 or would have stopped shooting to help her. This has nothing to do with anyone's weight or gender. Are people really this shallow? She has a rage problem and they don't work well together. She needs help with that and they both need parenting classes for their beautiful daughter. They became parents so early in their life. I do see Gary being more mature (a lot of the time) regarding Leah. I was sick to my stomach when I saw the abuse and then when I saw Amber moving a man into the house and him changing her daughter's diaper!!!! She put her daughter in extreme danger! Regarding Gary laughing during the call, I think his buddy was laughing. I know if my friend starts laughing (no matter what I'm going through) it will get me laughing. Gary has been through so much with Amber (from what I can see by watching the show) that this is probably not much different from any other day for him. I fear she will take her rage out on her daughter. It is bad enough that her daughter sees it! Just my opinion. I was a teen mom and never even thought of putting my child in any of the predicaments Amber has. She is very self-centered, immature and has rage problems. Get help, Amber.

1396 days ago

Daddy DaDa    

Ahh... the American dream.

The only people getting any $$$ out of this is MTV.
In 15 minutes we'll all be saying Amber who?

1396 days ago


This big fella is a complete joke! He got an underage girl pregnant. He attacks her verbally and constantly threatens her. "Why is the baby dirty? I'm am going to call CPS". If Amber was my sister or daughter I would have helped her kick his a!@. He is a poor excuse for a father. A rose he is not. He needs to also go down. Jerk!!

1396 days ago


Gary needs to lose weight..what kinda example is he setting for his daughter? He should quit trying to play the victim so much & start playing the father that he is,like getting a job,living a healthy lifestyle & maybe getting some counseling. I feel sorry for Leah that she has to witness this:-(

1396 days ago


So whar he's fat, Amber get a diploma u BIPOLAR BITCH! P.S. leave the meth alone.

1396 days ago


It's sad to see that the U.S. is becoming one big freaking trailer park.

1396 days ago


This isn't some conspiracy to make Amber look bad..the girl is violent and has a bad temper!! Gary may be fat but he isn't stupid, you get every thing recorded, taped, signed ect..whatever you have to do to prove she is an unfit mother and she is exactly that!! He might not be the best guy in the world but compared to Amber he looks like Parent Of The Year!!

1396 days ago


To be fair to her I know that during the show she did seek anger management classes, etc. She did not like feeling angry daily. If you watched the show you know he pushed her daily to get her mad. They both need charges against them... his for mental abuse and hers for physical. In this situation It took "TWO" people, one to feed into it (him) and one to shovel it out (her). He pushed her for the show and she was not smart enough to realize it so now she is going to jail for his games.

1396 days ago
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